Monday, June 29, 2015

CNY 2015: Gathering With The Gang

This should be posted earlier but we all know what happened to my photos. Read about it *here* if you don't know what happened.

I've actually met up with The Gang twice for CNY this year. I can't remember both dates coz it was so long ago. Once we met up at Simmy's house for his family's open house. Another time was for our annual CNY visiting.

Now for pics from Simmy's open house first...
As usual a selfie to start the post =P

OOTD: Top and necklace, both from ZALORA Malaysia. If you are a first time customer at ZALORA Malaysia, don't forget that you could get 15% off from this code ZBAPZF1I.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Lil Longan's First Birthday

Lizzy's lil baby boy, Longan (previously known as Ah Chong lol but his real name is actually Logan Leong Meng Yi) turned one last month. She did a small birthday party for him gathering her family, Nic's (Lizzy's husband) family and friends.

Quickly got ready after work at home and rushed to the venue coz Liz asked me to help take pics of the event for her. Selfie needed coz I look so pretty =P

Friday, June 19, 2015

Annie Wears Saree to Penang Day 2 Part 1: Hills and Food

Second day of our anniversary trip!!!

I said in the first day post *here* that I did not sleep well the night before. =( So hubby decided to let me sleep in a lil later. But a lil later means we woke up at 9 something. How early is early then you ask? He wanted to get up at 7:30am =.=

OOTD: black crop top from one of the boutiques at Hatten (can't remember the name coz they keep closing down and opening new ones)/black floral skorts from Forever 21/blue iPhone case from Mac City/Casio gold watch (not seen coz blocked by the phone case) from ZALORA Malaysia (Coupon which entitles you to  15% off if you are a new customer: ZBAPZF1I)/Birkenstock sandals (not seen here) from MySale/Blue handbag (not seen here but you guys will get to see it later in the post) from Coach

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dookie Can Cook #7: Spaghetti in Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce

I promised to post up on the Backstreet Boys concert but I couldn't =( There are some problems with the photos again =.= It'll take some time to finish uploading the photos into my lappie. I guess I can't promise any posts these days. I'll just try to post whatever I could la.

Recently I've been eating clean and also working out quite diligently. I want to get in better shape. Now I just look pregnant when I'm not O.o It's getting really annoying trying to explain to people that I'm not pregnant but just fat. I just have to flatten that humongous bulge of mine to shut everybody up. Anyways I would talk more about my work out routine and eat clean menu in one post soon. For now it's about my cooking.

So I've been looking at a lot of eat clean food on Pinterest. One of it is this Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce. I decided to make this for my family during my break in May. My dear family members became my white mice coz it's my first time cooking this hahahah~

First the ingredients... Note that these ingredients are for three cups of Alfredo sauce.
1 medium head of cauliflower, cut into florets

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Taipei, Taiwan 2014 Day 3 Part 2: Night at JiuFen 九份

Hello hello~

I don't know if any of you realized but I was gone for a very short time (I bet the answer would be no). No, I did not go on another getaway...which would have been great if I did. But I was away coz my iCloud was having some problems. It could not link up to my iPad or iPhone coz storage was running low. So what I had to do was download all the photos and videos from the iCloud and delete everything to clear storage space. There were like 1000+ amount of photos and videos. I took about five full days to finally be able to clear up everything in the iCloud and link up my iPad to the iCloud. Still couldn't link up my iPhone coz there were not enough storage space. =.= There are 3.07gb of photos and videos in my iPhone while there are only 925.7mb storage left in my iCloud. So this week I had to move all my pics and videos (from my iPhone) to my iPad. This way all the photos and videos will automatically be linked up to my iCloud. Then I can clear off everything from my iPhone. Hopefully by next week I could link up my iPhone to my iCloud as well.

That was a whole lot of boring tech stuff (I think it's considered as tech right?) but I found out it was really important to link up your devices to iCloud. Remember the photos that I've lost from my January 2015 road trip which I've talked about *here*. If I've linked up my devices to iCloud, those photos wouldn't have gone missing. Recently I've found out that I not only lost my road trip photos. I've also lost quite a lot of my Chinese New Year (CNY) photos as well. Thank god those were just unimportant pics/selfies la. But then again it's a great lost la coz it was part of my CNY memories.

So moral of the story here is... always link up your devices to iCloud if you don't wanna lose any important photos and videos.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Dookie Can Cook #6: Pan Fry Prawns With Oyster Sauce

Today's dish is something that I've cooked for a lot of times. I can proudly say that this dish is one of the things that I could cook confidently. It is really easy so anyone can learn it and cook it.

Prawns...about 10 medium size ones

Marinate your prawns with cornflour and salt about 30 minutes before cooking.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Road Trip 2015: Cameron Highlands Day 1

Downloaded my pics from FB =)))) Thank God all the photos from Cameron Highlands are retrieved. Only pics from Langkap are gone totally =((( I guess I'll just have to go back to Langkap, stay at Esther's house again and relive those moments. I don't know if Esther's going to read this...NIAK!!! I'LL BE COMING TO YOUR HOUSE AGAIN lol.

So from Ipoh and Chooi Yin's wedding (posts over *here* and *here*), with Esther and hubby, James, we went to Cameron Highlands.

On the way up to Cameron Highlands I couldn't take any photos because I was having terrible motion sickness =/ I was trying so hard not to throw up and I was feeling pretty bad la. Or else I would have at least taken some selfies.

The first place that James and Esther brought us to is Cameron Lavender Garden. I was so car sick that I forgotten to take a pic of the entrance. Here's a pic of Lavender Garden I've goggled...
Credit as tagged

Cameron Lavender Garden is situated at Tringkap. It is the latest addition in Cameron Highlands. So the facilities are still very new as compared to other attractions to in Cameron Highlands which I've visited to some 10 years ago.


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