Sunday, October 19, 2014

EcoTree Skydeck 360

(ATTENTION: There's a collaboration post with ZALORA Malaysia below this one. Please check it out and show some support to ZALORA Malaysia =) )

The latest and hottest place to hang out in Melaka nowadays is EcoTree Skydeck 360. Almost all of my Malaccan friends on my friend's list (on FB) had gone here and checked-in (show off le tu ;p). How can I lose out and not go to this HOT place right? So instead of going only once like all those normal people... I went there twice on the same week back to back wtf.

The moment I checked-in to this place I'm like "Woah! I'm so fucking cool" lol

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Apparel For Women

Okay let's talk fashion people!

I've not talked much about fashion over here except for the occasional OOTD (outfit of the day)...

It's not that I do not have any interest in fashion, it's just that I feel like my style is too casual and not interesting enough to share with the world =P

The truth is women, like myself, and our interest in fashion can never be parted. Women are trying to keep up with the constantly changing trends in the fashion industry... either through TV, the internet or the most common media, the fashion magazines. That is why fashion magazines are selling like hot cakes and literally flying off the shelves for every issue.

But in my opinion, no matter how constant the fashion trends are changing over time, there are three types of women apparel that are MUST-HAVES in the closet.

The first must-have apparel in a woman's closet is the common CASUAL WEAR. I bet many of you would agree with me on this. This is the number one type of women's apparel that had filled my closet as I am all about casual style as mentioned above.

My favorite piece of casual apparel has got to be t-shirts and tank tops. It is what I would wear almost every day, whether its for work or for play.

Apart from these two, all women would probably have a dozen of shorts and casual pants stacked up in their closet.

Recently many people are into the healthy lifestyle especially women. Apart from eating healthy food, exercising and going to the gym had been a part of a woman's every day life.  So the second must-have apparel in the women's closet is the SPORTS WEAR.

I used to wear normal casual apparels to the gym. But I find wearing my casual apparels actually makes me less comfortable as well as lack support when I work out.

You see it is very important to have the right apparels during your workout. It is not only for comfort but it will also protect and prevent you from getting hurt when working out. That is why I've started to build  a small collection of sports apparel in my closet. If you ask me, I think the most important piece of sports apparel has got to be the sports bra...

Last but definitely not least, the third must-have apparel in a woman's closet is the WORK ATTIRE. It was said that looking great at work helps boost your confidence to lead to a productive day. So it is important to have professional yet stylish work apparels in your closet.

My work does not require me to dress in work apparels but I do occasionally wear shirts and blazers. These work apparels make me feel and look sleek. So even if you are not an office lady, these work apparels can also be a part of your closet's must-have.

Nowadays shopping had been made so easy that even without driving out, at the comfort of your home, you could shop for all these must-have apparels for your closet. ZALORA Malaysia has a wide range of apparels for women. Whether its casual wear, sport clothes or work attire or other apparel categories, you can get them all here. (Link available ^ if you are interested. You are welcome =) )

I've looked through the ZALORA Malaysia website and app (download now!!!) There are so many nice clothes!!! Why didn't I shop here before???

Anyways here's my pick from ZALORA Malaysia for those three must-have apparels I've mentioned above for more inspiration or reference.

BTW I’ve forgotten to mention earlier, there are so many brands available on ZALORA Malaysia. There are local brands including their in-house brand and other international brands. For casual wears, you can find brands like F Block, Mango, New Look, Cat Whiskers, Cheap Monday and River Island.

2. Sport Clothes
For sports attire, the brands available are AVIVA, Nike, Reebok, Puma and Rip Curl

3. Work Attire
The brands available for work attire are almost the same as the casual wear. In addition, there are also Something Borrowed, Dressing Paula and Nichii.

Looking at all the choices and brands available, I feel there is no need for me to even leave the house anymore. I can now shop for the upcoming weddings and festivities in the comfort of my own home...better yet, in my room. Goodbye world~~~ lol.

If you are like me, who loves shopping but too lazy to leave the house or dislike the crowded shopping centres, check out ZALORA Malaysia for all your apparel for women. =)

DisclaimerMost pictures are grabbed from ZALORA Malaysia website/app with permission. Other pictures are from various sources on Google.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Port Dickson with Friends: Day 2

Hello hello~

I'm watching My Lovable Girl as I type this. Why are they doing this to my heart? Why did they hire both of my favorite good looking guys to act in it? L looks so good looking!!!! I wish he would return to his black hair coz blonde looks so ah beng on him. But still very good looking. *wipes drool*

Okay I have to stop fangirling...more like acting like a pervert wtf. Let's start today's post.

If you guys haven't read the first part of my friends' and my relaxing trip to Port Dickson, the link is over *here*

On the second day, we woke up pretty late. No no I have to rephrase that. They woke up pretty late while... I just started sleeping wtf. Didn't get to sleep the night before coz I was sandwiched between a snoring cow and a sleep talking grandma. I think I talked about it in the post before so you gotta read that to find out what happened.

After we finally woke up, we ate roti john which was leftover from last night's dinner. Some parts of the roti john went bad. We only got to eat like 3/4 of it...which was not that much since we had to share it among five of us.We were still hungry after eating. So we decided to pack up and then check out to go look for food to eat.

We just anyhow stumble upon this cafe...I can't remember the name of the cafe d coz we really found this gem by just driving around.

This cafe is a really small lot but filled with a lot of people. Maybe it is well known but we just didn't know it. It sells fusion food...there's Western food, Chinese, Japanese and mixture of food from different cultures.

This is what I ordered from the cafe... Stir Fry Seafood Udon

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Mishap of a Wedding Gift


Yes I know I've been gone for a long long time. I wonder if anyone still reads here. Anyways, if you guys are curious about how I've been lately, please follow me on my Dayre *here* You need to download the app to follow me but even if you don't have the app, the mobile blog can be read on the normal browser.

Recently I had some things happening at home which involved my Popo (pictured above). I didn't have the time to blog about it here. But full details are in my Dayre. I'll link all the days I've talked about what happened right here:
Day 272/Day 273/Day 274/Day 275/Day 276/Day 277/Day 282/Day 283


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