Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dookie Can Cook 2015 #2: Cauliflower x Prawns

Second "episode" of Dookie Can Cook ^_^

I cooked this dish two weeks ago...should be on 5th of February. Honestly I don't know where I copied this recipe but I'm guessing that I copied it out of Mina (a Japanese magazine), which is where I usually get my recipes. The exact name of the dish is also unknown coz it is written in Chinese. In case you guys are interested, it is called "花椰菜+虾子的橄榄油盐炒".

Okay let's start with the ingredients...
Pictured above:
  • One whole cauliflower
  • Eight big prawns
  • Two slices of lemon
  • Chopped up parsley leaves

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Christmas 2014 Part 1: Bits and Pieces of the Celebrations

Last year I was in Melaka for all the Christmas celebrations which included the Sunday School Christmas Celebration, Christmas Eve Celebration and Christmas Day. As usual, for these events there will be lots of photos taken la. But out of all celebrations, I think I've taken more photos during the Christmas Eve Celebration. I wanted to post about only the Christmas Eve Celebration but I think it'll be such a waste for the all the other photos. So I've decided to post up bits and pieces of the other days in one post and one more post just for Christmas Eve itself.

Was going through a hipster phrase at the end of 2014. (> . >)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Taipei, Taiwan 2014 Day 2 Part 1: Taipei Zoo 台北动物园

Finally I was able to charge my iPhone when hubby was back. Was supposed to get a replacement charger but we forgot about it. (> . >) I'll try to get it ASAP la coz I have to pass the phone to my dad.

Anyways, I'm just glad that I could finally continue the Taipei travel posts la. If you missed out the day 1 post, click *here* to read it. I've been saying this for a thousand times but still I need to warn you. Please note that it is really long but extremely detailed.

On the second day, we went to three places. So I'll separate Day 2 to different parts for each place that we've been to. These three places are Taipei Zoo, MaoKong and XiMenDing.

So let's start with the first part ^^

Good morning!!!

I think this was the only day I put on makeup lol. So lazy when I'm travelling. I think next time I won't even bring makeup overseas la. Waste space nie. Should have save that space for more shopping =D


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