Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Family Trip to KL Day 2: Lazy Day and Korean BBQ


Today's the second day of the short posts/filler posts series. Today's post is going to be extremely short that its hard to believe wtf.

The first day of our family trip to KL was too long that I had to separate it into two posts. But for the day two post there's so little pics that I wondered if I should post it up. I still decided to post it up la coz have to make it a complete set mah right?

In case you missed the day one posts, I'll link it down here for you guys to click away.

If you read the previous post, you'll know that SR and I slept in the living room with my godma's dog. Since Yani (the dog's name) accompanied us the whole night, I decided to play with him in the morning.

We were running in and out of the house until I realized that Yani's legs are shaking. I immediately stopped running and asked him to go to the back to drink water.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Mini Haul from JB

As promised I'm going to post up about the things I've bought from our trip back to Johor. Not much but it'll be a interesting filler post right ;p

In JB itself we didn't get to shop much even though we went Aeon Tebrau. We actually shopped more outside of JB on the second day. We went to Johor Premium Outlets (JPO) at Nusajaya and also went to Yong Peng.

Got nothing to do with the haul but these noodles we had at Yong Peng is damn bad and overpriced. Never going back there ever again!!!

Okay let's just start with the haul. There's just two items btw.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Back To JB: Adam & Esther's Wedding

In September I went back to JB for my cousin/godbrother, Adam's wedding. I didn't take much photos but did take bits of here and there la. Short post today just to show 'em pics.

Can't remember what time we left Melaka but it wasn't very early la. Usually if we have to go to JB we will leave at around 5am? Dad is very kind this time. ;p

Thursday, November 6, 2014

2014 Awesome and Splendid class

Another kindie school year had ended for me ^^

For those who don't know yet or just started reading my blog, I'm teaching part time in a kindergarten. I only go to the kindergarten on Thursdays and I teach the kids how to use the computer correctly (ie: how to hold the mouse correctly, how to type their names on the keyboard...etc.) and also let them play educational computer games. I've been working on this part time job for five years now. Even though I dread having to wake up at 7am every Thursdays, I love this job really really much.

Every year during the last lesson of the year, I would take pics with my six-year-olds for memory sake since they are graduating from kindie. I've done two posts of pics I've taken with my students over the years. You guys can click on the links over here:

This year is the 3rd year I've taught the six-year-olds since they were four. I think this year's class is probably the biggest one I've ever taught but thank God they were really good kids. They are smart, easy to teach and well behaved. Best of all they are easy to control. I have kids that are really like monkeys before this. Really a big headache to teach.

All pictures were taken using my iPhone coz my boss gave me a sudden notice that it was my last lesson that week. The last lesson was supposed to be on 30/10 but the principle had to end the class on 23/10 coz they are busy preparing for the year end concert. So I didn't bring my camera to take pics with kids. =( But never mind la... at least got the iPhone.

There's a total of 21 people in Awesome class. That's like really a lot. I use to have 10+ only.

I'm really bad at remembering people's names and recognizing people. Even at the end of kindie year, I sometimes can't even remember the student's name. So I found a way to help me...
I write down their names and write a simple description for that particular person. Those that I didn't write any descriptions are the ones that I can remember.

Pretty obvious that my memory is shit coz there's not many without descriptions. > . >


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