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Honeymoon in Krabi Day 3

I've finally done with this post. LOL~ Let's cut the crap and get into it.

So today I'm going to post up on the honeymoon's day 3 which was the day we went for island hopping.

Please take note that all photos for this post will be from my iphone coz we couldn't bring the DSLR out. It was too bulky and also we didn't want it to get wet. We bought a waterproof pouch for my iphone and thank God for that waterproof pouch we could take so many really nice pics of the beautiful scenery. I'm thankful for both the pouch and my iphone.

I cannot find my brochure for my island hopping tour. I think mum probably threw it away T^T So I can't tell you which tour we went with. But I'm about 90% sure its called Ao Nang speedboat tour. This tour consist of visiting 8 islands including three snorkeling spots. Lunch, drinking water and snacks were included.

OOTD: tube dress from Bangkok/pink bikini (worn inside)...can't remember where I bought it

Since we were going island hopping I figured we shouldn't eat too full. Manatau get seasick kan teruk. So this what I took from the buffet breakfast spread at our hotel...
I took some water-cooked ham and a bruschetta (is that how you spell it?)

Hubby doesn't really understand the concept of eating light -.-

After breakfast, we sat in the lobby and waited for our tour guide to come and get us. They were pretty punctual. Can't remember what time it was but they came right on time as said on the brochure.

This was the tuk tuk that came to take us to the beach where our boat for island hopping will depart. Don't underestimate the size of this tuk tuk. It can carry up to 10 passengers.

We reached the beach then...
Walked to the pier where our boat is at

Walked till we came to this place...

Isn't it beautiful?

This is another part of the Ao Nang beach... we went on this side on the 2nd day but didn't stay long coz there was less shade than the other part that we went to. We wanted to come back later in the evening but after chilling in our hotel's pool we were too lazy to come back. =P

This dog was with us the whole time we walked from the tuk tuk to the pier. Our tour guide told us this is the real tour guide. Haha~

I wanted to camwhore with the beautiful sight in the background. Was it obvious I failed? =P

Tried to camwhore with husband as well... still fail -.-

This was supposed to be in the background

So finally we gave up trying to take selfies. We decided to take pics for each another.

I was not satisfied that I looked so small in the pic and asked hubby to take another pic for me

I was not ready and he took the photo -.- I was adjusting my tube dress la baby.

OMG I miss my super long hair. Now my hair looks like shit again. Have to go to saloon again.

And yes, I asked him to take another one for me.

Ok I prefer the pic above lol

I helped a group of students take their group pic and asked them to take a pic of both me and hubby but when this girl wanted to help us, the tour guide said that its time to take off. Damn sad~

Line up to go up on the boat pun mau take pics =P

So we were quite late to get in the speedboat. But the time we got on the back deck was already full. We had not choice but to sit at the front.

At first we were excited being able to sit at the front. Later on we totally regret it. =/

This was the path way between the back deck and the front deck.

Pathway of heaven and seriously.

Before I go into details about our crazy encounter, this girl right here is our tour guide of the day. She could speak English quite well and we were able to understand her. She's also really nice. Helped me to get up the boat a few times after our snorkeling...not easy to climb up ok coz it was like swinging and stuff. Really like her la...

So we started our journey after the tour guide (can't remember her name -.-) did some explaining. The ride was super bumpy coz the sea was quite rough. Sitting at the front deck was the wrong decision coz we tend to get affected more if compared with the rest who were sitting at the back. We were thrown left and right while the speedboat turned. It was extra bumpy and at some bumps our butts left the seats. Thats how scary.

Here are some of the videos from the bumpy ride. I was terrified and all I did was hold on to the rail of the boat praying it will be over soon. These were all taken by my daring husband.

This was taken right after the ride was less bumpy coz we were about to reach our first destination

Look at my crazy hair

He re-collects himself so fast I don't know how he does it. #whatkindofsorceryisthis

The first stop was Bamboo Island. I've seen a lot of pics of it on blogs but seeing it for myself is totally unreal. How can anything look the same in pics and in real life. See for yourselves...

This was from quite far. The speedboat took sometime before finding the perfect place to let us down to the island.

The color of the sea was like a swimming pool with massive amount of chlorine. But the good thing is it only has the color of the chlorine but not the smell.

 Beautiful blue sky and white clouds ^^

This was taken on the beach after we got down from the speedboat. Isn't it beautiful?

Wah I think this pic is real good la. Can compete with DSLR standard.

We were given some time to explore the island and also swim in the sea.

Saw a lizard...huge lizard. It ran damn fast coz many tourists were running towards it to take pic. I tried to take as well but only managed to take its butt -.-

I have no idea what these are at first. I saw many people taking pics of it. Later I found out these are dead coral that were wash up shore during the Tsunami 2004.

Bamboo bar which sells chips, drinks and also beach chairs

Bamboo Island is called Koh Mai Pai in Thai in case you guys are interested

After going around exploring, we've decided to go and take a swim in the sea.
Gemuk gemuk!!!

SR didn't allow me to go into the deep waters coz I didn't bring my goggles and I'm wearing contact lense =( So I stayed at the shallow waters and camwhored =P

Isn't the sea water so gorgeous behind me?

The sun was super bright. So if you want to tan its perfect. But if you don't want to, remember to slap on a lot of sunblock.

The view right in front of me...super beautiful sea and sky ^^

This part of the sea is the only place that we were allowed to swim.So it was actually very packed. I had to search for a place with less people. But very difficult la. As you can see in my pic, there's a damn photobomber at the right corner.

Look!!! Hubby came back from swimming to the deeper area.

Sexy nye =P

We got up earlier coz we wanna wash up a bit before going onto our speedboat.

Sorry you guys had to see our shapeless beach/bikini body. Hahaha~

I am trying very hard to make my body look better. Please believe me. As for hubby....nope, he's not working out at all. =p

Anyways, the speedboat left Bamboo Island to head to the next island.

We didn't get down at Viking Cave (Yes, I know I've captioned it wrongly in the pic lol). It is a private island/cave.

This cave is owned by a company which produces bird's nest. There's a lot of bird's nest in this cave coz its a swallow habitat. They use man power to pick up all the bird's nest btw coz no machine can get into the cave.

Closet look at the cave

The island/cave is not inhabited by humans at all coz there's basically no empty lands and the mountain is too steep for humans to live in.

Hello! ^^

The next island which was very close to Viking Cave is Phi Phi Leh

We didn't stop at Phi Phi Leh as well because our tour guide said that there's too many speedboats. If we get down, we might not have place to hang or swim. Plus if we swam too close to the speedboats it can be very dangerous.

The water was so damn clear!!! Can see to the bottom of the sea.

Just like Viking Cave was not inhabited by humans for the same reasons

I have to admit another mistake which is the caption in this pic. This is actually Phi Phi Leh and not Maya Beach. But Maya Beach was our next destination 'tho. Look at the bottom pic and you'll know I've captioned it wrongly.

Now this is Maya Beach/Maya Bay. Can you see how similar it is? The difference between the two islands is the shape of the mountains.The mountains of Phi Phi Leh are more flat on top while the mountains at Maya Bay are more rounded on top.

We were supposed to go down at Maya Bay as well to explore the whole island. But because it was too crowded we couldn't get down as well. I was kinda sad coz I heard there was this temple at Maya Bay which prays to male genitals. They also filled the whole temple with everything male genital themed They pray to male genitals for fertility. Not that I want to pray at the temple I just want to take a look at it and maybe take a few pics for fun =P

Maya Bay is also the place the filmed The Beach (Leonardo diCaprio acted in it btw). I have not watched it so not much feelings about it la.

The tour guide promised that we will get more time snorkling since we cut down a lot of time from these places.

The next destination is kinda far from where we are. It wasn't a good thing coz the sea was super duper rough that day. Later on I read somewhere that the Andaman Sea (which is where we were at) are usually rough around March till June. Sometimes there's big storm around this date. T^T Should have read about this earlier la...

So we were again going on different bumps and thrown left right up and down T^T. At this point I started having seasick T^T Felt like throwing up and started to develop a headache.

Hubby was holding le camera again. This time he decided to camwhore but fails. Hahahaha~

Can you see me shaking? LOL~

So Monkey Beach got its name because... well, you can see why in the pic above

Our tour guide asked if we like to feed the monkeys before snorkeling. (Have to pay la of course) Nobody wants to. So we headed to another area of Monkey Beach to snorkel.

BTW we weren't allowed to stop on the island coz its a private beach. So our speedboat just stopped in the middle of the sea and asked us to jump down to snorkel.

In the calm waters of Monkey Beach

Let me tell you guys a story. So I jumped into the water before SR. He was a first timer in snorkeling so I thought I'll go down first (I snorkeled once back in 2005 at Redang). Then he jumped in too. He was doing alright except that he didn't really like the snorkeling goggles. While he was trying to get used to the goggles. This man from China (I know he is from China from his accent), wearing flippers (we were only given goggles and safety vests. So I'm guessing he brought the flippers himself), was about to jump. I was like thinking: "Wow damn pro la this fella. Brought flippers all. Must have gone snorkeling all over the world. Then he jumped with style...and landed right in between me and SR (who was still trying to learn how to breathe using the goggles). After he surfaced onto the water, he suddenly started to struggle (Yes, he was in between us fyi). I started to panic and didn't know what to do. I was also worried that SR is going to panic too. He then shouted: "Help!!!! I can't swim!!!! Lagi la I panic!!! The workers from our speedboat quickly jumped down to pull him up to the boat and that's the end of the story.

Dah la I got headache and feel like hurling. Have to deal with this summore. Damn freaking ganjeong can? But its damn funny la after I think about it again. The guy was like super confident before jumping and super ready to jump. Manatau after jumping with style, he...hahahahah~ After this incident, he didn't leave the speedboat for any snorkeling. LOL~ Seriously damn stupid.

I was trying to take pics of some fishes that were in front of me when wild legs appear. LOL~

Spot le fish

The fishes and corals are not as nice compared to the time I was at Redang. The fishes didn't have much variety and I didn't spot any clown fish (I failed in Finding Nemo. LOL~) I heard the reason for this is due to the Tsunami back in 2004 =( Corals died and fishes left Andaman Sea to search for a better place to live in. Damn sad la...

I was fine during the snorkeling but when I was in the speedboat I got super terrible seasick. My head was spinning like mad. Even the tour guide came over to ask if I was ok. I told I was ok. Maybe just a little not comfortable with the boat swaying.

So we headed to the next destination which was Phi Phi Island. We were going to have lunch there.

I was terribly sick by the time we got to Phi Phi. We found a spot to sit at the restaurant and I asked SR to help me get something to eat while I rested. My brains were like banging to get out. Seriously the head was super in pain.

Yes, I was still able to camwhore eventhough I was very sick. Hehehe~

It was a free flow buffet for lunch at the restaurant. I can't remember what all these are coz I didn't eat much of it. I ate like a few bites and asked hubby to finish it for me.

This soup was super good

It was the only thing I finished coz it was so good. Its some sort of sour soup with lots of mushroom and fishballs. I think because it was sour it made me feel better.

After finishing up the soup, I slept off for a bit while SR ate. I slept for about 20 mins (we had about an hour on the island- for lunch and also exploring the island). After I woke up, head was still banging but felt better la. So we went out to explore Phi Phi Island.

Like all the other islands, Phi Phi Don is beautiful (Read about it *here*). It is a very small island so the beach is easily crowded with people and boats. Mainly I think its coz this is where all the island hopping tour stops here for lunch. It was originally not that small. It was bad hit by the 2004 tsunami. Now it is just 1/2 of what is left before this. Damn sad.

You can also stay at Phi Phi Don if you want to. But there is no direct flight here. You can take a plane to Krabi then take a boat here.

We were walking close to the police station when there's this man who was carrying a woman in his arms and ran towards the police station. Then we saw them entered the police station. Then moments later a police motorcycle carried the police, the man and the woman away. Don't  know what happened. Maybe the lady fainted or something la.

Lol~ I don't think someone would kiss a fish when one is drunk but kudos to the creativity

We left Phi Phi Don to go to another two more islands for snorkeling. I couldn't remember the names of the islands coz I was not feeling very well. So I wasn't paying much attention to what the tour guide was saying. I'm trying my best not to throw up. My goal for the rest of the trip. LOL~

Its actually very weird. When I'm in the water I feel better but when I'm on the speedboat I feel really terrible. Is this motion sickness?

Just keep swimming

He still couldn't get use to the snorkeling goggles so he used his own goggles. LOL~


If you ask me is it worth it to get waterproof pouch, I think it is worth it. But don't expect to take pics under the sea. I know there are really good ones but the one I bought can't do it. Well, you can take like the pic above. Its not clear la. I think its worth it coz you can take pics in peace without worrying about your phone/camera get wet. If you really want to take pics of the nice underwater, get really good ones.

So after we were done with the island hopping, the speedboat got us back. On the way back we were served with fruits. Super awesome!!!

I was feeling not good but better than before. The moment I reached land (back at Ao Nang Beach) I vomited =( 

When we got back my headache was so bad I had to sleep immediately (I showered la ok =P). In the end it was already 10pm when I woke up. Rushed out to the street to look for food. All street stalls were closed. We were doomed T^T. But luckily there were some hawkers on bikes still riding around. So we ate some beef and chicken noodles. Super good but a tad salty for my liking. No pics coz my phone was charging and we were so worried there was nothing to eat so I didn't bring my camera.

Ended the night drinking Thai Coke on our balcony...which has no difference with ours. LOL~

The next time I visit Krabi I'm not sure if I would go island hopping again. I think I have a serious case of seasick/sea motion sickness. Will see how la next time I'm there. But the islands are really beautiful la. Love the scenery very very much.

That was the end of this post. Hope you guys like it...eventhough its really long. =) If you guys have any questions about this Krabi trip, please do leave me a comment and I'll try to reply the best I could.

Alright I'll see you guys in the next post. 



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