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[From Dayre] KL + Ipoh

Finally reaching hubby's place in KL and this was the first thing which greeted me. :) Second Hello Kitty that SR got me after our wedding. Hehe~ I love me hubby <3

No makeup day

Here's a pic of my hubby

 We're out having brunch at this place I'm not sure what's it called.

Hubby's chicken chop with mushroom sauce
My lamb chop with mixed sauce. Both had very big portions. But both of us finished it. Both of us were super hungry since last night but tahan-ed. Btw two big portions for only RM24. Awesome!!!

This bloody Myvi parked at our parking spot so we had no place to park our car. So no going to Sungei Wang. Nvm la. We r going to Midvalley now.

Had a mango feast for our tea time. Hubby and I are biggest fan of mangoes if you don't already know.

I never understood why there's always a queue at Sushi Zanmai. Today I'm going line up and wait no matter what. 

Bloody roommate of SR is currently downloading some shit so I can't go online. Reading this comic and falling asleep. Night night~
Btw we are leaving for Ipoh in the morning. More adventures in Ipoh coming up ;)

Heading to Ipoh now and this is our on the go breakfast :)

There's something wrong with our timing belt so we had to fix it before going to Ipoh. Found out our booster (something in the tire) is broken as well.

Here we are!!!

First meal in Ipoh

Off to Tesco to get extra clothes coz we're going to hotspring today. Woohoo!!! 

Too lazy to find a place for breakfast so we're grabbing breakfast in Tesco.

Didn't manage to get an LV as planned. So I bought two bags to heal my soul :p

Got The Body Shop's Tea Tree stuff to try out

Last breakfast in Ipoh

The day we came it was raining and now when we are leaving it rained again. Bubbye Ipoh. We will definitely come back.

#fotd for another shopping day.

Forgot to post this yesterday. Bought this in Ipoh. Not really a luxury item. Actually a piece of lingerie. Haha~

Also got this but kinda regretted it coz I don't know what bottom to go with it :(

Let's go

Finally got my jimui dress. Guess which one did I get?