Monday, September 30, 2013

She Was A Fighter

Today had been a gloomy day. Not because of the Monday blues but because my bestie and twinnie, Annie said goodbye to her dearest godma/aunty.

Godma, as we all called her, had been fighting with ovary cancer for quite sometime. Last last Sunday she was very unwell and was admitted to the hospital. She was still fighting her battle even though she was already very weak for a week before saying goodbye to all her family members on last Saturday.

Ann was my first friend when I came to Melaka back when I was 8. From then I knew her family and godma because we were best friends since then. Whenever I'm over at her house, godma would be there and she would talk to us in a very kind voice. That's what I always remember about her.

This year during CNY, when we went to her house, I asked her if she's feeling fine. She told me she was fine with a smile. Even though she was weak, she still sat there smiling and talking to us with her kind voice. We were talking about my wedding and Ann's upcoming wedding plans. I'm glad I had a very good last memory of her fresh in my mind.

Ann told me she fought hard along the way. She didn't complain much even though Ann knew the therapy was painful. Ann said it pains her to hear her breathe heavily every time.

She may be gone. It is painful for Ann, her family and also for us. But in a way it is a release for her from all her fighting. At least we know that she is with Annie's granny right now...whom godma had been missing a lot.

She may be gone from sight but never from our hearts.

She will truly be missed.

RIP Annie's godma  

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Eighth Year

Hello there,

How did everybody spent their long weekend last week? For Malaysians I mean. For those who are not from Malaysia, we had our Malaysia Day holiday on Monday (16/9). So we had a three-day weekend. Super shiok. Hehehe~

I had fun last weekend. Even though I had to work last Saturday but I still had some fun which was good enough for me la. Initially SR and I was supposed to go to Port Dickson. But we had some communication breakdown. So sadly we had to cancel our reservations that I've already booked =( Never mind la. We've already talked about going on a roadtrip in November. Hopefully that one jadi.

Anyways, on the 16th we've reached our 8th year as couples. Even though we're married I think it is still special so we celebrated it anyway. We couldn't celebrate it on 16th itself coz SR had to work OT. So we celebrated it a bit earlier on the 14th which falls on the Saturday.

This was taken after we went to buy kueh for his family

SR had to work OT for these few weeks...which means for two Saturdays he had to work for half day....which means I can only see him after work. =( I don't like this. I want to see him on Friday night. We've already been apart for five days. Seeing him for one day less is not nice. Its also not nice coz I have less time with him. =((((

But I have to understand also la. If he does OT, he gets more pay. I've got some benefits too right? =P

Anyways, I went to fetch him from Melaka Sentral (our bus station). Then we went to get some kueh/snacks for my in laws and brother in laws. We usually stay over at the in laws' place on Saturdays.

We went for dinner at Wazen which was our favorite Japanese restaurant.

We were also here for my birthday last year (Read *here*). We were just lucky to get a seat without reservation because somebody reserved but didn't turn up. Once we wanted to go with our church members we weren't able to get a table coz we booked on the day itself. Damn sad. So this time I called to reserve our seats five days before.

Our first appetizer: Tokyo Duck

This is actually smoked duck. Very similar to one of the items on our wedding dinner's cold plate. I think our wedding dinner one was better. The duck was very thinly cut and the duck was very cold. So it was rather a refreshing taste. This one cut until too thick dy.

Yes we had two appetizers coz we're cool like that lol

Second appetizer: Natto

I've always wanted to try natto coz I've read about it in Japanese beauty mags. Natto are named to be the best food for keeping fit/losing weight. So that is why I wanna try it. I always wanted to buy it at Jusco and make it at home.But mama always said don't buy things you never try in restaurants before. So now I'm trying it la.

Ordering natto was the worst idea ever. Both of us didn't like it. Tasted like... I don't know like what. Just weird la. Will never order it ever again.

Both us decided to order sets...
I ordered their sashimi set

SR ordered some pork chop in soup stock set...don't know the exact name of it coz he didn't tell me

All sets come with salad, miso soup and chawanmushi. There is also rice which I didn't take a pic of. Who hasn't seen rice la right?

The sashimi is effing fresh!!! I don't know how to describe how go it is. All I can say it literally melted in my mouth. I don't even have to bite into it. Really really good.

SR's pork chop was just as good. It is a bit weird to have it soaked like that la. I prefer dry pork chop.

I don't know what's up with SR and pork chops. Last time we were here, he also ordered pork chop. LOL~

After dinner, we headed back home coz he was tired. Also it was already late and no nice movies were showing at that time.

I bought him a present ^^

He and my father have problems looking at the correct direction when taking pics -.-

My excited baby is always excited about everything

I got him a tumbler or thermos flask from Starbucks coz he had always wanted one

Guess what he got me?

He didn't.

Coz I told him I didn't need anything now that I have him.

Ok that was bull. Hahahahhah~ I haven't told him what I want. Still figuring out what I want. Maybe I should just ask him for money la. Then when I need to buy anything special I'll just use that money nie la right?

So that was how we celebrated our 8th. The rest of the night he was trying very hard to stay awake and I watched YouTube the night away. Super classy married couple. We didn't even take any photos together. Well, that's an eight-year couple for you ladies and gentlemen. LOL~

Before I go, if you guys saw earlier I've stuck a piece of note on the present I got him. Here's a closer look at it.

Bo pian means no choice. We always tease each other with that when the one person complains about something the other person does. Like when he asked me if his snoring was too loud that I could not sleep, I would tell him: "Sigh~ bo pian la. I'm married to crazy snorer." Hahahahahah~

Ok la... I have to go prepare dinner dy. Sigh~ first problems of housewives: What to cook? Bo pian...who asked me to choose to be a housewive. LOL~

See you guys in other post ya.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dookie's Backyard Sale #1

Hello there.

Today I'm doing something rather different from what I've been doing all these while. So before the wedding I've been doing a lot of spring cleaning and throwing out a lot of things. But there are a few things that I didn't want to throw away. I think I should just sell it away since a lot of these things I've not used it or lightly used it. Why throw it away when these things might be used by people who need or wants it? Like what people said: "Somebody's trash would be somebody's treasure". These are not really trash. They are things that I really liked but couldn't use/wear it coz it didn't suit me.

So I'm setting up this little backyard sale/blogsale to sell off these things. Today I'm going to kick off with two makeup items first. All items that I blogged about today or in the future will be in the "Dookie Backyard Sale" tab which I will set up right after I'm done with this post.

Let's start with it...
Kate Diamond Cut Eyes

in PK-1

This eye shadow palette was bought by me few years back when I was still in uni. I wanted a pink palette to try out some looks that I've saw on a Japanese beauty magazine. But unfortunately my skintone/skin color does not go well with pink eyeshadows. I've tried a few looks but it just doesn't work on me.

You guys know how much I like my other Kate eyeshadow palettes. Apart form this I have four other palettes. The color pigmentation is great The shadows are very soft and feels soft on your eyelids. But sadly I had to let this go even though because it didn't suit me. =(

These are the colors that are in the palette

I've swatched lightly on all the colors and also used some of the colors for only once. If you guys are interested but are worried about hygiene, I've have it sterilize using alcohol after I took this pics.

I've been keeping this palette for a lot of years (I would say it was six years coz I think I had it when I was 21 years old). I didn't think of selling it off before this because I was thinking that I would one day use it. But nah... didn't use it at all.

The packaging looks a little beat-up because it has been in my makeup storage for a long time. But I can assure you the eyeshadows are in the best condition.

In the first pic, the area where they had the cotton tip applicator looks gross because the cotton tip applicator melted. I don't know how it happened but the thing just melted.

As for the second pic, the mark was caused by a label that was on the packaging.

So this palette I'm selling it off for only RM10. I bought it at around RM60 because at that time this palette just came out. Selling it off at so cheap because of the condition of the packaging and also it is damn old edy. You can't find it in stores anymore coz they had discontinued this palette.

Item no.2...

Renommee Cosmetique Eyeshadow Palette in Cool Quintet

I don't know if you guys have heard of Renommee or not. I have to be honest and tell you guys I have not heard of it. My aunty who was a makeup artist, got this and a few other items from a sponsor and gave me some of the items.

BTW Renommee is from a direct sales company called Total Life. I've heard of Total Life but I didn't know that they had cosmetics.

These are the colors in the palette

This palette I'll be selling it slightly more expensive than the other palette (RM20)because the condition is still very good. Like the other one, I've sterilized it. So don't worry about any hygiene problems.

Well these are the two things to kick start my Backyard Sale. I'll be uploading more once I've taken pics of the things I'll be selling. There will be also some preloved clothes and accessories. So please do wait for it.

As for any further details about these items or if you are interested in buying, please email me at

I'll see you guys in other posts soon ya.


Friday, September 13, 2013

David and Iris' Wedding Part 2: David's house

This year there has been a lot of weddings. My own, David and Iris' it'll be my cousin, Alison's wedding...which my family and I will be attending at the end of this month. Then it'll be my friend, Lydia's wedding at the end of the year. I love weddings!!! Can't wait!!! The only thing I dread is having to give angpows =P

Anyways, today I'll continue with David and Iris' wedding. After having all the gate crashing (you can read it *here*), all of us headed over to David's parent's house for tea ceremony.

Bride and groom arriving home ^^

They rested and freshen up for awhile before the tea ceremony starts. Also to wait for their relatives to arrive la.

We helped ourselves to the food that was served. Hehehe~ So hungry coz didn't eat much breakfast

From left to right: Sheerin (standing), Jacy, Sheena (beside Sheerin), Fay, Sheene, Joy (I miss you Siew Tin T.T), Wen Feng, Zhi Hui, Deric, Wei Yon, Shan Shan and her daughter, Ker Yin.

More people but too lazy to name all

Was able to be in the pic coz I brought tripod. Woots!!! Tripods are the best. ^^

Then it was tea ceremony time

Happynye ^^

Jen helped out for the tea ceremony

Zi Jie and Siew Ling serving tea to their late grandmother

I'm sorry to be posting these up so late. Should've posted these much earlier when she was alive =(

Granny was so happy that day =)

Look at that professional camerawoman working at the right. Hahahahah~ Damn geng la my pose.

Serving tea to Zi Jie's mum and dad

Serving tea to the rest of the relatives

After serving all the relatives tea, then it was their turn to sit down and be served tea by the younger generation.

Jonathan, David's brother serving tea to his da ge (big brother) and da sao (sister in law)

Done with tea ceremony. Its time for family photos and photos with everyone.
Zi Jie's family

Siew Ling's family and her extended family

Zi Jie's extended family

Both families

With all the jimuis

With all the hengdais

I don't know what's up with Deric. LOL~

My hubby's hair is so ugly my gosh!!!

With both hengdais and jimuis

They were done with the photo taking session and we asked Zi Jie to take pic for us jimuis. Hahahah~ But the pic didn't happen coz somebody asked why we ask the groom to take pics for us. So in the end nobody took for us.

Random pic of three of the hengdais. From left to right: Wen Feng, Wei Yon and Zhi Hui

The reason for taking this pic for them is so that they'll take the below pics for us =P

I hate to admit this but I miss my super long hair T^T I don't know how I stand with it being so long. Now I hardly let my hair down coz I feel so hot. How come when it was that long I didn't feel hot?

Ok enough of me. Let's go on with the post.

Siew Ling going upstairs for more photo session

Bridesmaid, Siew Ling's sister, Kasumi on the left and groomsmen, Zi Jie's brother, Jonathan

The bride and groom's siblings. The guy beside Zi Jie is Siew Ling's brother and beside Kasumi is her bf.

The jimuis again ^^

Well that was it for part 2. Part 3 will be about their church wedding and luncheon at our church. Will post it up once I've done with editing.

I have lots of things to do as of the moment. Can't talk much before I end. So I'll just see you guys in the next post alright? More granny stories ahead :)

Oh before that I'll be going to KL again this Sunday for a day. Will be seeing my cousins. Happy :)))

Alright I really have to get going.



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