Monday, January 26, 2015

Dookie Can Cook 2015 #1: Earl Grey Nama Chocolate

UPDATED: Please Check Below

If you've read my previous post, you'll know that one of my this year's resolution is to cook for my family at least once a week (Read it *here* if you missed it). At the beginning of January I was not able to start cooking coz i was busy with adapting to the new work schedule and also I was preparing/planning and going for my road trip. Finally this week I was able to start on my cooking adventure.

I didn't wanna start big a.k.a cooking up a storm...which I know would probably be disastrous. So I decided to start with making desserts first.

Few years ago my cousin, Vivi, bought me some Royce Nama Chocolates from Singapore. She bought the green tea flavor and the champagne flavor ones (pictured above, first pic is green tea flavor and second is champagne flavor fyi). It was my first time tasting it since at that time there was still no Royce in Malaysia (or there is but I didn't know of). I loved it!!! Especially the green tea flavor one. I vow to myself that I must get Royce Nama Chocolate every time I see it.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy 2015!!!

Hello all~

First unofficial post of 2015.

I've been wanting to blog but didn't know where to start. Wanted to start on my Christmas (2014) posts but pics from camera are not done with editing. How about continuing the Taipei trip posts? Problem arises there.

You see all my Taipei photos are either in my iPad or in my old iPhone 4 (I've just upgraded to iPhone 6 =) if you guys don't read my Dayre *here*, you're missing out a lot.).

The photos in my iPad can be easily uploaded to my Photobucket app


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