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Taipei, Taiwan 2014 Day 5: Shopping Day

I have not posted about the Taipei trip for sooooo long. Can't believe it was like two years back edy (> . >) I think I'll have to finish up all the posts ASAP la coz SR and I are planning to go back to Taiwan again soon. Not confirmed yet but we are definitely heading there either this year or the next.

This time round we are planning to head to Taichung 台中 as well. Seven days in two states...very huge states I must say... I don't know if it's doable using the free and easy style. For Taipei, it is easy coz the public transportation is rather convenient. As for Taichung, it will be slightly difficult to commute around. I need to do more research before deciding la.

Anyways, if any of you guys missed out my previous posts on this Taipei trip. You guys can click *here* and search under Taipei. All posts from Day 1 to Day 4 will be there.

Honestly I have forgotten almost everything from the trip but I'll try my best to put down whatever that I remember. So here goes...

On Day 5, we decided to be super relaxed coz the two days before we had been super hectic with our schedules. Also we were super tired from walking in the rain for the whole day and also lugging heavy hauls =P around. We decided to sleep in and then just go shopping for the day.

When we do wake up, we decided to head down to look for Taiwanese breakfast around XiMenDing/西门町. We've been having so much convenient food stuff that we got sick of it. But we had problems looking for breakfast coz by the time we got up, it was noon =.= So brunch it is hahaha

We came to this random shop in XiMenDing. Can't even tell you where it is coz we literally just walked about XiMenDing (XiMenDing has a lot of small alleys and small streets), found this place and just went in to eat. But thank goodness the food were damn good.

Remember this! When you are in Taiwan, you MUST eat Lu Rou Fan/卤肉饭. It was my favorite food in Taiwan. I think I've talked about it so much that by now you guys know how much I love it.

BTW we ordered one big Lu Rou Fan and one plain rice to share.

Jacy wanted to eat veggie. She said we had not been eating any for the past few days so had to eat -.-''' That's our ah mah for you hahaha.

This is just an ordinary plate of long beans. I don't know how they cook it in Taiwan but it didn't have any gravy like we did in Malaysia. But beside the plate they serve you with some hu jiao yan/胡椒盐which is a mixture of pepper with salt which would add more flavor to long beans. Without it the long beans is fine so I have no idea why they would add it there. Anyone from Taiwan or knows why? Let me know please.

This is called zha rou/炸肉 Deep fried battered pork. Damn good this one. Definitely one of the things I would order again if I found it on the menu.

We also ordered this bowl of oyster soup which was just as good as the rest of the food we've ordered. But the thing is I was the only one drinking coz 1) Jacy doesn't like oysters 2) Hubby is allergic to seafood. So I have no idea why they ordered it in the first place. Should have ordered something that everyone could drink right?

After brunch, we decided to walk around XiMenDing looking for this shop called 86shop/86小铺 (official website *here*). It is a small beauty shop which is like Sasa or Sephora. But it is super small scale la. It is a tiny shop with lots and lots of beauty products from Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

The shop was so tiny that I didn't take a pic of it. My camera managed to capture other people who were shopping anywhere I turn. I decided not to take any pics so that I don't invade anyone's privacy. Also I was too busy looking for things that I wanted to buy =)

After much scouting, I only managed to bought two things...
I bought my favorite mascara which is the Dejavu Fiberwig Extra Long mascara

I'm currently trying to look for another mascara coz I feel like the Dejavu one is too wet and it takes quite long to dry. After applying, if I'm not careful, I might get mascara residue on my top lids and bottom lids when I blink. That's quite troublesome. I guess it will eventually not be my favorite mascara anymore due to this =( Any suggestions for a better mascara?

I also bought these 3CE Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner which became one of my favorite makeup items as well. But it does fall out when my lids are too oily. The weather now is crazy hot and my lids are damn oily because of that. So I've not been using it for a long long time.

I bought two black ones: One for me, one for Puff, and one purple one for myself. I regretted not buying more coz it is not sold in Malaysia =( But then again now that I'm not using it I think it's wise that I didn't buy too much.

SR and Jacy took turns to get tummy ache out of nowhere and had to go back to the hostel to ease their tummies. I decided to go back as well to watch some tv while waiting for them.

By the time we were all done with pooping, we were hungry again hahahaha.

We went to this bakery (again didn't take note of the name of the bakery =.=) which was really similar to the Yeast Bakery in Melaka. Of course they are similar la since Yeast Bakery is known as a Taiwanese bakery. But what's different is the customer service at Yeast is crappy.

I don't even know what this meal this is anymore. Tea break? And would you just look at Jacy? Each of us took one item and she had to take two XD

Our first destination was East Metro Mall

The East Metro Mall/东区地下街 is an underground shopping street that starts from ZhongXiao FuXing/忠孝复兴 MRT station all the way to ZhongXiao DunHua/忠孝敦化 MRT station. There are many shops on both sides of the small alley below ground. Apart from that, there are a total of 17 exits which are connected to other shopping malls above ground. It is like a whole route of shopping madness going on right here. BTW the prices for things at the East Metro Mall are definitely cheaper than the ones above ground. So I would definitely recommend you guys to check out East Metro Mall before going shopping above ground.

How to get to East Metro Mall: Take MRT from wherever you are at to ZhongXiao FuXing/忠孝复兴 MRT station. Look for the sign that points to East Metro Underground Shopping Street/东区地下街.

Unfortunately we didn't shop long at East Metro Mall. There were so many shops but we couldn't do much there coz the air-conditioner broke down and it was extremely hot =( I think for my next trip I'll definitely get back there to shop.

Even though it was a short trip, SR and I each managed to buy something there hehe.

SR bought an UV umbrella lolol. You guys might think wtf is this right? But seriously Taiwanese umbrellas are the bomb la. It is super sturdy and so easy to open and close. I don't really need an umbrella right now coz I hardly travel on foot right now. But if I needed one, I'll definitely buy one from Taiwan.

As for me, I bought these pair of Jeffrey Campbell inspired boots. Totally in love with these boots so so much. The quality is not bad and price is damn cheap. I don't think I can find such combination in Malaysia. I'll buy these in another color the next time I go back to Taiwan.

We left East Metro Mall coz we cannot tahan the heat and stuffy-ness. We decided to go above ground at a random exit and to our surprise we reached ZhongXiao DongLu/忠孝东路 *que 动力火车's 忠孝东路走九遍* hahahahahaha

That area is famous for it's tiny cafes. There are so many trust me. There is one in every other alley. We decided to hop into one and try it out.

The cafe we went to

I wanted to tell you again that we don't know where this cafe is anymore coz we also just anyhow walk around and found this cafe. I tried googling for info and guess what? It closed down in October 2015 according to their FB page *here* O.O Apparently the shop owner will not be renting the shop to En Burger anymore so they had to close down. Damn sad la. It was a nice cafe.

I guess we shall just look at the pics and enjoy the memories that we had there...

Finally strong air con after having to walk in a hot and stuffy underground mall. It was also nice to finally rest our feet for more shopping coming up next.

BTW my hubby looked so damn fat two years back ah... like seriously! I've been reading all the Taipei trip posts and realized he really looked damn fat in 2014.

Here's how he looks like now...
Look at my fake Korean idol now. This is his thinnest that I've seen him since we got to know each other 12 years back. I'm not saying that he looks ugly when he's fat la but now he's so much more good looking la. Feel so lucky to be married to him wtf.

I on the other hand put on quite a lot of weight. Can see by the shape of my face la. In this pic above (2014), my face was so sharp and in the pic above this pic (2016), My face became squarer and chubbier. I don't know which planet I came from coz whose face gets squarer when they put on weight? (T.T)

Can't remember what tea I order but it's probably some floral tea la. That's all I remember lol

I don't know why I took a pic of my own drink and didn't take pics of the other drinks =.= So yes, my drink is only available to be shown lol.

Instead of sugar, they will give you a cube of fructose. How nice.

Cheesy fries

Remembered it being really good but we were complaining that there were too little cheese

Can't remember the name of this but it is one of the brunch sets available

I don't know how many brunches we've ate that day tbh lolol

Baked potatoes

So damn goooooood~

Bacon wrapped salad

It's like you wanna be a vegan but still miss bacon.

Scramble eggs

Beside the scramble eggs, there are also some toasted bread. It looks just like any other bread so I did not take a pic.

No memory of the pancake

I can't remember what burger is this but I remember it tasting really good

The next destination we went to is shopping heaven of Taipei. We went straight to Wu Fen Pu/五分铺. Wu Fen Pu is a wholesale shopping area which used to be catered for wholesaling only. But now it is open to the public as well. It has everything from clothes, shoes and accessories...basically everything that you need fashion wise whether you are a man or woman.

How to get to Wu Fen Pu: Take MRT to SongShan/松山 MRT station and exit from Exit 3. Walk straight and continue till you cross SongLong Road. Or you can take the MRT to HouShanPi MRT station and follow the crowd to WuFenPu.

Actually both ways are almost the same. Just remember to follow the crowd if you can't find the road's name.

I seriously had no time to take any pics because I was all busy shopping at every shop we saw. Ain't nobody has time for pics during serious shopping trips. But I do have pics of what I bought then. Let's just check those out...

This is a long skirt which I could not fit =( So I had to give it my cousin in law

One downside about WuFenPu is that you can't try fitting in the clothes before buying. It is something like the clothes at Sungei Wang la. It is up to your luck.

Sinren bought this really cute t shirt which he totally forgotten about now =.= He kept complaining that he doesn't have new CNY clothes this year. It was kept in our broken wardrobe. It cannot be opened so he didn't know there are his clothes in there lol.

My favorite top from Taiwan has got to be this light denim shirt. It is not thick and could be worn during hot weather. Super love.

This is another of my favorite buys from WuFenPu but I couldn't wear it as often as the denim shirt coz the material is damn thick.

The quality of clothes at WuFenPu also varies. There are some that are in good quality like this shirt above. But there are some which are just okok. As for price, it is dirt cheap. Even cheaper if you buy a lot from one shop.

Next SR got this sweater to wear to work. Again he forgot that he has this sweater and have never worn it.

The last thing we got was for Isabelle <3 Unfortunately she grew up so fast that she only got to wear this duck sweater once =( She wore it to Bersih lolol.

We left WuFenPu and walked to our next destination on foot coz it's just nearby.

We went to Raohe Night Market/饶河夜市

How to get to Raohe Night Market: Take MRT to HouShanPi station (same station as WuFenPu). The rest of the instructions were too complicated. I would suggest that you follow the crowd or ask around.

We reached Raohe Night Market but we didn't go inside coz it was too damn packed. Everybody was literally walking at crawling speed. There were some time when we were not even moving. So gave up and just left =(

My advice is NEVER GO TO RAOHE NIGHT MARKET ON THE WEEKENDS. It will be super packed. I've read about not visiting Raohe Night Market on weekends but decided to test my luck. But unfortunately it is true. Don't ever question this. I regretted my decision the moment I walked in.

I guess I'll only go to Raohe Night Market the next time la =(

Instead we went to this Japanese drugstore near Raohe Night Market. It was super packed as well. So we decided not to buy anything since the cashier queue is damn long. We just did some window shopping and left.

Anybody who has watched Roommate (Season 1) might recognize this police station. This is the police station they went after Saeho lost his phone.

Actually one of the reasons I wanted to check out Raohe Night Market was coz Roommate went there (for like few minutes la coz before they did anything Saeho lost his phone =.=) hehe. It is also one of the most recommended night market to visit la.

We decided to head back to XiMenDing coz we looked damn haggard. My makeup almost all melted. Shopping for the whole day is no joke wei.

We found a some sort of food court area at XiMenDing and decided to go test out the food there.

We had (from top to bottom) egg fried rice/蛋炒饭, mi sua/面线, fermented bamboo shoots and sour & spicy soup/酸辣汤

Food was disappointing =( Probably the worst food we've had for our seven days trip. Never going back to the food court area if we ever come back.

Well that was our fifth day =) Two more posts (hopefully) to finish all the posts of our Taipei trip. Yay!!! About time man...

Jacy, SR and I had planned to go to Singapore together but the plan failed. Instead we went to Port Dickson with Teck just last week. We felt like it was more important to continue our tradition of visiting Port Dickson yearly than travelling overseas lol. I will blog about Port Dickson real soon. There is actually nothing much to blog about (coz we've been there so often) but I'll still blog about it coz we went to a circus which was quite interesting I think.

Alright la I have to go sleep d. Shall try to blog tomorrow or some day this week.

See you guys soon.