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David and Iris' Wedding Part 1: Gate Crashing

Here comes the long post that I've promised. Took so many days to draft this post. So you guys better readh ah.

So I've done a few posts regarding Zi Jie and Siew Ling's wedding. But most of them are pre-wedding stuff like our bridal party for Siew Ling *here*, their ROM *here* and their wedding rehearsal *here*.

Today finally I could post up about the actual day of their wedding.

This first part right here is similar to my wedding post's part 1. Its the gate crashing part.

Zi Jie and Siew Ling's wedding's theme color is purple. All the jimuis had to wear purple. I don't own anything purple so I had to go get one before the wedding.

Found this really nice purple maxi at ISOIS Dataran Pahlawan. Bought it coz its nice and also I don't think its easy to find a purple and dress which I like.

I think ISOIS clothes are slightly overpriced. Anybody went to the shop in DP? Or bought anything from their website?

Closer look at the dress <3

So on the day of the wedding, Siew Ling had to wake up at 3am to get ready. Her makeup artist...who is also my makeup artist for my wedding, Cassandra will be coming over at 5am to do her makeup.

We did not actually asked for the same makeup artist. It was just coincidence. Seriously true jimuis la. ^^

I was up at 4am as well coz I was appointed the photographer. Siew Ling didn't actually ask me to wake up at 4am. I couldn't sleep so instead of just turning around on bed I woke up and took pics la.

Getting ready to do her makeup

Cassandra working on her magic


Now to put on her gown.

Siew Ling's gown and the lovely details on it

As soon as she's ready, everyone went up to take photos with Siew Ling

So sad I didn't get a HD pic :( Nobody dared to use my camera coz they said they don't know how to use it :(

The bride's shoes which she got from Zerra Culture

Let's go to the groom's side for a moment.

The hengdais meet up at a nearby dim sum shop then come over to our homestay

There's a really funny story. So before the hengdais and groom came all of us was getting ready to pack up. After the gate crashing we had to leave immediately. I started to bring my things to the car and realized that the front gate was opened wide. I didn't bother to close it and decided to go to my car straight away. Manatau I heard loud car honking from afar. I'm like: "Wah! I couldn't be so unlucky bah? They reached here already?" What I wished not to happen...happened. The bridal car turned in. So carrying all my luggage I ran back to the house and quickly closed the front gate with my hands barely empty. I was so ganjeong that I started shouting: "HENGDAIS COME ALREADY!!!! HENGDAIS COME ALREADY!!!" Manatau they took a turning and went out of sight again -.- Scare the hell out of me.

The bridal car finally came

Xiang Hui was the driver

Siew Ling's brother (sorry I didn't ask whats his name. Or maybe I did but I forgot =P) has to open the door. This is a Chinese tradition for weddings. Younger brother had to open the bridal car's door for the groom.

I didn't have a younger my cousins can't make it for my gate crashing session. So my nephew took the task. Read it *here*.

Groom, all the hengdais and the bride's brother

Left to right: Bride's brother, Gilbert, Zhi Hui, Groomsmen Jonathan, Zi Jie, Wei Yon, Wen Feng, Teck, my dorky hubby with a very ugly hair cut and Xiang Hui.

So let the games begin...

Here you see me being a mak nenek coz I'm the head of jimui (like what Peise was during my wedding). I'm ordering the groom and the hengdais around =P

Would you just look at my hair!!! It was so long back then. I didn't feel that it was that long when people commented on it. Now that I look back in pics. It is damn effing long.

I let Zi Jie in to start the first part of the games while the rest of hengdais had to stand outside

The first game was actually a quiz (printed out on a piece of paper) about Siew Ling. I had this prepared one week before the wedding. There's no pic of the quiz but one of the questions that I asked was "What would you choose as a currency instead of money?" Her answer was smiles. Damn easy la ok? You go to a store and ask: "How much is this?". The store owner says: "Five smiles" You smile and got your item. LOL~ The only problem is you might get stiff muscles around your mouth everytime you go shopping. LOL~

Gembiranye dia

He looked stress. Haha~

The hengdais are in and ready for their first game

Here Siew Tin (sorry I covered her =P But you guys will see her in the next few photos) is explaining to the guys what are they supposed to do.

The first two games are more simple.

The first game they had to complete the lyrics to Siew Ling's favorite song within 4 minutes

They were playing cheat as you can see. Getting help from a smartphone

My hubby is so fashionable

Meanwhile, Zi Jie is...

...still working on that quiz

The second game is the heart shape sudoku. May seem easy but its not that easy. All the guys were like groaning.

Hehehe. This one cannot cheat liao =P

For both the games, the hengdais failed. So the groom had to give us angpows. Woohoo!!!

On to the next the hengdais had to choose a partner than each get an envelope. The envelope has body parts in it. So whatever body parts they picked they have to break a balloon with their partner with whatever body parts the partner picked.

So the first group was Zhi Hui and Teck...
Zhi Hui got cheek and Teck got head. LOL~

Wei Yon picked chest while Gilbert picked ears

We purposely got balloons that are not easily broken. It is so damn funny to watch them trying so hard to break the balloons.

Xiang Hui got armpits while Jonathan picked leg

The funniest is yet to come...
Yes, that is my husband. He picked butt and that guy at the back picked head. Hahahahahahaha~

Look at his bloody face!!! Hahahahahah~

And look at all these excited people's face. Hahahahaha~

There's another game that we didn't have pics of. There's a video but I can't edit =( We picked few people to write chinese characters using their butt. Damn hilarious.

The last game...we asked the hengdais to dress up and do stupid poses.

Handsomenye our groom

Teck is putting on my wig...which I have no idea where it is right now. Everything in my room had gone missing since I got married =(

Cue violent puking. Hahahaha~

Let's start with the first pose.

Our groom is forever excited

BTW if you guys can guess, this is one of the yoga poses not Superman. LOL~

Oh how kawaii is my hubby <3 Hahahaha~

The second pose...the groom and hengdais had to pose like sport car in female models =P

Would you just look at these two? Sexy kao kao

I think Teck can consider to grow his hair to this la... That is if he could grow hair la =P

Group pic lol

Next is a synchronized swimmers' pose

The games finally ended and the groom was allowed into the house to fetch his bride.

Not without drinking some water first =.= People usually would be so ganjeong to get the bride. He still can chill first.

Xiang Hui secretly ran up to and tried to unlock a door. But turns out its not the right door. Hahahaha~

Zi Jie was expecting Siew Ling to be in the room she was in the night before. But manatau we switched her to another room. Hahahaha~ He first went to her room then went to her dad's room. He didn't wanna believe when the hengdais told Siew Ling could be in the jimuis' room.

The bride looking so princessy ^^


The back of her dress


Ready to leave to the next destination after fetching the bride

Kacau ah Jacy nie...hahaha~

They are heading to Zi Jie's house for tea ceremony next

I'll post up the next part up when I'm done with editing.

There are so many photos that I've left aside (for editing) coz my father in law had been asking for our wedding day photos. So I'm rushing to edit those pics first. Sigh~ If we had higher budget for our wedding, we would have hired a photographer so I don't have to edit like crazy now.

I will try to post up other things asap. Especially on wedding since I've lots of pics done editing.

I've itch to go traveling again =P Thank God my hubby also loves to travel. We've been thinking to go overseas at the end of the year but still haven't think of where to go. But then again we have to workout on our budget first la to see where we could go.

August my family (mum, dad, hubby and I) will be going to Singapore for a trip. This time we will be going for three days and two nights. Not like the last time (read *here*). I know I said I don't wanna go Singapore for awhile after a bad experience last year (read *here*). But I think going there will be ok la. Since no rain or haze.

Alright lets not make a really long post much longer. I'll bounce now. I hope you guys enjoyed this. More post will be coming I promise.

See you then.



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