Friday, April 12, 2013

50 Facts About Me

Dear all, I've been super duper busy. Its the last month before the wedding T^T Ganjeong level over 9000. But to release some of the stress. I've decided to write something on the blog. So that at least the blog is updated. (There's no post in April yet!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!)

Anybody saw this video?
Please watch it and support Bubzbeauty. She's my favorite youtuber <3

Anyways, I am inspired by this video today. Since I need to post something up, I'll do this in the writing way.

So here's 50 random facts about me.

1. Many may know that I am the only child of my family. But what you guys may not know is that I am the youngest grandchild at my dad's side. While on my mother's side, I am the second eldest.

2. I puke every time I bite into a garlic, an onion or a spring onion. Since I was young I do not like garlic/onion/spring onion. Mum had tried many ways to make me eat it but every time I bite into it, I would spit it out or vomit everything that was eaten with it. Ironically, I love garlic bread.

3. SR and I had not talked to each another face to face before he asked me to be his gf. We spent a lot of time sending SMS to each other every day. But in real life we had never utter a word to each other. We either just smile or nod politely when we meet.

4. I like to sleep with the blanket covering me...even if the weather is very hot.

5. My favorite ice cream are McD's Oreo McFlurry and Baskin Robbin's Strawberry Cheesecake.

6. My godson's name is Ng Ming Shane.

7. I'm terrified of insects of any kind.

8. I have peranakan (baba & nyonya) blood in me. My paternal grandmother's (Grandma Pang's) grandmother is a nyonya.

9. I was drunk once and I kept telling everyone around me: "My grandmother's name is Pang Kim Moi"...which isn't true. Grandma Pang's name is Lim Ah Moi and as for Grandma Wong's name is Pang Kim Hwa. I must have merged both their names together. LOL~

10. I have two piercings on my left car but only one on my right.

11. I'm obsessed with Korean dramas and music. Favorite korean drama to date are Rooftop Prince and You're Beautiful. Favorite actor: Park Yoo Chun. Favorite actress: Park Shin Hye. Favorite boyband & girlband: Big Bang and 4 minute. Favorite solo artists: G Dragon and HyunA.

12. My favorite carbonated drink is Sprite.

13. I was stung by a bee when I first moved into my old house...on my cheek. Because of that, I had an infection and had a dark mark/spot on my cheek for more than a year when I was 8.

14. I was once allergic to antibiotic, mud/sand/dirt and alcohol. I would get rashes if I consume antibiotic (if I get sick) and alcohol. As for mud/sand/dirt I can't be working with them for too gardening, I'll get rashes as well. But now I think I'm ok with antibiotic coz I don't get any reaction anymore when I take it. As for mud/sand/dirt, I'm not sure if I am still allergic to it coz I don't do gardening. I don't get rashes when I drink beer. But when I take like higher lever alcohol like liquor, my whole body get super red but no longer have rashes.

15. I cannot stand guys who wear pants that are shorter than their knees...unless if that guy is still a kid. Grown men in super short pants really gross me out.

16. I love animals. That is why I like visit zoos and safaris. I think it'll be awesome if I could visit all the zoos in the world. I've only been to Malacca Zoo and National Zoo in my country as well as Singapore Zoo.

17. I am also hoping that I was able to dine at all the McDonalds in the world. For the moment I've only been to the McD in my own country, Singapore and Hong Kong.

18. My dream vacation destination since I was young is Hawaii.

19. I love floral scents.

20. My favorite drink at Starbucks is Mocha Chip Frappucino. This is the only coffee-based beverage that I drink.

21. I love Hairspray the movie and I hope that I could watch the musical version life one day.

22. I've read the whole Twilight series by Stephanie Meyers and also watched all the movies. I'm not a big fan but I'm proud that its the only series of books and movies that I've finished reading and watching. I don't have patience for this type of things actually.

23. I started learning to put on makeup when I was 18 years old.

24. Apart from zoos and McDs, I also hope to visit all Disneylands in the world. I've only conquered Hong Kong Disneyland. So many more to go.

25. I can't cook anything before going to uni. Then I met my roommates who love to cook. Now I can cook a decent meal for myself and also my family.

26. My dream car is the Volkwagon Beetle.

27. My favorite part of my body are my eyes. Least favorite has got to be my bum.

28. My favorite number is number 13.

29. I like to eat spoonful of chunky peanut butter on its own.

30. I have a never-ending craving for Japanese food.

31. I once had been in an accident involving a bus. I wanted to switch lanes but didn't realize the bus was coming on fast. I lost my driver's side's side mirror while the bus only had some minor scratches. -.-

32. My first job was a kindergarten teacher teaching English at Nobel Classroom when I was 19 years old. I went back there to work during my university break in 2007 as a replacement teacher while one teacher was on maternity break. I wanted to work there when I graduated but didn't coz I didn't want to wake up at 7am every morning =P

33. I failed my driving test three times. The first time, the car's engine died on me and then when its ok I didn't realized the traffic lights had turned red. I started to drive. The second time I changed lanes without realizing another car is coming (which explains why #31 happened). The third time I can't seem to do the side parking test.

34. My favorite Disney character is Stitch and Lilo & Stitch is by far my favorite Disney film.

35. There are two very important events that happened in SR's car... our first kiss and he proposed to me in his car.

36. I currently only work at one music center, Piano House and the rest of my students are learning from my home. I teach both piano and violin. I also teach computer games at Pei Daw Kindergarten and am the violinist for a wedding band called Blue Wave.

37. I have two phones. One is a black IPhone 4 and the other is a black Samsung Galaxy Ace. The Samsung phone do not have any SIM card in it so I can't call or sms with it. I just use it to Whatsapp coz I'm too cheap to buy Whatsapp on my IPhone. USD0.99 is money ok? I only get free apps. LOL~

38. When people mistaken me for a Malay, I would speak to them in Malay. But my Malay is so broken that they realized I am not a Malay the moment I start to speak.

39. Sinren is my first love. <3

40. From primary to secondary school, I studied in an all-girl school (Convent FTW). The only time I'm exposed to boys/men other than my family is at church.

41. My favorite flower is pink or white lily.

42. I used to be very crazy about a Taiwanese band, Energy. I had all their albums and went to their concert

43. I've started doing Blogilates workout lately. Also inspired by Bubzbeauty.

44. I've finished Grade 8 for my piano but haven't gotten my diploma. I've taken diploma exam once but failed it.

45. I'm only Grade 7 for my violin. Hopefully I can finish my Grade 8 soon.

46. I have a father who is obsessed with Taiwanese drama. Not the Hokkien or those that old people like to watch...but those idol dramas. @.@

47. I have naturally curly hair but I've straighten them to the current look coz I was too lazy to maintain the curls. FYI I've straighten my hair since I was 18 and I straighten them every six months.

48. I like to smell things a lot. I would pick up things and take a sniff. This is one of the weirdest habit I had that drive SR crazy. Err... I even like to smell people wtf.

49. I drive a grey color Iswara.

50. I am also playing Candy Crush like everyone else. So please do send me lives =P

Its really difficult. And I'm not gonna lie... it took me a few weeks to finish this and post it up.

I wished I can talk a bit about what's going on but I really have to run right now.

I'll do a wordy post when I have a little more time next time.

Shall see you guys...not very soon but I'll be back <3



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