Monday, February 1, 2016

Mamee Jonker House with Bernice

I am extremely close to all the grandchildren of the Ng/Kho family (and of course the rest of the families la). I've watched all of them from birth till now...well, except for Bernice who is the eldest grandchildren. That's coz when she was born, I was in uni and was not able to be there when Joey (Bernice's mum) gave birth. So I often said that I try to make up for time lost now. So whenever I have time during the school holidays, I'll bring her out.

This year she had been bad at her studies. So I told her, if you were able to get better than you were the last time, I'll bring you out on a short excursion. She was damn excited la. Thank God that was able to boost her studies. True enough she improved from her last exam. So I decided to bring her out Mamee Jonker House, which is a museum/activity center opened and owned by Mamee-Double Decker Group. I found out about this place from my friend, Seow Wei and also reading it on somebody's blog which I can't remember.

On our way to Mamee Jonker House


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