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Hello 2017!!! (Two months late =.=)

I'm not gonna lie. I looked back to my last year's post *here* to see what the title was and then shamelessly copied the exact title. Please forgive the 9 months plus pregnant lady. Creative juices all given to Baby Z. Yes, that's the baby's name now. Can you guess what gender is the lil fella?

I know I'm two months late (or is it three?) to do this but better late than never no? (I feel like I say this all the time hehe 😁) It is that time of the year to review my 2016 resolutions and also reveal my 2017 ones. Honestly I am quite proud of myself for how well I did in last year's resolution. I didn't really tick off a lot of the resolutions but I made so much progress as compared to the years before where I barely did anything to make it work. I'm gonna give myself a big pat on the shoulder for being awesome last year 😊

Let's start of by talking about things I've done first...

OMG look at how thin I was pre-pregnancy!!!

I've finally taken my Grade 7 violin exam and passed it. Woohoooooooo~ no pic of results or certificate coz it's still with my tutor lol. Haven't been to her place since I got pregnant which is almost the same time I got my results.

You guys have no idea how long I prepared for it. The first time round when I took the exam (I can't even remember when the first time was already), I failed it terribly. Then I didn't have the motivation to take the exam again. Until last year I was suddenly very into making sure that I take the exam before I lose hope in myself. I need to prove to myself that I can do whatever I put myself into.

So I did πŸ’ͺ I passed πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Butttt I was kinda disappointed that I only managed to get a pass. My tutor was quite positive I'm getting a merit and I was hoping the same thing. Sighhhh~ missed it by just one mark =.= It's okay la. I've tried my best and I'm very proud of myself for passing.

Next I'm going to conquer Grade 8πŸ’ͺ. But I've been taking a break from classes coz of pregnancy. Not sure when I'll be back to class. I wanted to get back in the second trimester but I keep got distracted. Then I was not sure it'll be ok to go back to classes during the last trimester coz I get really tired easily. I'm about to give birth now so no point going to classes also la lol.

That's the only one that I've successfully ticked off the resolution list but there are a few that I think I did quite well. Like...

Organising gatherings with my family and best friends

I think I've been meeting my cousins more often than the years before. We used to only meet up once a year.

I read in The Happiness Project that...
Just as Woody Allen said that "eighty percent of success is showing up," a big part of friendship is showing up. Unless you make consistent efforts, your friendships aren't going to survive.
(So much effort that I actually looked for the excerpt from the book hehe 😬Gotta pat myself on the back for this)

I wanted to make sure that I got more connections with my family so I made sure I call them up whenever I'm in KL. Also I've been texting them more often on our cousins' group chat. I didn't wanna lose what we had when we were kids. That takes a lot of effort but it's worth it. I realised that our relationship are even better than when we were younger.

As for my best friends, I was not able to meet up with all as often but at least I was able to be very close with the ones in Melaka. I should continue to meet up with at least some of them once a month la.

The next one that I thought I put on a lot of effort has got to be my reading challenge.

I set a goal of reading 12 books...which actually meant one book per month. I didn't finish reading all 12 but I managed to read 7 which was better than the year before? In 2015, I've only read 5 books.

So here is the list of books that I've read in case you guys are wondering...

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Rapunzel: The One With All The Hair

Warm Bodies

Catching Fire

Me Before You

It was a year of reading books that were made into movies lolol...well, except for the Rapunzel which was seriously a very WTF book. I don't recommend it at all.

The last one that I've tried very hard to tick off the resolution list was to maintain a stable monthly income. I was able to maintain it for quite some time. Then at the end of the year, everything went a little haywire. Some times I was able to hit the target pay but some times it was slightly lower. Sighhh... I really wanted this to succeed.

Now let's move on to the ones that I've failed terribly...

I failed in finishing to read the English bible. Three years target to finish reading it failed. =.= Since I didn't finish the English bible, I couldn't begin on my Chinese bible. So double the fail.

But honestly I think I've read more than I did in the years before (except for 2015 coz I read really a lot that year). Again I'm very proud of myself. My determination was going quite strong through out the year la...just not strong enough to finish lol.

Next my fitness routine is totally non-existing lolol. I blame it on my pregnancy wtf.

I also failed to save up to my target amount of money in my bank account. The shopaholic in me is just uncontrollable =.= I can't even say that I'm tried hard coz I'm too far away from the targeted amount =/

I wanted to start preparing for my piano's diploma exam after my violin exam. But pregnancy happened =.= I know it's not a valid excuse la. But at my first trimester I couldn't do anything coz I was always having headache. After my first trimester, I got lazy la of course. What else (> . >)

I think I've failed this the worst IMO. I was so happy to start having a sponsor kid two years ago. I was so determined to support her for the whole year. But I've failed terribly.

I've stopped supporting her in April =/ Not coz I don't have the money. It's just coz I kept forgetting about it. Sighhhh... I'm just a terrible person la. I feel so ashamed =(((

This last one I'm not even sad that I wasn't able to tick it off.

We were so close to book our flight to Bangkok after getting my violin exam's result as a celebratory trip. We couldn't find our passports so we delayed the booking for some time. But some explosion happened. So my dad didn't allow any of us to go to Bangkok. We convinced him that it's safe. He was like quite ok to let us go lor. Then their King passed away which made it kinda not a good idea to visit for the time being. In the end, pregnancy happened and we just couldn't go anymore. SR was saying that maybe from the beginning (when we couldn't find the passports) God didn't want us to book the ticket. He wanted us to stay in Malaysia and wait for our good news (of the pregnancy).

It's okay not being able to travel overseas coz I got a greatest gift of congratulatory (for my violin exam) from God πŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ. I still itch to travel laaaa honestly. I'll just have to wait for Baby Z to arrive and travel together nie la.

That was my 2016 resolutions. Honestly I thought I did quite well coz I tried so hard to tick it off. I have sub-goals for every month and every week to make sure that I keep up with the resolutions. I think I started straying off the moment I found out that I was pregnant la. Of course I don't blame the pregnancy for making me fail my resolutions la. Coz I was really not in the best condition to do anything during my first trimester. Then in my second trimester, when I got better, I was just lazy. I would rather blame it on my own laziness la.

Now for 2017, I'm actually gonna continue my 2016 resolutions...those that I didn't manage to tick off. I'm not sure if I'll do better than 2016 but I would love to tick them off some way or other.

Let me just briefly talk about each one...

1. Finish reading the English bible by March (which is this month πŸ˜… and it's ending soon πŸ˜…πŸ˜…)

I have five books left to read in the English bible for this year. I think it is possible to finish two books in one month. So I'm hoping that I could finish up the bible by this month. I think this is doable since Baby Z is not here yet so I still have a lot of time to do a lot of reading.

2. Start my three year plan to finish reading the Chinese bible- Read at least 30% by the end of 2017

I have to clarify that the English and Chinese bibles are totally the same. The only thing different is the language. So why do I wanna read two of the same books? Well, it is actually a really big challenge to finish the you can see how I've failed to finish the English version for years.

The bible is a collection of books in one book written by different authors. Some books/authors are easy coz they are presented in a simple way. Some have so much hidden message that it is difficult to understand. Some are down right boring. Some are so long winded. So yes, for me to read through it was a real challenge coz I'm not just reading it like a story book/novel. I'm trying to understand and learn from the things I've been reading.

It is already so difficult for me to read the English one, I think it'll be even a bigger challenge for me to finish the Chinese one. That's coz Chinese is not my first language and my level of knowing Chinese characters is damn low. But still I wanna pick up the challenge la. If I don't do it now, I don't know when I'll do it. It'll also improve my Chinese. That's what I always think when I pick up a Chinese book to read.

So this year I'll finish 30% of the book and finish off the other 70% in the next two years which will end in 2020 (Wawasan 2020 sial lol). πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

3. Have a daily fitness routine

I am currently 70+ kg fml. Before pregnancy, I was around 54/55kg. So I've put on like 10+kg. πŸ˜” I really need to work really hard to be able to shake off all the weight. So I better work on a fitness routine ASAP. I wanna go back to my pre-pregnancy weight or if I can get to 50kg would be perfect.

4 & 5. Maintain my income and save up to target amount in the bank

I'm not sure if I could boost up my income this year since a lot will be different when Baby Z is here. But I'm determined to still keep my income at a certain amount la...well, except for April where I will stop working for a month due to confinement period.

I also need to control my shopaholic-ness so that I can really save up the amount that I want to. To make that happen, I plan to have a shopping ban every few months.

6. Start preparing 50% of my piano's diploma exam

Now that I've successfully got through my violin exam, I think nothing is really impossible when I put my heart to it. I'm planning to take the diploma exam (ATCL) in two years and pass it. In order to do that, I'll have to prepare by this year.

I think I'll be repeating the pieces that I've previously failed and practice them well enough to go for the exam. But I'll have to talk to my tutor to see what she suggests.

7. Continue to support Soprapit

In case you are wondering, yes, those are letters and cards I got from Soprapit. The first pic is the original script written by Soprapit in Thai and the second pic is the translated version.

I'm going to make sure that I pay up every month and try to send more cards and letters to her as well.

8. Read 12 books

One book per month shouldn't be a problem right? People has resolution to read 52 books in one year dey. That's like one book per week. That's difficult in my opinion. One per month is more doable for me.

9. Visit one country overseas

SR and I plan to bring Baby Z for this year's trip but don't know if it's doable. Obviously not in the first six months la. We need to get used to being parents first and learn about this new human being in our lives. Then we will plan to go somewhere near before taking a plunge on visiting our dream country in 2018. Planning will happen after Baby Z is born.

10. Create a stable daily mummy routine

My mummy friends scoffed at me when I told them this. They said I can slowly dream about this coz even Umie who has two daughters now said she doesn't have a stable routine. But I'm gonna try my best la. I believe I need some sort of routine to get me going. If not, I think I'll be mopping around and very not productive for the whole day.

Well that was a very lengthy update after not posting up anything for a very long time 😐 I hope I didn't bore anyone reading.

I'm not sure how my posting is going to be for this year. I'm still clueless about my iMac. Still not so sure about a lot of things. Plus with pregnancy and the upcoming arrival of Baby Z. But I'll try my best la. No promises tho.

If you guys ever miss my posts (or my face 😜), you can always look for me at my Dayre *here* I mostly talk about beauty stuff there but I do update about what's happening around me. So feel free to stalk me over there.

Alright that's all for now.

See you guys when I do post.


p/s: most of the clipart's are taken from Google. I do not own them and credits goes to anyone who owns them.