Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Liz and Nic's Wedding: Dinner Reception

The last time I posted two travelling and this time round I'm posting two on weddings hehe~

This one I'm really sorry for posting up so late. I'm so late that Liz actually gave birth la wei.

Say hi to Liz and Nic's bundle of joy, Logan Leong

I prefer to call him Ah Chong hahahahahaha~

Liz had been telling us so much about her giving birth experience. Umie who gave birth before this didn't say much before but this time coz Liz was telling, she went all out about it. After hearing all that all I can say is... I'LL SETTLE FOR ADOPTION!!!! That I'm going to get Cesarean.

How did all these mums do it? Immediately after hearing the full details of giving birth, I went and cradle my dear vajayjay. Couldn't hug my mum first coz I was at my in laws'. Hugged the moment I saw her on Sunday.

I'll update more photos of Ah Chong when I go and visit. Liz asked us not to visit her now coz she's trying to get use to being a mum. Hope she'll get a hang of it fast coz I wanna visit asap.

Alright let me start on their wedding post before Ah Chong turns one.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

James & Li's Wedding: Home

Putting as much posts as I can in case I won't be able to when I'm in KL next week.

Pretty excited about going to KL as usual. I've got some things planned out for myself for that week. People will be like: "KL only mah... need to plan one meh?" You don't understand... if I don't plan for things to do, I'll just rot in hubby's room. Probably take 10 naps before SR returns and eat very unhealthy food. Might as well think of things that I could do.

Alright on to the post...

Li got married in March. So I think this post is not that outdated right =P

One week before the wedding we planned a surprise bridal party for her but failed la. But we had a real good night even though it was just four of us: Pei Li, Puff, Trina, Ann and moi. We laughed until all of us ended up with bloated stomachs that night wtf.

No pics of the night coz we were busy talking (about that good looking keyboard player on stage wtf), laughing and gossiping.

Only pics were pics of the very lousy cupcakes that we ordered for her...
The cupcakes were pretty much very terrible. Terrible in design and taste

I won't go into details but Trina was so mad coz she was the one who dealt with the fella who made these cupcakes. She said she's never trusting a guy who makes cupcakes wtf. If you see this Nana...tell everyone who made this so they will not order from him.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Family Matters #2

Oooo~ second "episode" of family matters. Can't believe I managed to do a second one of this. So terharu (touched) wtf. Anyways, sorry I didn't post up this earlier. I think I have to schedule this maybe like once a month? So that its not too outdated la right?

Ok let's talk family.

In the last post *here* I've talked about SR having to work on two Saturdays on each month right? Well now his company changed some policies and now he only has to work on one Saturdays each month. I am of course happy la coz I get to see him on Fridays and spend about three days together instead of two. But then again we are quite sad that his OT wages are now lower =(

We also have good news but for the moment we can't talk about it coz we are waiting for some confirmation. Hopefully by the next post we could talk about it.

SR just bought a new wallet recently.
I know its not a big deal la. But its his first branded item so must tell a bit. Hehe~

I think John and Jeff had influenced him a lot la. Now he's like very into this particular brand...which is quite obvious in the pic la right?

Recently he's looking for a sling bag for work from this brand. He's damn fussy la. Must fit this fit that. I told him to shut up and continue to use his bag pack la.

There's nothing much to update about mum and dad. They are both well and still the way they are...arguing here and there occasionally and try to be funny to each other most of the time. Damn hilarious to watch them la. I wonder if my kids will feel the same about me and SR next time.

Not much about mum and dad so I'll move on to talk about some things that our family did la...

Since it was Cheng Beng season in April, so mum and dad decided to go up to KL to visit my gong gong's (granddad) grave and put some flowers.

Me and my travel companion to KL

 Oh I also have a human companion which is SR but didn't take a pics of him coz this broccoli is way more interesting that him wtf.

Flowers we got for gong gong were super fresh. We bought them from the market and decided that we will always get flowers from there. Its much cheaper and fresher than the ones we got from the florist.

Wassup granddad?

Daddy and mummy~

We went to KLCC coz we wanted to go to PIKOM PC fair. SR wanted to sign up for some broadband while daddy needs SR to help him get either a tablet or a laptop.

In the end... daddy got a tablet. Hahahaha~ So yeah dad's latest update is that he is damn tech-savvy now coz he has a tablet. The guy freaking has FB now. Now he will brags around telling people he could send email at this age. Hahahahaha~

Shot of the twins on the way home

We went to pick popo up from godma's house and she stayed with us for a month.

Didn't have any pics of popo while she's in Melaka. So sorry~

Here's a pic of her with her daughter and grand-daughter

Then I realized that her eyes are closed.

This was taken while on the way to send popo back to KL.

After sending popo back, we went Paradigm Mall and decided to try out a place we haven't try before which was Sukiya.

The variety was not as vast as Jogoya's. Shouldn't even compared coz both of them are two very different types of buffet.

Sukiya is steamboat buffet. You could choose from four types of soup for your steamboat: hot n spicy, dashi stock, miso soup and clear soup. I found their website so you can click *here* to find out more about Sukiya.

The best thing we love about Sukiya is the free flow meat. There's beef, mutton and chicken. I whacked the beef and mutton like mad la for sure. Chicken also I think I ate a lot.

Dad picking the last of the beef

See the empty black plates...we basically polished everything. There's total nine plates of meat. Three of each type. Crazy or what?!?!?!

So there you have it the latest updates.

Not much la this time.

Hopefully next month I will have more to talk about.

Ok la I'll see you guys in the next post. Gotta go work now.

See you~~~

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Legoland Malaysia Part 1: Lego Technic, Lego Kingdom and Imagination

So last month I went to Legoland with Kelvin, Paulie and his girlfriend, Shernny. The initial plan was Puff's and my idea. Suddenly nie we decided to go. Then we asked our gang if anyone wants to go. Only Ann said she'll go. But after a series of unfortunate events (lol), none of my gang members are going and I ended up going with some other friends pulak.

We left Melaka at around 9am. Paulie and Kelvin took turns to drive while Shernny slept the whole way there. I slept for awhile then was too excited to go back to sleep. Hahahaha~ I sound like my popo who is always excited to travel. =))


So ghetto lately don' know why. Hahahah~

My hair looks so good then. Probably coz of the filter la but still better than it is now....which reminds me that I have to call my hairstylist to book a slot on Tuesday =)

There was no jam coz it was not a public holiday in Johor (we went on 15/4 which is a public holiday for Melaka) but we had to drive real slow. There was a lot of road constructions all the way to Legoland especially at Gelang Patah.

We finally reached at around 11am.

But before that something happened...typical for me. Something dumb always happens lol.

So Kelvin was driving and we were depending on our Waze (a GPS app) to get there. Then when we reached this area there was so many Legoland signs so we thought it'll be ok to switch it off.

Kelvin turned into this area with a lot of constructions going on. I felt like this is not the right way but didn't speak up la. Then we saw the parking area so we went ahead to park. The parking was free but spots were limited. I was like: "Impossible the parking area is so small right? Summore its free. I read on the website that you need to pay for the parking leh." Paul told me to chill. He said probably this is a new parking area.

We got down from the car all excited to start our adventure. I still feel like its not right coz the rides (we saw some of the rides along the way) look so far from where we parked. Then it happened... a guard came over to tell us that this is the Legoland Administration Office hahahahahahaha~ We asked if we could walk to Legoland from there. The guard just said: "Eh jauh la" (Eh very far la) and walked away.

Then we switched on the GPS again and finally found the right way to Legoland. Hahahahahahah~

So there's only one parking area in Legoland and its called Zone 3. I thought there will be like Zone 1 and Zone 2 but I just checked the website and there's only Zone 3. Just name your parking area Parking Zone la if there's only one zone -.- BTW parking was RM7 coz we parked for more than 4 hours. More info about parking check *here*

After parking you will have to walk through an open air mall called Mall of Medini to get to Legoland. Just follow the crowd or the signs pointing towards Legoland.

Then you will come to this...

I was expecting something grander from all the pics I've seen but its actually not. Kinda disappointed =/

From left to right: Shernny, Paulie, Dookie and Kelvin ^^

So I booked my tickets online seven days before we were there

If you buy your ticket at the ticketing booth at Legoland on the day itself, it will RM120. If you bought it online it will be RM140. I don't know why is it so expensive if you bought it online? But I bought it one week earlier and its only RM112. So you save a lot if you buy it earlier.

Please take note that I bought tickets to only Legoland and not the combo ticket which entitles you to go to Legoland and Water Park. More info on ticketing click *here*

Kids trying to climb in

There is a lot of random lego made things like that everywhere in Legoland. It looked very realistic at first glance. Summore the details are super awesome.

Remember to get the park map & guide so that you'll know where you are going

But its not that necessary since the park is not that big. But I took it so that I could keep it as a free souvenir from Legoland

Legoland has five park areas which is Imagination, Lego Technic, Lego Kingdoms, Land of Adventure, Lego City and Miniland.

The first park area that we visited was Lego Technic.

The first ride that we got on was Technic Twister

It is like the teacup ride that you will see at almost all theme parks and funfair.

I do not like this ride coz the last time I went on it (when I was little) in Genting. I got dizzy and throw up. Wasted my day at the theme park coz I was too ill to play anything else.

But my friends told me that I should go on all rides so that I don't waste any money. Thank you my money-saving friends -.-

Paulie asked me to scream as loud as I like so that I could "scream out the dizziness" wtf and he also asked me to look faraway so that I don't get dizzy. Well, I think it did help la coz I was fine after the ride.

The second ride is Project X which is the one of the roller coasters in Legoland (They have three).

I obviously did not take a pic during the ride so here are some of the pics I've gotten from various sources.

Pic from Legoland's website

So that above is how the ride looks like. It looks something like a lego race car. Each car could fit four people which is just right for us =)

This is how the track looks like.

The ride will start by bringing you up to 18 meters high. It will then rush down and swerve left and right like crazy.

Very fast ride but didn't turn upside down so wasn't crazy or anything.

Next we went to Lego Academy and Lego Mindstorms.

Lego Mindstorms has classes on how to build robots using legos. But the classes are only for kids so we couldn't sign up for them. So we went to make things at Lego Academy.

Kelvin is one of the most creative person I know at church. He can draw and design stuff really well. On that day I also found out that he's super talented at making things with Lego.

This is what he made

Guess who?

Don't you think he's really talented???

Paulie wanted to bring it home but of course couldn't la. I asked Kelvin to go buy a packet of lego and then go home and make one for his bro. But he said too expensive -.- Lots of love for his brother ah...

And let me show you some examples of people with no talent at all...

Yes, I have no talent at all with Legos =(

They decided to make fun of my deformed art pieces hahahahaha~.

Paulie's head on that weird buidling thingy I've made (-.-''')

There's a plane on Paulie's head...made by Paulie himself

At the side there's gun made by Shernny

I also really like this house made by Shernny

Especially the colors of the room

Damn bitter la. I'm like the only one without talent. Mummy Y U No buy lots of legos for me when I was younger so I can practice =((((

We left Lego Academy and that basically ended our exploration at Lego Technics.

There was one ride that we didn't get to sit on coz it was under maintenance which is...
Aquazone Wave Racers (from their website)

It sounder fun from what it described on the website and also it looked fun from what we saw at the park. Supposedly can get from this ride. Sounds damn fun right? Sigh~ next time la maybe...

Next park area is Lego Kingdom.

We didn't try a lot of rides here coz most of it are for kids.

For example...
The Forestmen's Hideout (Sorry blur pic. Only one I could find from their website)

This is a playground so obviously its damn weird for us to play there right. But it actually looks quite fun. I don't mind playing there. Hehe~

Royal Joust is a ride for anyone below 150cm. So you just sit on this lego horse and go around the course la. Looks fun. If only I was shorter wtf. (pic from their website)

Merlin's Challenge (pic from their website)

This is actually not a ride for kids la. Its something like a carousel but spins damn fast. Something like that Slinky ride in Disneyland. Don't know why we didn't try it.

But good also la. I foresee myself getting dizzy from this ride.

The Dragon's Apprentice which is the mini version of the roller coaster which we did ride (pic from website)

Actually can ride also la. Its less scary than the adult version of this, The Dragon.

So we went to try out The Dragon.

At The Dragon you have to walk into this castle.

I assume this is the castle's guard.

Somebody decided to molest the guard -.-

Surprised by the molest. The guard: "I have seen/feel terrible things..."

Let's be like Sir Save-A-Lot hahaha~

Lady, you've put on too much concealer there under your eyes

Selfie with some dude

Apparently the dragon is behind that door and this fella has a freaking annoying voice

This whole thing was made by Lego and it was so detailed

So again I couldn't bring the camera on to the roller coaster. In case you are wondering they have cupboards for you to put your stuff while you get on the ride. But put at your own risk even if the cupboards are closed.

Here's how The Dragon looks like from a picture from
The Dragon starts with a slow train-like pace and you will go through the story about the dragon and something about money. LOL~ Sorry can't remember the story exactly.

Then at the end of the story you will see the annoying voice fella again and the roller coaster starts.

This roller coaster is more crazy than Project X. Its goes upside down, lots of crazy twists and turns. I was actually thinking not to take this coz the track looks damn scary. Again my friends said we shouldn't waste money lol.

After that crazy ride, we went to Castle Stage.

It is written on website that there will be meet and greet session at Castle Stage but when we were there, there were performers singing on the stage.

The after performing a few songs, the performers invited some kids up to the stage to sing some songs.

This kid here is 5 (we were sitting behind her parents so we overheard the parents claiming that she's 5) from Australia and she sang Roar by Katy Perry

Kids these days...whatever happened to kids' songs like The Wheels on The Bus?

Next park area...Imagination.

We wanted to check ou the Lego Studio where they has the 4D show but we missed the showtime. Had to wait for the next one which is like 45 minutes later.

Bloody Kelvin being obscene

They had this Chima (one of the characters from a Lego animated series) model outside. The sword that Chima was carrying looks like a penis (if you look in the pic, its the yellow and blue thing in front of Kev's tummy. hahahaha~ whose dick grows out of the tummy la?). Hence this happened -.-

We decided to go eat lunch first while waiting since its already lunch time.

We went for lunch at Pizza Mania which is in Imagination. Its obvious that they sell pizza la and also some other Italian food. Please be warned that the food are very expensive. We ordered a large Beef Pepperoni pizza with four soups and drinks for RM60 if I've not mistaken. I don't think it costs as much if you eat at Pizza Hut, Dominos or any other pizza chain. But then again we can't possible not eat right?

I went to the toilet after lunch and saw this on the door...

I've never seen a female hold their crouch when they wanna go to the toilet lor. And she also looked a little too happy for a person who is rushing to the toilet.

As imagined the toilet was very colorful and nicely decorated. I didn't take a pic of the toilet coz there were a few people in the toilet with me.

Only pic I managed to take when people left

We actually missed the next screening for the 4D show again. So we had another 45 minutes to kill, we decided to just go into one of the playgrounds and waste sometime there.

We went to the nearest one which is Duplo Playtown.

Anyone can escape that jail la no need to be so shocked

Rempit rempit

Paulie was looking for Kelvin who went down the slide. He was afraid that fatty might get stuck in the middle hahaha~

I think we were the eldest playing around there. Other people who were elder than us are parents who just stood beside their kids while the kids play. Tak malu betul la we all...

This Lego man looks very friendly hor?

There were many loose Legos lying around the playground so the boys decided to be lame with it...
This fireman has a multicolored erecting dick -.-

Then the fireman became rude and showed middle finger -.-

We finally was able to go watch the 4D movie after missing it twice. No pics coz nobody takes pics while watching movie lol. Actually we did take a pic before the movie but its in Shernny's phone and she didn't upload it. =/

Pic from official website

We watched Spellbreaker, a film about good fighting against evil. Erm... I'll have to say it was pretty boring. There was no speech in it...more like a movie from Baby Channel -.- I was actually falling asleep in the studio.

I think kids would find it really exciting but  for me, no la. After watching 4D shows form both Disneyland and USS, I think this has got to be the worst I've watched.

We went to Kids Power Tower next...
This was pretty fun

Pic from official website

So the idea is you sit on the seat (pictured above) and then use your own strength to pull yourself up to the top within the time given. Then at the top you got nothing to do but to look around at the view la. You can come down from the top (release your hand from the rope) and try to pull yourself up again if you want to. Its a kid's game la but serious quite fun.

Each were supposed to for two people. There were so little people so we each took a seat at the tower. Then we competed to see who reach the top first. I came to realize that I have no arm-strength at all -.- Lost to all three of them =((((

We also went on the Observation Tower but didn't take a pic on it or of it.

Its basically a ride that meanders upwards in circular motion to let you see the whole view of Legoland. Nothing interesting la... but has strong aircon in it hahaha~ The weather was so hot so we had to.

The only ride that we didn't try at Imagination is the Duplo Express...

Pretty obvious why we didn't sit la right? Coz its a kid's ride. I don't think we can fit in it at all.

I will stop right here for this part coz there is still another three park areas to explore and this post is already very long.

I'll talk about how I find this theme park after I'm done with the other part ok? If I talked about it now it'll be a little inappropriate la right?

This week I'll be quite busy with work coz the school holiday is going to start so its basically replacements season for me. Full week of classes and replacements then one week of break after. ^^ So looking forward to that coz I'll be going to stay with hubby in KL again.

Ok la I'll go now. Parents are watching the Thomas Cup finals and screaming on top of their lungs like crazy. I'm like: "Ok... let me know when they win. Then I'll cheer with you all." Hahahahah~ Not enthusiastic at all.

Ok la see you guys in the next post. Hopefully I could post something during the night after my work.

See you guys then...



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