Monday, June 30, 2014

James & Li's Wedding: ROM at Heng Ann


Today Imma blog about weddings since I've been doing a series of travel posts.

This weekend had been really eventful. I went to our nephew's first birthday party at Lendu and they hired a karaoke system to the party. Most of the people who went up to sing were old people la. Then I went for a short meet up with Chong Yang and his gf, Yuki. After that we went for a drinking session. Yesterday I went to  Agape Musical Concert with buncha friends and then we went to have a really good supper at Melaka Raya. Not gonna blog about it but you could find me talking about it over *here* and briefly over *here*

Ok, let's start this post right now...In the first part of Pei Li's wedding *here*, we've seen James and her going through the traditional Peranakan wedding ceremony. For this part, we'll see them getting registered as husband and wife legally.

Their ROM is at Persatuan Heng Ann which is the same as Ann's ROM *here*.

Makeup done in the car ^^v

My hair looks a bit weird doesn't it? But it looks better than what it is now. I've been complaining for so long but haven't got the time (and money =( ) to go do something.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Legoland Malaysia Part 2: Land Of Adventure, Lego City and Miniland

Yet another travel post. I hope you guys like travel posts. Coz I love to read about travels...even if its only a local travel post. Seeing other people's travel posts inspire me to earn more money so that I could go travelling more.

I'm going to continue this post from where I left off in *Part 1*. Do read it if you wanna know about what I did before this.

So the next park area we went to is Land of Adventure. There are four rides there but we only went on two of it which are Dino Island and Lost Kingdom.

Apart from the awesome roller coaster, The Dragon, this Dino Island is my favorite

Couldn't take a pic while on the ride coz on this ride you will get wet. And when I say wet, you get super drenched in water for this ride. Crazy wet.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Best of CNY 2014

Hello everyone!!!

Today Imma talk about the rest of the CNY. There was nothing special after the third day so I compiled all the pics of the rest of the CNY and post it up. Everything is not in chronological order coz I can't remember which day is which day. Heheh~

On the seventh day of CNY (I remembered clearly coz its on the 6/2) I started working. Not exactly started working la coz I haven't started teaching music. Had to start teaching at kindie coz school opened.

SR was in Melaka so I woke him up at 7am to go to the kindie with me. Not that he has anything to do also right?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Singapore Trip 2013 Day 2 Part 1: USS' Madagascar & Far Far Away

Hello hello~~~~

Another travel post =)

It took me quite sometime to finish arranging the photos coz I was thinking how to separate the posts. Had to separate Day 2 into a few parts coz we went Universal Studios Singapore. Hence lots of pics. Possibly there will be three parts la. But I'm not sure yet. Will see how.

Ok that will be my problem and not you guys'. I shall not talk about it further. So... let's start the post.

Woke up quite early, got ready and headed out for breakfast

Monday, June 16, 2014

Ipoh Road Trip 2013: Last Day

Hello hello~

Today Imma finish up the Ipoh trip post. If you guys missed the previous two days, here are the links: Day 1 & Day 2.

Day 3 or last day was rather short coz we were only there till noon. Rest of the day was spent travelling back to KL.

In the morning we went to have dim sum at 10am. My mother was like: "Pfft! Who eats dimsum at 10am?" LOL~

We went to eat at the famous, Foh San Dim Sum...which Chooi Yin's mum wanted to bring when we were there in 2009. We didn't manage to go there the last time coz we were late (as usual) so there were no seats.

At first we were worried that there were going to have no seats again. But Chooi Yin said they had renovated it bigger so it shouldn't be a problem.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Anniversary Trip to Port Dickson: Day1


I'm actually back from KL since Saturday but I was too lazy and tired to get back to blogging. Didn't even switch on the computer. Yesterday I did switch on the computer for awhile but it was acting like a bitch again so I just switched it off and went to sleep.

But anyways hope you guys are happy to see me back ^^

I was contemplating whether to put up yet another wedding post or go on with something else. I was afraid that you people might get sick of it so I've decided to put this up instead.

So in case you guys didn't know yet hubby and I got married last year on 11 May 2013. Recently we just hit our first anniversary. I told hubby instead of just going for a hearty meal, why don't we go on a short trip for our anniversary? Makan is not that interesting to blog about, isn't it wtf. Exact words, people...the exact words I told him.

After much planning...actually not really much planning la...after deciding our budget, we've decided to go somewhere local and very close to home coz...

  1. All our money will be saved for our Taiwan trip
  2. SR had already took leave for the Taiwan trip so there's not much leave left for him to travel far
The place of choice was Port Dickson coz both of us really like the sea.

We forgot to bring the DSLR coz we were rushing. We only packed in the morning before leaving ( > . > ) Never do that people... DSLR was not the only things we've forgotten. =/ All photos taken by SR's phone and my ipad for both days. Surprisingly quality was not bad. Probably coz my editing apps are damn power hehe~

That tummy is going to explode under that seat belt hunny~

Glad dad allowed us to drive the (Honda) City to Port Dickson even though the Iswara is still fit for travelling (to close places). He's extra careful about loaning us the City. Had to follow so many rules and regulations. Sometimes we just decided to drive the Iswara coz its fuss-less.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hello from KL *updated with links*


Sorry i haven't been blogging here since I've come to KL. I'm actually currently super active at my Dayre. You guys can check me out at Long ass posts about what I did in KL all there.

 I'll try to link the posts here when I learn how to do it with this app k? Yay!!! Managed to link :)

Tuesday: Midvalley
Wednesday: Tuesday buys and Bukit Bintang, Full post on Bukit Bintang
Thursday & Friday: Solaris Mont Kiara (twice) and meeting Nana

Hope you guys had fun reading from my dayre's live updates.

See you guys when I get back :) More outdated posts =P


p/s: i just realized I've not finish talking about my purchases for Bukit Bintang. Never mind la... Not like it's interesting. Hehe~


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