Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Uni mates Reunion in KL: Day 1

Hello y'all~

I know its been awhile again. I was actually thinking of posting about my wedding ceremony. But the process of editing and arranging had been taking too much time. So I figured I'll just blog something that is easier to access. Hence, today I'm blogging from my iPad app ^^.

Today I'm gonna blog about the reunion that I had with my exhousemates in December 2013. After I've visited Esther and Chooi Yin at Ipoh in November 2013 (which I've not even started to edit pics of), we've decided that we have to meet soon. So since Chooi Yin was coming down to KL and Shiu Li will be in KL, we planned to meet in KL.

There's not much pics taken coz most of the time we are either eating like a pig or shopping like a mad woman. Sales is not a joke to us wtf.

Chooi Yin and Esther were staying with Shiu Li so in the morning they came over to Kelana Jaya LRT station to pick me up. Then we went to Pavilion from there.

The funniest thing happened after they picked me. Esther was not sure how to get to Pavilion from my place. So she relied on Shiu Li's GPS. As Esther was driving, Chooi Yin was like: "Hey this does not feel like the right way to get to Pavilion". Shiu Li said its impossible coz Garmin (the GPS brand) does not fail. Then we reached a toll and then Shiu Li started to panic. She checked on her GPS and realized that it was stated on the GPS reaching time was 3 hours after. How can right? Pavilion is not that far from PJ. Less than hour can reach dy. In the end, we found out that Shiu Li keyed in another location which was at Lumut, Perak wtf. Thank God she realized it earlier or else we will be going to some resort at Lumut hahaha~

So the first thing that we did when we reached Pavilion was to search for food coz we were too hungry. Nobody ate breakfast that morning.

Guess where we had lunch?

Ok la...this is not a guessing game wtf. We had Tony Roma's.

Top row: onion loaf and some dish we didn't order
Second row: sirloin chicken
Third row: lamb ribs and some pasta which I can't remember what the name was

You might noticed above I said there's a dish that we didn't order right? Here's the story (banyak grandmother story to make up for the lack of pics). We were eating the onion loaf which was our appetizer. While we were eating, Chooi Yin was telling us some exciting stories. So everyone was concentrating on her. The second appetizer came...which was the one we didn't order. We were so attentively listening to Chooi Yin we didn't even realize the dish was not ours. We even started eating it...until we finished it -.-

Then the rest of our dishes came. Esther asked Chooi Yin how many dishes she ordered (Chooi Yin ordered for us coz we were too lazy to read the menu wtf). She said only 4. Then came the waiter. He told us that the second appetizer (I think it was called some flat bread la) was not ours. Esther told him we didn't know it was not ours. Plus its our first time here so we didn't know how sirloin chicken looks like (LIES!!!) so we just makan jer. Its not like we can vomit it out and let him have the dish back right? In the end thanks to Esther we didn't have to pay for the extra dish. :P

After lunch, we shopped for hours at Pavilion. I don't know how long it was but it was just mad long la. We literally shopped till all of us couldn't walk anymore.

Then we went for tea at Tous Les Jours (fb page *here*)...which was a new atas cafe opened at Bukit Bintang, opposite of Lot 10.

Look its Esther lol

Cutie Shiu Li ^^

Pretty Chooi Yin

Don't know why I've only taken one pic with here but two with the rest :P

Oh I've taken three with Shiu Li coz she was just sitting beside me so easier to take pics with her.

Pics of all four of us

Now let's take a look at the food that we had at Tous Les Jours...
These are the pastries and cake that we tried. I just realized that I didn't take a pic of the drinks

Can't remember any of the pastries that we tried but the cake that I've picked was this Gogoma Cake...which was sweet potato cake. Super good!!! I would go back there just to have this.

The drinks were just as unmemorable as the pastries. I think Starbucks make better ones.

Overall, I think Tous les Jours is overrated and overpriced. There was really nothing special about the pastries. The cake was only special because I've not seen it anywhere. I don't know about the rest of the cakes there 'tho. Maybe I'll try others and give my comments there.

The second floor of the cafe is actually a brunch area. You could have breakfast/lunch food at anytime of the day there. Hope to go try it and talk about it next time.

SR came to meet us at Lot 10 and we headed back to Shiu Li's house so that we could meet up with her bf. Then we headed out to Uptown for dinner together.
Hubby in work clothes ^^

What we had at Uptown. Top to bottom: lala, stir fried Brussels sprouts and dai lok mien

This dai chao restaurant is really good. But I don't think I can still remember where it is. SR has better remember it so that he can bring me there again for lala next time I'm in KL.

So that was the first day of our reunion. For day 2 we went for another shopping/makan spree at another place...which I think I'll be blogging about after CNY. So wait for that one.

Now for buys of the day..which is usually quite exciting.
Turned it wasn't all that exciting la...

As you guys know Pavilion is all about high end stuff right? So there's not much I could buy. Plus I've already bought lots of clothes and stuff last month.

I generally bought stuff that are meant for decorating the house or top up stuff that I finished back home.

Clockwise (starting from right top): wooden alphabets from Typo, brown mascara from Sasa (macam Melaka tak de Sasa :P), 2014 calendar for my office from Typo and new phone wallet from Typo coz my old one is so worn out.

Can you see that my new favorite place to shop is Typo?

Well that was it for this post. I seriously hope I could post up on my wedding ceremony next. Hopefully I'll be done with the arrangement today then I can post it up starting tonight. Will see how la...

BTW tomorrow is CNY eve. SR will be back and we will be spending 10 days together :) We will be having a reunion lunch with my parents then reunion dinner with his parents, my bro-in-laws and some of his family members. Then late at night/CNY countdown time probably will be spending some time with my cousins who will drop by for awhile. For the first time my CNY eve will not be spent just lazying around.

I'll try to blog whenever I have the time during CNY. So I'll see you guys then la. For those who are eager to get angpow from SR and I for the first time... please come to our house (either our place at OZ or his parents' place). We won't be stingy wtf.

I'll see you guys in the next post.


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Christmas 2013: Christmas Day

Hello ^^

Today I'm going to blog about Christmas Day of 2013. It is not going to be long one la coz we didn't do much. You guys will find out later why we didn't do much on Christmas.

We slept quite late the night before so we've decided to just wake up naturally without any alarm set. Damn shiok sial. I've always set my alarm even on weekends and public holidays. On Saturdays I work at 9:30am so I had to wake up at 8:45am. On Sundays pulak I had to go to church so I had to wake up at 7am or 7:45am...depending where I am staying (at my parents' place or my in laws'). On public holidays, my mum would expect me to help do some house work so I had to wake up early also. =( So having to not set any alarm is heaven for me. Reminds me of uni where I could sleep till 1pm.

But...we woke up at 11 something la.

We had some green tea kit kat which had flown all the way from Japan for breakfast

The Lee sisters went to Japan recently and bought back these for us. So sweet of them la... They also gave us some other kit kat but I couldn't remember what flavors.

We showered and got ready. Then we headed out ready to start our day...which I've planned with hubby for weeks.


Driving to SS2 to have lunch

We went to this Taiwanese food restaurant called Fun Taipei.

My aiyu ice and SR's ice lemon tea

SR always orders ice lemon tea. Its the safest drink to order la kan? You can't go wrong with it. But SR said that this ice lemon tea is a bit bitter. I think the tea that they've used is too strong that's why. But still ok la. Still drinkable.

As for my aiyu ice... I'm not sure whether its the ice that had melted and made the aiyu tasteless or they've not put enough honey la. Its tasteless  Aiyu (a type of jelly) is bland on its own. So you'll have to put enough honey for taste. Its like eating cold jelly with no taste at all. Not nice.

What we had (clockwise from top right pic): pig intestines, braised pork rice, pot stickers and three cups chicken

The food was actually really good. Much better than the drinks. Finally I was able to find food that was almost alike to the ones I had in Taiwan. Definitely be back for the food la.

FYI I've captioned the name of the restaurant wrongly in the pic. Its Fun Taipei not Fun Taiwan. If you guys are interested to go try this restaurant, its near the SS2 McD. Not difficult find.

After lunch, SR decided to go cut his hair...and this is where everything went down =(

This was us outside of the saloon before everything went down >.>

So we had an argument. We ended up not talking to each other for about half a day and all our plans were canceled.

Went home and argued some more. Then I was too angry to function that I fell asleep. LOL~

When I woke up, this was what I saw beside me

Babi betul. He slept on for quite a long time then woke up and straight went into the shower. I was like damn mad la. Didn't even try to make things better. I decided to go back to sleep wtf.

But after he came out of the shower all smelling good and super soft skin ^///^, he came and acted all cute. Kept trying to make me laugh. I tried very hard to hold it in just to punish him. But in the end I burst out laughing with tears and mucus all flying everywhere. Not a good sight. LOL~

We were to all lovey dovey after that. Then he quickly pushed me into the toilet to get showered. Coz we had to hurry before all the shops close (we haven't had our dinner). We woke up at 8 something at night so if we don't leave fast we will be left with nothing to eat.

Went to Jaya One for dinner.

Went to this restaurant called Coconut House

What we had

On the left: my lamb stew, cheesecake

On the right: soup of the day, SR's pork chop, salad

The food was okay only but price wise it was quite expensive. Not worth the portion coz its kinda small.

We headed home after dinner since there's no place to go coz everything is already closing dy.

We spent the night chillin' with our ipads -.- and blasting Kpop and oldies on my iphone

They don't call us tech couple for nothing wtf.

There you have it...our extreme boring Christmas. If we were in Melaka, it would be less boring since we'll be going to church and then some reunion with the yf. But then its good to relax and act lazy all day la kan? It would be better if we didn't have the argument 'tho.

Tomorrow I'll try to post something up as well but I kinda doubt it coz Wednesdays I'm usually very busy coz my schedule is kinda pack. I'll try to post something if I'm able to at night la k?

I'll see you guys tomorrow.

Bubbye~ ^^

Monday, January 20, 2014

Short Vacation to Genting: Day 2

This has been too long that I've forgotten what I've blogged in day 1. So I had to re-read that post before posting this up. If you guys want to read up on that too, here's the *day 1*

So on day 2, we didn't do much either. I think this is probably the lamest travel post ever coz we've been too relax for this trip.

Off to grab breakfast

I was kinda sad that we didn't get any complimentary breakfast. The last time SR and I stayed in First World we had complimentary buffet breakfast =( Now I know why our hotel room was so cheap this time.

We went to McDonald's for breakfast coz we wanted to try...
...taro pie which was out at that time

Damn sad this was a limited time thing la. It was so good. Probably my favorite pie from McD.

Now they are having pineapple pie if I'm not mistaken. I've not tried it yet 'tho. Don't know how it is.

After breakfast, we went back to the room to pack our stuff coz we had to check out at 12pm.

Last selfie before we head home ^^

We went to this lookout point that we really like behind Theme Park Hotel. You can see very nice scenery of the hills from here.

Please ignore my fat thighs >.>

I kinda miss Genting honestly. The weather is so cooling and windy. Even if there was sun, it was not really that hot. Should plan a trip there again la. Maybe with a few of my friends sekali. Or else it'll be boring like this trip also.

SR trying to act Eminem lol

I told him to take a few photos of me since I'm always taking pics of him. I should've known better what pics all he'll take...but I still trusted him.

This is the outcome -.-'''

And this -.-'''

At least this ok a bit but I was hunching >.>

But good job succeeded at least :P

Best pic ever >.>

I should work on my thighs more. Really damn fat in pics. I've also more work to be done coz I've put on a lot of weight at the end of the year. I need some determination to work out more. Wake up and look at your fats, Dookie Pang!!!

Ok enough of my own rambling. Let's go on...

So after taking some lame pics, we left and went to take the cable car down to the mid-hill to take our bus.

Here are some of the scenery taken on the cable car...

All these pics are all taken by SR coz...

... I was scared shit and froze

I'm actually not afraid of heights but I have this fear of cable cars. Don't know why. I can go to anywhere high and stand there. Or take roller coasters. But I cannot bring myself to calm down in cable cars.

In these pics I was actually holding on tight to the pole and shutting my eyes tight praying the ride will end soon. Bloody hubby took these pics without consoling me. Best hubby EVER!!!!

We took a bus all the way to KL Sentral. As you can see we took a different route from the one we took on the day we went there. SR actually preferred taking the bus then the cable car to Genting (or vice versa) but I prefer taking a bus all the way up (and down) to Genting. There is a thousand of ways to get to Genting and many people have different preferences la. So its up to you how you wanna get there on your own/by public transport.

From KL Sentral, I had to go back to Melaka on my own :( Before we parted, we had a last lunch at Sentral.

Had lunch here coz the price was affordable and quite a big variety to choose from

What we had there

The bottom actually looked a bit gross but its coz we ate it the moment the food arrived. But it was really good. Reasonable price and good food is difficult to find in Sentral...unless its fast food. Can never go wrong with fast food.

So that was the end of the trip. Hubby had been suggesting for us to go to Genting again coz there's this Transformers exhibition there it seems. Lazy to look out for don't know whether its true or not >.> But it'll be nice to go there again just for the cold weather. Let's plan lao gong gong :)

I'm a bit tired and super lazy right now coz I didn't have a good sleep last night. I had a terrible nightmare. Couldn't sleep after that. Then when I was able to sleep hubby told me he is leaving for kl d (at around 5am). Had to wake up to hug him till he's gone. T.T I miss you darling.... Sigh~ I need to go and lie down for awhile after this.

Ok la. I'll see you guys in the next post.



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