Thursday, March 21, 2013

CNY 2013: Reunion Dinner

I've finished editing the CNY photos so the whole CNY posts will start from today. ^^

I've actually stop editing photos for the blog for the moment coz I'm busy picking and editing photos for my wedding dinner's video. My friend, Teck will be editing the video which will be played during the dinner. He had been pestering me to give him the photos since beginning of March. He said if I want high quality video, I must hand things to him very early. -.- Damn ganjeong la can? I have another video which will be edited by my brother in law, Wen Zheng. I know you guys must be thinking so glam la now? Why so many videos? This other video are footage from my ROM. Also WZ will be doing fast edit to videos and pics from the morning session of my wedding and add to that video. So people who didn't attend le ROM and the morning session can get a glimpse of what happened. I'm so good to my guests am I not? =P

Ok la on to today's post...

Mum asked me to paint her nails on Friday night (the night before the reunion dinner). Sorry la I don't really qualify as a manicurist. Hahaha~ But mum liked her nails a lot.

I used all OPI products on her toes... OPI base and top coat, The Color Of Minnie (from The Minnie Mouse Collection) and Gettin' Miss Piggy With It (from The Muppets Collection).

These are my toes...and I did better for myself than for mummy =P

I've also used all OPI products... OPI base and top coat, Comet Loves Cupid (from an old Holidays Collection) and Wing It (from an old Spring Collection)

So on the morning of the reunion dinner, we had to do some last minute spring cleaning. Even if we did spring cleaning earlier, I don't know why on the reunion dinner day itself we still need to do it. This happens every year without fail. Well, except for the years that we went else where for reunion dinner la...

Helping my mother do some needle work

The curtain that my mummy bought was a bit too long for the kitchen's window. She didn't have time to send them for alteration. So we had to do the alteration ourselves.Our sewing machine was spoiled so had to do everything manually.

I told mum this is a good housewife moment for me. So I asked her to take the photo above of me. Hahahaah~

The real good housewife

Guess which one is done by me and which is done by mummy?

Not difficult to guess la right? =P

We had our lunch after a whole morning of housework and other stuff

We had some pig's liver porridge with fishballs (left), fried egg (right, top) and steamed pomfret (right, bottom)

We are basically done with housework before lunch. So after lunch we started decorating the house to make it look more CNY-ish.

Professional decorator at work =P

Decorator and his assistant

Flowers I bought from Aeon ^^ Nice right?

Did you guys know that my mummy likes flowers a lot? Kinda obvious right?

"FU"= prosperity

I cut this out from an old calendar. LOL~

After all that decorating, we showered and got ready for our reunion dinner.

What I wore for reunion dinner: Off shoulder chiffon top in white from Gold Apple/Turquoise skorts from Brands Outlet/Pink satin belt: gift from Chooi Yin/Turquoise and pink hair pin (not seen in pic): free gift from ISOIS Fashion/Hearts necklace: gift from Shiu Li/Galaxy print Iphone case from Paris Princess Phone Boutique


Can't remember exactly what I worn. So sorry.

Mummy also changed and asked me to take a pic of her with her flowers

I got the tripod ready for our annual family photo while dad thinks of where to take it. Its a tradition for our family for quite awhile. Coz we didn't have many family photos. So we decided to take it during the festivities.

Test shot...Parents, why so serious?

<3 Family <3

Our reunion dinner officially starts...

This is probably the first year we had dishes for reunion dinner. For the years before we always had steamboat...which is so much easier to prepare.

I was like: "Next year let's do steamboat again la... less work for mum mah..."
Dad: "Next year you're not eating with us dy what. Easier to prepare"

T^T Damn mean right my dad?

After the dinner we spent the whole night watching tv and chill till 1am.

I tried out these nail foils that my friend sold. Didn't like them. Too troublesome and difficult to work with. Still prefer painting my own nails or going for nail art at my manicurist's place.

Alright la that was my reunion dinner post. I don't know what I will be posting up next. Maybe I will be hiatus for the moment coz there's quite a lot of things that I had to do for the wedding. Less than two months wei. Damn ganjeong!!!

I'll see you guys whenever I blog la k?

See you~


Monday, March 18, 2013

Wedding Preparation #8

Hello there...

As promised, today I'm gonna do a lil update on our wedding...which is happening in less than 2 months time. I'm not gonna lie...I am damn effing nervous right now. What if everything is not done in time? Will the wedding be terrible T^T So scary can...

Anyways, today I'll update you guys about some stuff that had been done over the months. It seems like I've not update since December. So let's see what had been done over the three months.

1. Bridesmaids dresses
I've been looking up and down for this. I've deal with two blogshops who sells designs that I really like but both refused to produce them in color that I wanted...which is mint. They refused because I only wanted two. The quantity is too small for them to produce a clothing in that particular just for me. So I looked for other options. In the end I've decided to change my theme colors (to maroon, pastel yellow and pink) and decided that the bridesmaids dresses are going to be something in that color.

The dresses that I got for my bridesmaids are from Gold Apple, Dataran Pahlawan (they also have a FB page if you're not from Melaka and want to shop them. Check them out *here*) They didn't actually have two similar dresses coz they only bring in like one color from one design. The dress that I wanted had only one pink and the other was in purple. So the lady boss helped out and found an alternative that look very similar like the other dress. I didn't intend to get same dresses in the first place. So as long as they are in the same color group its good enough. Now all that is left to do is to get my bridesmaids to try the dresses and do some alteration if needed.

Wait till May 11th to see the dresses ya ^^ I need to keep somethings mysterious la right? LOL~

2. Page boys and flower girls
SR and I had decided to add another one more kid to our page boy and one more girl to our flower girls.
My cousin, Chee Meng's kids. The girl is Sam Yi and the little boy is my favorite Dr Chean...Ji Shun <3

3. Bow ties
I was looking for bow ties for the longest time coz its not easy to get colors other than white, black and red. All the ones that I've found are so damn expensive. When I found cheap ones, the colors are so blah.

Thanks to SR's friend, Allycia, who owns Romantic Costumes Collection at Malim (check out their FB *here*), we got the bows that we want. I've not actually bought the bows. Allycia told me to come back when its nearer to our wedding coz she'll be bringing in new stocks soon.

Anyways, here are the few that I've seen at her shop...
I assure you that the bow's colors look better in real life. I think I've did a little too much to the color editing so it turned out like that

4. Makeup artist
Initially we wanted to ask my makeup artist during my Pre-wedding shoot to do my makeup on the actual day. We requested that she come to Orna (my wedding's venue) to do my makeup for the ceremony and reception coz its too far for us to travel all the way to town just for makeup. But she refused...even if we were keen to pay a little extra.

So I went to survey a few makeup artist in Melaka. We finally signed up for one that both SR and I liked. We signed with M Nicole Makeup and Hairstyles (their FB page *here*) and the makeup artist that I got was Cassandra.
Isn't she very pretty? (for those who didn't know...Cassandra is the one standing. Not the bride -.-) Credits to Cassandra's personal FB account. Please do not take this photo without giving credits to her.

I've seen Cassandra's portfolio and was very happy with her work (see the bride above...which is one of the pics in her portfolio)
She also did Siew Ling's makeup and hair for her wedding. Super pretty!!! (credits to Cassandra's personal FB)

Will be doing a trial with her in April. Very excited. She said I could look up on makeup and hairstyles that I want to do and we will try it during the trial. Can't wait!!!

5. Reverend
SR and I had a little argument over the reverend that will be hosting our wedding ceremony...just a small argument. I wanted to either ask my uncle (who is a reverend) or Reverend Phang to host. But he thinks we should respect our church and ask Reverend Lim to host. In the end I thought that it is true that we need to respect our church's Reverend so we asked Rev Lim. But unfortunately during our wedding he is not around.

In the end we asked Reverend Phang ^^ *does a little victory dance*.
The one in black between Jacy and Paulie

Reverend Phang is very special to my heart. That was the reason why I wanted her to be our host. She was like my spiritual mentor when she was at our church. Even now if I need any help, she'll be there. She's like an elder sister to me la...

It'll be her first time hosting a wedding. She told me she's damn ganjeong. Hahahahaha~ But I think she'll do fine la. After this first experience, many more will come.

6. Flower girl's basket
Mum and I found super cheap baskets from Romantika Home Decor. They had a clearance sale. :))))

The only down side is we only got two pink ones. The other one had blue ribbon on it. Was thinking to change the blue one to a pink ribbon. But I'm not sure I know how. So let's just see how la.

7. Pre-wedding counselling classes
After 5 months of many times of postponing classes, we're gonna end the class this month. Phew~ super long la can? We only needed 10 lessons which supposedly take up to two months to finish. But then there were so many events happening on Sundays. We had to keep postponing our classes. Then Christmas came... CNY came...more postponing. But I'm glad we did it...even though it was a little too boring at times =P

8. Food tasting
Food tasting was on yesterday afternoon.
Sneak peak of all the food that my guests will be eating on my dinner

I've missed out the dessert's but anyways its ok la. Coz they didn't prepare the dessert that I wanted. So the dessert will be a secret wtf. Hahaha~

Anyways everything was good and we had a great lunch. I told my friends that wasn't there on FB: "My lunch was better than yours. Have fun eating at Yong Tau Fu." LOL~ We did change the shark fin's soup (the second one on the first row) to another soup. Not because it was not nice. Coz we didn't want to have shark fin's soup.

I only had this moment to enjoy the food coz on my wedding day I doubt that I have time to eat the food. Same for SR as well. I think we should pack up some food to eat after the wedding dinner.

9. Mum's gown
I told mum to go to Romantic Costumes Collection to check out clothes for the wedding. Allycia provides both renting and selling gowns for any occasions.

These are the few that she tried out...

This is the same as the one above but with shawl

Guess which one did she pick?

10. Pre-wedding photos
I've saved the best for the last =)

We actually collected our pre-wedding pics and albums on 26 January. Had been keeping it in the store room for two months edy.

The photos are pretty. They didn't photoshop the pics till it didn't look like us. Trust me I've seen pics that had been edited till it looked like somebody else but the person him/herself. So I'm glad ours still look normal.

Here's a sneak peak...

They gave me a soft copy of all the unedited pics. So I've did some editing to the pics. Very simple editing la of course. I'll post up all the pics on my wedding day. So wait for it.

The albums have all these photos but I have no idea how to post up the pics from the albums. I don't think its possible to scan. So I think I'll just show you guys the ones that I've edited la.

Sinren and I had been busy with actual day's schedule. Had to change for a few times because of different reasons. Guest list had been done. Now its time to wait for our invitations and hand up to them. Then it'll be doing RSVP list. Then we still had lots of minor things that had to be done. Every day also busy discussing...over the phone and over FB messenger. Its like we're never apart. ^^

Arguments also happen la. Maybe its coz of the stress. Nothing big la. Just small arguments here and there. We just try to work it out the best la and prayer is needed at all times.

Well, that is all I could update about our wedding preparation. Hopefully next time I could update more.

OK la I gotta go now.

See you guys in the next post.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

David and Iris' ROM

I've not attended many ROMs in my life. Maybe most of the people that I know didn't invite me to their ROMs or they didn't have ROMs (signed the Certificate of Marriage during the wedding ceremony). The first ROM that I've ever attended was my own. LOL~ That is why I don't know what to expect during my own ROM and was so nervous. You can read about my ROM *here* if you missed it.

So Siew Ling (Iris) and Zi Jie's (David) ROM was the second one that I've attended (this is a hint from me to all my friends to remember to invite me to your ROM wtf)

Their ROM was not held at JPN (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negeri/State Registry Office) but at Straits Baptist Church, Bukit Beruang. They chose there coz its less troublesome than JPN.

Siew Ling is from Penang and IC's address is Penang's. So in order to get registered in Melaka, with a Penang's address' IC, she had to get a letter from the JPN at Penang. To get a letter from Penang, she had to go all the way there to deal with it coz they want her IC and other stuff.  So she rather save all the trouble and get it the registration done at the church. If I've known this, I would have done it at the church as well. We will be able to choose any date that we want. But then again. 20122012 is already very special la...

Ok enough grandmother's time...

This is what I wore for the ROM

White Top: gift from friend years ago/White inner top (worn inside) from FOS/Turquoise Skorts from Brands Outlet/Fuchsia satin belt: gift from Chooi Yin years ago/Earrings (not seen clearly) from Brands Outlet/Necklace from a stall at Ikano Power Center/Watch from Guess/Iphone case from Paris Princess Phone Boutique (link to check them out *here*) /Shoes (not shown) from Crocs

Face of the day

Lazy to list all la... next time if I got more time I'll list down all. But I have to tell you guys that I'm into matte eyeshadows lately. I don't own mattes actually but thanks to the Nude on Nude Pallete from NYX I can give it a try. Instantly fell in love. I think I'll use more of mattes especially for my working days.

So before the ROM we went for lunch at Xin Garden, Bukit Beruang. Didn't take any pics coz I was having some tummy ache during the lunch. Thanks to the tummy I didn't even have a decent lunch.

After lunch we headed straight to the church which is 1 minute away from the restaurant.

Reverend going through the procedure with Zi Jie, Siew Ling and their parents

The ROM starts...
No turning back....LOL~

This Zi Jie can never keep a serious face -.-

This one looked like he just signed a deal for insurance. LOL~

Siew Ling's dad signing

Took a pic of Zi Jie's dad but it looked horrible so I deleted it. Manatau its the only pic I took of him. So sorry no pic of him =(

The officiant officiates the Certificate of Marriage

The officiant is a reverend from Straits Baptist Church. Forgot to ask for his name. Paiseh~

Blessing for the ROM

The ROM was very different from mine. It was very an extend of too simple. There was no vows or any swear unlike mine. It was just signing the certificate of marriage and that's all. A bit disappointed la... coz not many photos to take.


Nine years of being together as a boyfriend and girlfriend...and five years of waiting finally they got married :)

Zi Jie's younger brother, Zi Xiang didn't attend coz he's working in KL

Siew Ling's family came all the way from Penang for this :)

Her younger sister and brother could not make it either coz both are working.

Friends who attended Siew Ling and Zi Jie's ROM

From left: Mel, Jacy, Moi, Siew Ling, Zi Jie, Xiang Hui and Gilbert

All the girls

The boys

We went out to take photos coz the church's office closed already.

Young couple with the bride

Guni sack Jacy with the bride


Gay partner...hahaha~

Siew Ling said they both looked more like they got registered that day. LOL~

Craziness always happen when I'm around =P

Xiang Hui and le bride

Happy ROM 1313 ^^

Their wedding just happened last weekend like I had told you guys. It was a fun two-day event for me and I bet for the rest of the jimuis as well. I will try to collect photos from everyone within this week. Then edit and post them up. So wait for that one.

I'll be posting up a wedding preparation update next. So for those who had been waiting for an'll see one soon.

I gotta go edit photos right now. See you guys in the next post.



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