Tuesday, April 22, 2014

CNY 2014: Chor Yat

Before I start with today's post, I have an announcement to make ^^ I've talked about this in my Dayre earlier coz its easier to make live announcement there if compared to here. The announcement is... I'll be going to Taiwan in November (^-^)v

If you guys had read me long enough you might know that I've been to Taiwan in 2011. You won't be able to find any posts about my Taiwan travels here coz I've removed them due to my photohosting problem. So I think this time its a good opportunity to renew my experience in Taiwan and share it with you guys. My 2011 Taiwan posts had been very popular. It really was a pity I had to remove them all.

There's still seven months to go but I can't wait. This time round I'm going with Jacy and hubby is tagging along. Hehe~ I didn't wanna say the other way round coz Jacy might feel she's the tiang lampu. We've already decided that SR is the tiang lampu for this trip.

Ok that was the announcement I wanted to make. Did you expected something else? Hehe~ Too bad =P

So on the first day of CNY or what we call as Chor Yat I didn't take lots of photos. Coz most of the day I just laze around at my in laws' place. Only took pics with my phone coz I didn't take my camera out that day.

In the morning we went to church.

Here's Cheryl all dressed up in Cheongsam looking so pretteh~ and the only thing she said when she saw SR and I was: "Neney Uncle, carry me." -.-

I'm positive I'm having a girl as my first child. So so positive. SR is good with girls.

Is it obvious that Cheryl doesn't like having me beside her? LOL~ 

But when I say lets go and buy Yakult she doesn't give me this face. Pfft!

After a light lunch with Ah Teck at Old Town we headed to my in laws' place for lunch and spent the whole afternoon there.

Found this spot at my bro in law's computer table that has awesome natural lighting. Good for taking selfies. Hehe~

Don't know why my hair looked so light. Must be the filter or something.

Asked hubby to come take a selfie with me

He already changed into home clothes -.- I didn't bring any so I had to wear that dress that I've been wearing since morning. Damn kesian coz its damn hot!!!

Family from the father in law's side came over to visit and we took some pics together.

Didn't bring my camera so these are taken with iPad and phone

After the family left, Puff decided to come over to visit. We watched a very lame chinese new year movie called Himalaya Star. So lame but we still enjoyed it. Hahahahaha~

Puff was the first person I'm giving angpow to so must take pic as memory wtf

Then we decided to go over to Trina's house to visit her and her family.

Guess what we did there?

 We sang karaoke coz Nana's house is fabulous. Whoever house with karaoke system is fabulous wtf

Time to give Nana angpow... but first let's take a pic lol
I don't know what's up with the tongue

Quick OOTD: Dress from Anna House/Cross Earrings from some jewelry shop in Aeon/Starfish Pendant from Swarovski

I don't know why we took so many photos together -.-

Last pic of all of us before we left Nana's house

Chor Yat was really simple coz we didn't do much visiting. Nobody to visit also coz all got married and also no point going coz we can't have get angpows wtf.

I'm really happy right now coz I have so much good news. Apart from my upcoming trip to Taiwan, I've also got to know that one of my best friend got married; one of my close friends, Siew Foong gave birth; my best friend, Li Yee is giving birth to a girl soon (Yay! Finally a goddaughter!!!); my best friend found a job; a few of my best friends are pregnant...etc. Too many la to list down.

Alright I'll have to go sleep now. Having the ladies monthly thingy (T^T) So tired and just felt like lying down the whole day. Darn you period. Stop sucking my life away.

Ok la I'll go now. See you guys in the next post.


Friday, April 18, 2014

Singapore Trip 2013 Day 1 Part 2: Gardens By The Bay's Flower Dome

I was going through all my posts on the blog and realize that the last post on this Singapore trip was last year -.- I'll have to buck up and post up the rest of it la... Took so effing long I also paiseh.

So in the last post I blogged about the Cloud Forest...which you could read if you click *here*.

Then from there we continued to the second part of Gardens By The Bay, Flower Dome.

They had these giant silver ants at the entrance of the Flower Dome

Floor plan of Flower Dome

From this point on there will be mostly pics of flowers and almost non of humans. I'll keep my caption as minimal as possible for you to enjoy the beautiful pics ^^

I think mum is the happiest coming to Flower Dome coz she loves flowers. If you read my blog long enough you'll know this.

Dad, mum and Aunty Theresa...mum's elder sister

There's so many different types of roses. You'll see more below

That ended our trip to the Flower Dome ^^

It was really nice. The flowers were lovely... the place was cooling coz they had air con all over.

I highly recommend Gardens By The Bay to all of you. It may be quite expensive but it was worth it. Everything was so well done. Do visit here if you ever go to Singapore.

Ok last pic before I end today's post
The vendors are so creative lol

Anyways, I'm having break today coz of Good Friday ^^ Don't know what to do so I guess I'll edit more pics and try to post up more stuff if possible.

Alright la. That's all for today.

See you guys in the next post.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ipoh Road Trip 2013: Day 1

So last year hubby and I decided on an impromptu road trip to Ipoh to visit Chooi Yin and Esther. It was hubby's first time driving to Ipoh so we were quite worried. But we were really excited as well coz its our first road trip together. We put down our worries and started our road trip with joy. ^^

Like I said before (I think I said before la)... my favorite road trip breakfast is McDs. I love driving to drive-thru and order my breakfast.

Our breakfast ^^

But sadly we didn't get to drive-thru. We went to SS2 and went to take away. Too lazy to look for a drive-thru restaurant on the way.

Our car was having some problems the day before. Something wrong with some belting...don't know about the car lingo... neither did hubby =P So we drove to a Proton Service Centre to fix our car.

In the end we found out that couldn't fully fix it on the day itself coz it takes up a few hours. So we asked them is it ok for us to travel far? They said its ok and they help do something to the car. They said if any problems persist on the way or at Ipoh, we should go and fix it.

Having breakfast at the Proton Service Centre

I don't know why both of us looked so awkward. Hahahahah~

After that we left for Ipoh. Whee~~~

My travel mate

I was lol-ing like mad when I saw this sign board

JERAM is the name of Puff's dad. I whatsapp her this and her reply was: "Whee~ daddy's famous" LOL~

I don't know why during the whole trip I kept getting reminded of Puff. Here we see a Top Glove lorry. Why it reminded me of Puff? Coz Puff works in Top Glove last time. LOL~ Even during my break also must be reminded of my perempuan kesayangan.

We have reached =)

The first thing we did went we reached was to check-in into our hotel. With the help of our GPS we managed to find our hotel real fast.

This hotel was recommended by Esther. She said she stayed here when she comes to Ipoh.

The hotel that we stayed in is a budget hotel called Art Cottage Hotel. I've forgotten to take a pic of the outlook of the hotel so here's a pic from their FB page *here*

Here's the interior of the lobby...
So homey right?

Behind this was the reception counter which I didn't take a pic of.

Got our room after a few minutes

Service was really good and the receptionist was really friendly. ^^

Our room

If I've not forgotten, we booked the deluxe twin room.

The bed is spacious. I think its a queen size la... But it felt bigger than the one we had at home. Bed and pillows are very comfy. Air conditioning was just right.

The small pic is the desk in front of our bed with the flat screen tv above it. Beside it is where you could put your luggage and hang some of your clothes.

Large full size mirror on the wall

Something quite disturbing is that they have a window right next to the bed with the toilet view. If the window let you see only the shower area still ok la. But I was able to stare at SR while he pee is a bit disturbing la.

But of course there are blinds for you to close up the window. Both SR and I like to disgust each other by peeing/shitting with the blinds up. Hahahahahah~ Joking joking.

Rain shower head!!!

My must have item for toilet wtf. I'm trying to get my dad to change our room's toilet's shower head to this. But he kept telling me it is very expensive. -.- And also he said we'll be changing to hot water shower soon so no need. Sigh~ in my own house next time I'll definitely make sure that my toilet has the rain shower head.

We were really satisfied with the hotel that we've stayed for 3 days and 2 nights. Will definitely return here if we ever go to Ipoh. Highly recommended to all those who plan to go to Ipoh as well. Do check out their FB page (which I've linked above to learn more about them). Try to book earlier coz they were nearly full when we walked in. Lucky that they still have a room for us. Esther wanted to book a room but couldn't =(

After we showered and got ready we decided to go for lunch. Chooi Yin was working so she couldn't bring us out. Esther will only come the next day. So we depended on the internet (oh I forgot to mention that the hotel has free wifi for all guests ^^) to tell us where to go.

Yes, we decided to go for Ipoh Chicken Rice and Hor Fun

So we found this blog *here* (I've linked the page where the blogger talks about chicken rice only) who talked about the famous chicken rice with details. We followed the address (and google map) the blogger provided and came to chicken rice heaven.

There are two famous shops here. Many local Ipoh people says that actually these two aren't the best ones. These two are only very pack due to its easy access. We weren't familiar with roads at Ipoh so we just went with the stereotype tourists favorite. We chose Onn Kee Tauge Ayam instead of the other one.


Chicken innards

Fat taugehs (bean sprout) which I did not like so hubby had it all

My hor fun

No pic of the chicken rice coz its just chicken rice lol

I can't really remember about the food. But I honestly think that there's not much difference between the Ipoh chicken rice and Melaka's chicken rice. Maybe I'm just not much of a foodie that's why. =/

So we went back to the hotel to chill. Chooi Yin was supposed to meet us and bring us to a hot spring. So while waiting for her we napped for a while. But after that she text that she's having some tummy pain. Probably won't be able to meet us that night. We asked her to recommend some place near by to eat. She told us there's a lot of food places behind our hotel. Just drive towards the back and we could get any food that we want.

But then we didn't go out immediately for dinner. We continued to chill for a little while more before going out to search for food.

After we found out there were food stalls/courts and restaurants behind our hotel we were even more satisfied with our hotel. Seriously there were so many food stalls/courts and restaurants!!! Everything was there...Chinese, Japanese, Western and even mamaks. So convenient!!!

Hubby's Soup Pan Mee

Mushroom sauce Chee Cheong Fun

I was quite surprised that my chee cheong fun came like this. It looked more like a plate of mushroom noodles. I guess Ipoh chee cheong fun is different from KL's or Hong Kong's.

Food was good!!! I like to go to food courts at different parts of Malaysia. Coz that's where you'll eat very local food. Now I know that Ipoh chee cheong fun is different from the ones that I always had.

We wanted to go to Tesco which was behind our hotel as well but we were too lazy #lazycouple wtf. So we returned to the hotel.

Went back and chilled with our respective iPads -.- Sinren was crazy about this Chinese drama called Lan Ling Wang at that time. I was watching videos on YouTube.

I finished watching my videos but he was still on his drama -.- No one to layan so I took selfies to self-layan.

Later he finally got the message that I was bored and came over to comfort me coz I started to pretend to cry lol.

We continued the night with chatting and watching tv together then falling asleep. Yes, we are a super boring pair of married couple. Hehe~

Last pic of the boring married couple. XD

Yesterday SR and I was on the phone and SR was thinking to go on another trip again coz work had been really stressful. Poor darling... We haven't decide anything yet coz he has to go and make arrangement for his leave. We have a few plans in mind 'tho. Actually we've already plan to go somewhere for our wedding anniversary. Not somewhere out of the country and just over the weekends. I don't know if I've talked about this but I'll talk about it again once we booked everything la.

Today's weather is crazy. Sweating like mad. Looking forward to work later coz I can stay in the air con room. Only for 30 minutes but better than nothing la. The weather is super crazy in Melaka right now. No wonder we are having problems with water. Sigh~

Alright I'll have to go now coz work will start soon.

I'll see you guys in a later post ok?

See ya~


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