Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What To Do In Melaka: The Makan Spots

I realized I've not talked much about Melaka, my own hometown. Except for like once right *here* I think I've talked about where I've been to in KL more than the places that I like in Melaka. People might think that I actually live in KL =.=

I think I'll start to share where I always go to in Melaka. Mostly about where to eat la coz there's not much that I do other than eating. No wonder I'm fat -.-''' But if I've been to anywhere else interesting, I'll try to share as well la.

Okay... let's start...

1. Caffe Bene
Caffe Bene was recently opened in Melaka much to my delight =) First Korean cafe in Melaka yo! So exciting!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Road Trip 2015: Ipoh

When Chooi Yin, my ex-roommate, told me she was getting married in January and invited me to her wedding, I was pretty excited. Coz that means that I'll be able to travel to Ipoh again. I've been to Ipoh in 2013 to visit her (and Esther) but I felt like I didn't explore it enough (Read about all my previous trips *here*. Look under Ipoh). So this time I am glad to be back to explore it again.

I actually traveled up from Melaka to KL a day before going up to Ipoh on my own by bus. SR came and met up with me to take me back to his place to stay overnight. If you ask me what bus company I would recommend to travel from Melaka to KL, I would definitely say KKKL. The bus is mostly in good condition ie: new buses. Seats are comfortable. Drivers are mostly careful and drive at a acceptable pace. I said "mostly" coz I've encounter some experience that were opposites la. But most of my experience had been good. I've been taking KKKL for all my trips to KL since uni years. So it's the best imo.

On Friday morning, we got ready to kick start our road trip to Ipoh...

We went for breakfast at Mayang Oasis

Friday, March 6, 2015

Taipei, Taiwan 2014 Day 2 Part 2: MaoKong 猫空

Most travel blogs or travel guide pages would recommend you to visit MaoKong 猫空 on the same day as the day you visit Taipei Zoo or even recommend you to go to MaoKong right after Taipei Zoo. That's what we did exactly. After we left Taipei Zoo (read post over *here*), we head straight to MaoKong Gondola Station to get to MaoKong.

How to get to MaoKong: First of all you need to get to the MaoKong Gondola. Take the MRT to Taipei Zoo Station. Follow the signs to walk about 5 minutes to get to the MaoKong Gondola Main Station (or better known as Taipei Zoo Gondola Station). Take the MaoKong Gondola to MaoKong Station/Sanxuan Temple Station.

There is also a MaoKong Gondola Station in Taipei Zoo called Taipei Zoo South Station. You can actually take the gondola without having to leave the zoo. We didn't know it beforehand so we stupidly wasted 5 minutes and energy walking all the way to the main station -.-'''

There are many alternative ways to get to MaoKong if you don't want to go to the zoo. Check out link over *here* to find out the ways.

I tried googling for ways to get to MaoKong without taking the gondola but couldn't find anything. But it is possible coz I've seen buses coming and leaving MaoKong which comes from/leads to various places. Might need to ask around the locals for more information.

If you've read my preparations and planning for this trip (on my Dayre *here*), you'll probably know that I was skeptical about taking the MaoKong Gondola or even going to MaoKong. Reason was I have a slight fear of heights. At that time I didn't know that there are ways to get to MaoKong without having to take the gondola. I was damn worried la. But I tell you it was worth it la. The view was beautiful. You'll know what I mean later on at this post.

Here comes the MaoKong Gondola~~~

I didn't take a pic of the whole MaoKong Main Station building coz I've totally forgotten about it. Probably was having a battle of thoughts in my head trying to think whether I should take the gondola or not.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Adventures of Mini Ironman

So you guys probably know about my hobby from this post *here*. Actually apart from jigsaw puzzles, I also like to build blocks like Lego. But honestly I'm not a creative person so I can't like build things out of my head but I love to build things according to instructions given.

During my last stay in KL, I saw some nano blocks selling for cheap at S&J (a souvenir shop). Since I've not tried nano block, I decided to buy two boxes to give it a try.

Bought Spongebob Squarepants and Ironman coz there's no Stitch =/ But Spongebob is one of my favorite cartoon so will do la. I also love The Avengers so naturally I had to buy an Ironman. If there is other Avengers members I'll definitely buy it.


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