Monday, March 7, 2016

Update on Resolutions 2016: January- February

It has been three months into the new year. How are you guys' resolutions doing? This year I'm pretty determined about keeping my resolutions. I hope this determination would hold up well till the end of the year. To hold up with the determination, I've decided to update you guys about how I've been doing to keep up with my resolutions. If you missed out on my 2016 Resolutions post, you can click right *here* to read bout it.

1. Finish reading the English bible by June
I've calculated if I want to finish reading the remaining books of the bible by June, I have to read like 5 books per month. I would be able to do it if the books are short but unfortunately the books that I'm left with are all damn long. But still I will try my best la.


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