Monday, October 28, 2013

Ten-year couple got registered

So as promised today Imma post up on Ann and Kev's ROM. If I don't all my friends will start screaming at me. Usually Nana is the latest to post up pics of an event (like my Hen's Night's pics and wedding pics... -.-). But this time she did it faster than me. Cannot lose!!!

Yes, after ten years of dating, finally my twinnie is getting married to her bf, Kelvin. So proud of her *wipes tears* Her wedding will be in January but her ROM was held on 6th of this month. Of course being her twin, I had to be there!!!

I'm going to caption the same thing as I did in my FB photo album...Let's start a post about my friend's ROM with my own pic. LOL~ last act chio one then I'll stop

Erm... still not photo of the bride and groom yet. LOL~

Just look at my spastic husband. I don't get it why people tells me that SR is so serious all the time. No, he is not. Just look at him!!! He acts sampat A LOT!!!

Oh something off the topic for a bit. Last week we were out eating and my ex-school mate actually came over to say hi. And this is what happened...

Calynn: Hi. Dorcas right?
Me: Hey! Yeah. Calynn, how are you?
Calynn: I'm good. Sorry I couldn't recognize you at first. But then I saw your husband and recognized him from your pics in FB. So I quickly came over.

WHAT?!?!?! My friend recognized my husband and not me? What is this? LOL~ Ok la maybe I did not put any makeup on so she couldn't recognize me. But then again she had known me in high school what... I didn't put makeup back then also right? Ish ish ish~ my hubby is more popular than me now. =P

Ok back to the post...

Yes, that puffer fish is my husband -.-

Ann's ROM was held at Heng Ann Association hall. Heng Ann is one of the many places in Melaka that you could get registered other than the JPN Registration Office.

This was Ann's bouquet which I helped her in choosing. She wanted lily at first but I told her if she chose white flowers for her white dress, the flowers will look drown out in pics. So in the end she chose this la...

This pic looked like Ann was super impressed with her own bouquet. Hahaha~

Ann's photographer came and asked them to do a short photoshoot while waiting for their turn. So I kepoh take photos beside the cameraman also la =P

He basically asked them to pretend that they just arrived and walk into Heng Ann. So professional sial. Why didn't I think of this during my ROM -.-

Then he asked them to take a family photo in front of Heng Ann.

Even on her ROM she has to act like a mak nenek :P

Looking forward to see her being a mak nenek on her wedding. Hehehe~

Groom and bride's family photo ^^

Besties for life

Me looking awkward as usual

Trina acting diva B)

Let's do an OOTD:
Polka dot tank top from Brands Outlet/denim sleeveless from a shop in Sg. Wang/hi lo skirt from a shop in Sg. Wang/white rose earrings from a shop in Sg. Wang/watch from Guess/bag from Le Pliage Longchamp/nude platform heels from Anna House

I have a lot of clothes Sg. Wang. LOL~ Big Sg. Wang fan.

I was cut off but still post coz my friends looked so purty *sayangs*

Ikan buntal (puffer fish) bride

Move aside duck face and sparrow face...our gang fellas like to do the ikan buntal face.

ROM's about to start so we went into the main hall...

Do we alike?

I don't know why people always mistake us for each other. First difference that is so obvious is our height.

Oh another side story...once I went to Anu's house. I went to the kitchen to greet Anu's mum and she said: "Oh Ann. You look so tall today" Hahahahahhaah~ Seriously wtf la.

Before going into the hall where the ROM will be held, Ann and Kev's family took another family photo...
Tak senonoh punye bride *tsk tsk tsk*

Let me tell you guys more grandmother stories lol. Those standing at back right? See the guy wearing blue on the right side? That's Ann's brother. I used to think that he is quite good looking. But now... er~ let's just say my taste in guys had changed lol. Well, that was twelve years ago la. Of course my taste changed la right?

Ok moving on... >.>

So they started the ROM at the hall upstairs from where they took that family pic.

This is their officiant...don't know her name 'tho

Siew Han said that she looked like Lydia Sum. Hahahaha~ Kinda looks like right? Agree or not?

The officiant giving the opening speech

Ann and Kev and their witness which were Ann's mum and Kev's dad

While other people are so serious listening to the opening speech, see who is being all AA here :P

Awww... happy nye Ann... I'm happy for you too <3

Angkat sumpah-ing

Basically they were supposed to say the official vows and then say I do. My ROM we did this as well.

Don't know why during Zi Jie and Siew Ling's ROM (you can read it *here*) they didn't do this. Damn weird la.

Talking about my ROM... I still haven't posted a video of it yet -.- Sorry...

<3 She said I do ^^

Exchanging of rings

We didn't have this during our ROM 'tho.

Anyways, did you realize that I'm using my phone to take most of the photos starting from the ROM. Its coz I forgot to charge my DSLR. -.- Damn stupid la I. I usually would check my camera's battery before going to a certain event. Manatau this time didn't check. Last time during Alison's wedding (Read it *here*) lagi la teruk. Didn't even bring my camera out. This cannot happen. I must remember to use my cameras more often. Cannot let le phone take over them.


Getting ready to sign the certificate of marriage. Going through to check if there is any mistakes

Signing of the certificate of marriage

The officiant signed and officiate the certificate of marriage

Ladies and gentlemen... Mr. & Mrs. Kuah

The officiant ended the ROM with some very heart-warming speech. Brought a little tears to my eyes. But I was like the only one who was touched coz I think no one really understood what she said. She was speaking in Chinese and those who attended mostly don't understand Chinese. LOL~ Damn hilarious.

After the ROM, Ann, Kev and the rest of the family went to pray. Then continued to take more photos.

With everyone who attended the ROM

Minus my SR coz he was taking this pic

The girls who attended the ROM

The guys who attended their ROM

SR was actually Kev's classmate back in form 6. So he knows a bunch of Kev's friends as well.

Candid pic taken by a passerby whom the cameraman asked to help taking pics of

That guy beside me wearing blue shirt is the photographer

Now for some random pics...

I don't know why I looked so damn awkward -.-

With my pretty Nana

Then SR and I had to leave coz we had to go to church.

Last pic before I leave...

I am so glad that I have these bunch of people and able to grow up with them. Gone through so many steps in life and most of it I have them with PMR, SPM, STPM, graduation from uni and getting married. Looking forward to more things to happen together. <3

Well that concluded this post. As usual I'll do a little update in life for you guys. I had not been posting anything lately partly because I was sick. I am still not 100% well. Don't know why the cough bug still wouldn't leave me. Another reason being I was watching a Korean drama. =P Don't worry I've finished it so I guess I'm back to regular blogging again. BTW please watch Master's Sun. Super awesome.

Another thing is there's so many events going on at the end of the year. In November apart from work, my schedule had been packed with so many things...bridal parties, wedding band work, birthdays, road trips..etc. Its gonna be a busy month but I'm happy. Can't wait for November to come soon.

I'll try to blog as much as possible. Eventhough I know I won't be able to.

I'll have to go now coz I have to go record some stuff for a upcoming wedding band job. Had been doing it for the past few weeks but still fail -.- I'm determined to finish it today.

I'll see you guys in the next post then.



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