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How I Found Out That I'm Pregnant With Jigglypuff

[Sorry I published this so late. Pregnant ladies are unpredictable *ahem* excuses *ahem*]

So I've posted this on my FB...

Also I briefly talked about Jigglypuff (that's what SR and I had decided to name the little one for now hehe)'s this post *here* on my Dayre.

So yes...
Woohooooooo~ *does small celebratory dance* Can only do small dance coz cannot move too vigorously lol.

I promised that I will write a full story here on the blog coz I've talked about how we got together (lazy to find the post sorry), how he proposed *here* and our wedding (too many posts to link so I'll skip). It's only fair that the full story of how Jigglypuff is conceived is recorded as well.

If you had read that post in Dayre, you sort of know the whole story already. But I will insert more details and photos here. So please read again even if it kills you.

So let's start the story...

At the end of July, I was having terrible pre-menstrual symptoms. I had the usual cramps and migraines but it was like 100 times more terrible. The cramps wake me up in the middle of the night. The migraines go on for days. Even taking Ephamol was useless. I was considering to see the doctor to see what's wrong with my head if it continues to go on for weeks.

I didn't think much about it coz it was still the normal pre-menstrual symptoms that I get every month. I just thought that maybe I was too stressed in the month of June and July that I'm getting it more serious. I thought if my period come on time everything will be fine.

My period was due to happen on 11 August. But it didn't come on time as I hope it to be. So the cramps and migraines continued for another week. It has previously bothered me for a week. Altogether I had those pain for two weeks (T^T) It didn't occur to me that I was pregnant but instead I thought I was going to have a heck of a painful period when it comes.

On 17 August, I was having terrible migraine with on and off cramps on the tummy area. I had to lay in bed like a sick ass all morning. Don't know what came to me that I decided to just take out a pregnancy test kit and test it out. Took out the Clearblue (the pregnancy test kit's brand la for those who didn't know) that I got previously and went to toilet to pee on it.

I peed and waited for the test to work in a minute. I was shivering the whole time...from fear, from excitement and from emotions that I am not sure of. Closed my eyes and pray for the best.

For those who are not familiar with Clearblue (which I found out that not many people are), the circle area is the result window while the diamond shape one is certify that your pregnancy test kit works. "+" in the result window means it's a positive result = pregnant, "-" means that it's a negative = not pregnant.

When I got this result, I shivered even harder coz it looked like a "|" instead of a "+" or "-". I didn't know if it's positive or negative. But in the leaflet attached with the pregnancy test kit, it says no matter how faint the "+" is, it's still a positive.

I texted two of my friends to ask them if it's a positive or negative. Both of them had never seen such a result (=.=) See what I tell you about not everyone is familiar with Clearblue. One of them told me to get another pregnancy test kit to test again. She told me to get one which result is either one line or two lines. That's easier to see apparently.

I also told SR about it. He was super excited and started counting when did we conceived the baby lol. I told him not to get excited first. Maybe just some hormonal imbalance or something. I told him that I am going to get another pregnancy test kit to test it again. He told me to go to the obgyn straight away to be extra sure. But I didn't want to. 1) I didn't wanna waste money going to the doctor before I'm very sure 2) What if the answer is not what we want it to be.

So I strutted to Aeon and got two pregnancy test kits from two different brands. Got into the toilet and did the peeing again. This time I wasn't as shivery as the first time. More calm I must say. And after one minute...
Two lines but extremely faint. Errrrr.... so?

Texted my friend again and she said "Errrr... can you get another test to test it out next morning? I heard that it's more accurate in the morning". I was like okayyyy coz I wasn't sure if the test was accurate as well. Yes, it was said on the box of the test kits that they are 99% accurate. But I just couldn't believe it la.

I showed my mother the pregnancy test kits and she was sceptical as well. She agreed with SR and said we should just go to the obgyn to confirm it. I told her that I'll wait another two days la coz I'm still convinced that I'm having some hormone imbalance or something weird going on with my body.

Next morning I did the peeing test like a pro now lol.
I showed my friend this pic and she said: "That's three positive tests, Dorcas Pang. I think there's no mistake that you are pregnant" lolol.

I made an appointment to meet my obgyn after two days. Le hubby is working that day so he couldn't come along to the appointment. I brought my mum instead coz I needed the moral support to accept the results whether it is positive or negative.

When I told the obgyn that I am here to confirm my pregnancy, he asked if I've did any pregnancy test at home. I didn't tell him about the three =P but I said yes. He told me pregnancy tests are pretty accurate so he's pretty sure I'm 100% pregnant. But he said let's do a scan to confirm.

This was the thing that appeared on the screen

Let me explain to you guys like how I did to SR. That round thing that I've pointed with the white arrow is the amniotic sac which is known as water bag to most people (like me). You probably can't see it but at the end of the arrow, there is a tiny little dot. The doctor can't be sure what that dot is but he said that's probably the embryo.

So it is finally confirmed that I am pregnant. Judging from the size of the amniotic sac, doctor said that I'm in my 6 weeks. Mum and I were obviously really happy from the news. Seeing the scan of the amniotic sac was really emotional actually. I was about to tear up and looking at mum, I knew she was too.

Then the doctor said something that nearly made my heart stop. He enlarged the scan and showed me a corner of the amniotic sac (no pic for this). He said there is a visible blood clot beside it...which means the amniotic sac and the embryo were not nicely implanted into the uterus. The size of the blood clot is quite big as well. This could be a problem =/ The blood clot might dissolve anytime. Because of the size of the blood clot is large (even bigger than the amniotic sac and embryo), it is possible that the blood clot might pull the amniotic sac along when it dissolves. Meaning, if the blood clot dissolves, I will be having a miscarriage. (T^T) When I heard the news, I had just went blank. I don't know how to react. What am I supposed to feel when I get a good news and a bad news on the same day?

There's nothing much the doctor could do except for giving me some pills to treat my threatened abortion (whatever that can cause miscarriage is called threatened abortion which in my opinion sounds scary af).
I had to eat Duphaston (the name of the pills) twice every day. It was supposed to stabilise the embryo and amniotic sac. I was also told not to carry anything heavy, do any vigorous exercise or any hard labour. If possible, he advised me to stay on the bed as often as possible. Then I had to come back to see the doctor again after another two weeks.

After going back, I was treated like a princess from everyone hehe. Secretly damn happy \(^.^)/ The happiest thing was my mother cutting down a lot of my housework wahaha. But the downside was I had to stop eating a lot of things =( No raw food (SUSHIS!!!!) and nothing cold. Both of my favourite stuff.

At first it was fun la. I can just lie around and not do anything all day. But after awhile I started to get bored. On top of that, I still get migraines very frequently (and fevers occasionally). These migraines might last for days. I can be lying on bed for days doing nothing...can't even go to work (so many replacements to make up O.O)coz my eyes hurt till I couldn't open my eyes. (T^T) I felt damn useless la.

You guys might be wondering why I have severe migraines like this right? It is actually pretty normal. Before getting pregnant, I thought the only problem you get during pregnancy is morning sickness. After reading up on What To Expect When You Are Expecting, I found out that not everyone gets morning sickness. Some people vomit their guts out while some other people, like me, gets migraines. But it is also possible that some people get none of this symptoms.

On my second checkup after two weeks, the doctor said that the embryo (circled in red) and amniotic sac had grown significantly bigger...which is a good sign coz if it didn't grow, it means that the blood clot is affecting growth. Thank God it didn't la. But unfortunately the blood clot is still there =.= It didn't disappear or reduce in size. At this stage, it is still threatening the life and death of my baby =(

So it was back to another round of Duphaston for me for another two weeks with the same advice. But this time the doctor told me during the next checkup (which is two weeks later) if the blood clot is still there, I will have to take a jab. The jab will dissolve the blood clot but it is also very risky. Like I said earlier, if the blood clot ever dissolves, it can pull the amniotic sac along and cause miscarriage. So in other words, the jab might cause miscarriage as well. (T.T)

Another two weeks gone by and I'm back at the obgyn's office. Another check up and another scan. I was actually not looking forward to it coz I was worried that I will have to take the jab. But Praise The Lord I didn't have to.

In the pic, you can see that Jigglypuff is fully formed. The fella is 10 weeks now and is officially a foetus (instead of a embryo like stated previously). To celebrate that the fella is a foetus, God decided to give us the good news that Jigglypuff has outgrown the size of the blood clot (Yes, the annoying blood clot is still there =.=). Jigglypuff > Blood clot means that the blood clot cannot risk to pull Jigglypuff along when it decides to dissolve. It also means that I don't have to take the jab. Yayyyyy~ No more risk of miscarriage for now =D

We were damn happy during that check up la. Coz not only we received good news from the doctor, we managed to see Jigglypuff's pumping heart and saw the fella doing a body wave dance. Best check up everrrr.

The doctor also told us that we don't have to come every two weeks d. I will only have to come back after a month.

So basically that was the story of how we found out about our little one and some stories that happened after that. I figured since I've taken so long to post up about the fella, I might as well continue with how the fella and I are doing as of now.

Last month, I went for two different checkups. One at my obgyn's place and another one at government's clinic. You have the option to go for checkups at only private clinics or only government clinic depending on where you decide to give birth. But my friends told me to go to both private and government to get two opinions.

I first went to the government clinic. It was my first visit so I was expecting it was going to take a whole day (knowing how "efficient" they can be). As expected, I took like half the day to settle everything. I had to fill up one long form, get my urine and blood tested, then fill up two record books, met up with a nurse for a short seminar and finally met the doctor for my "first" checkup.

This was the scan done at the government clinic (> . >)

The doctor didn't say much except told me that I have to be back after a month for the usual checkup. I don't think there's nothing much she can say from the looks of the scan la (Neither can I =/). Don't know why I went to see the doctor pun. But I did benefited from the seminar I had with the nurse. She talked to me about breastfeeding...which I had no clue of yet. I have friends who breastfeed their children but they haven't told me much about it. I don't even know what to ask la honestly. I'm glad I finally got a some insight about it now.

As for the checkup at my obgyn...
Yet another good news received from my doctor. The blood clot has disappeared. Yayyyy~ Don't know it disappeared and I was too happy to remember to ask the doctor how it disappeared (>.<) Whatever it is... I'm glad it's finally gone.

Jigglypuff was less active this time...probably sleeping la. Doctor said heart is beating at normal speed and growth is going on well. Can't really see Jigglypuff properly coz the fella is lying in a weird position =.= SR said Jiggly probably took after me for having weird sleeping positions hahaha.

For the latest checkup (in November) at the government clinic, I was diagnosed with anaemia O.o . The nurses said that the level of haemoglobin in my red blood cells is too low. Anything below 11 is low and mine was 10.4 (Second time dropped even lower to 10.2).

The only time I've heard about haemoglobin is when my mother had dengue. Usually people with dengue have very low level of haemoglobin. But after meeting with the doctor (at the government clinic), I found out that it is normal for pregnant women to have low level of haemoglobin. Coz all the haemoglobin goes to the baby. Scumbag baby wtf hahahaha.

So what I have to do now is to bring it up to 11. The nurses gave me iron tablets and some multivitamins to boost the iron to produce more haemoglobin. They also gave me a list of food to eat more of like beef, animal's innards (I whacked pork liver like mad wahahahahaha) and many more other food la. I have to go back to the government clinic every two weeks until my haemoglobin is back to normal. Sighhhh... I don't know why I kept having to visiting clinics/hospitals once every two weeks. I pray that this don't last all through my pregnancy =/

Last update from my private obgyn...
Jigglypuff had grown so so much. But unfortunately still too small. The fella was supposed to be 16 weeks during the checkup but after the doctor measured Jiggly's size (9.8cm as stated in the scan above), the fella is just around the size of a 15 weeks fetus. But it's not that accurate la. Can only know whether he is going to be a small size baby after he is born.

Other than that he is healthy and hella active. Moving his hands and kicking his feet the whole time the doctor was doing the scan. But I couldn't feel the jiggling or movements yet. Still too early to feel it. But soonnnn the doctor said. Can't wait for that.

Doctor has also told me the gender but he is not 100% sure. He can only be very sure in a month of so. I've been waiting for the gender announcement so that I can start buying stuff for Jigglypuff. The gender would determined so many things man. Like colour, style, patterns...etc. Cannot wait to start shopping as well.

That's about all the updates. I don't think I'll be updating like every month coz it's like too much work *lazy* If you guys want to know more updates, you can read my Dayre *here* coz I usually would update anything immediately as it happens. So it is more up to date.

Alright that's all for today. I'll update or post up stuff whenever I can. So see you guys in the next post.

Oh before I go, here's a pic of me and bump.
Please excuse the mess at the back including my bra (> . >)

I thought I would do the comparison of my bump from week 6 till the current week but I just didn't have any bumps up until now. Before this I just looked like I had a big lunch lol. Even up until now, my bump is not that big which is great. I can still fit into quite a few of my clothes. I think it'll finally balloon up like crazy at the final trimester la. By then I'll definitely look like Baymax wtf.

Ok la seriously it's time for me to end this post.

See you guys soon...