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After three months of hiatus, I'm finally back. Well, I was never really gone coz I was still blogging on my Dayre *here*.

So I'm just here today to tell you guys that I am back. Lappie is alive again and faster than ever. As for the internet connection, I'm not sure if it improved coz I haven't upgraded it yet. I haven't start uploading any pics yet so that's why. We'll find out when I start uploading la. Anyways, whether the internet connection is better or not, imma start blogging more often here.

I've also started vlogging and uploading it on my YouTube channel. Here's a snake peek of the vlog...
This is the latest one btw. While I'm typing on this post, I'm editing another which I think will be up today.

If you guys wanna watch moving version of my life, please subscribe to my channel, dookikiekookie. I ideally upload a vlog up every week. When it's not ideal, I take a few weeks to upload one hahaha.

Alright la. That's all for today's update. If you guys don't see me update over here, remember to check out my Dayre. I'm currently doing a BLOGMAS thingy which I was supposed to blog every day up until Christmas. But I'm actually slacking on it (> . >). Here's the two posts that I've done if you guys are interested:

Catch you guys soon. Bubbye~