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September 2017 Empties

In and out of the app for less than 10 minutes hahahah.

Update on my fixed eyeshadow

Eyeshadow is completely dried. Looks damn ugly but it's okay lah. As long as it's useable I'm good.

The Surgical spirit's scent is still there but not strong lah. You'll have to put your nose damn near only can smell it. For now the scent still doesn't bother me. Don't know how it'll be when I start using it.

On the right is a finger swatch while the left one is a brush swatch.  

Used it on my eyes today as inner corners and brow bone highlight. It works perfectly fine 😁 Same glittery white shadow that I love. There is no signs of the surgical spirit scent when I applied it. I asked my mum to smell my face after I applied my makeup and she said there's no scent as well.

I guess this experiment is a success. Now I can try to repress other powder products...especially the ones in my Project Pan. I'll do a full tutorial post when I have the time.

Update on Bangkok Trip

• Air ticket ✅
• Airport transfer in Bangkok (two ways) ✅
• Hotel ✅
• Hua Hin Tour ✅

I think I'm left with airport transfer in Melaka, itinerary for rest of the days in Bangkok and my birthday party. Did I miss anything out?

I'll start planning my packing list in November lah. Not too early right? I plan to pack as little as possible so that I can fit in all my buys. Not sure if I'll be buying a lot coz I've never been to Bangkok (I did when I was two years old lah). Don't know what to expect. Hopefully I'll get some good buys so that I don't need to shop for anymore Christmas and CNY clothes when I get back.

Anyways I'm contemplating if I wanna talk about the monthly Empties or what's in my weekly makeup pouch first. Zyon is sleeping so I have some time to spare. Should I begin with lesser thing first or the more things first?

September 2017 Empties

Finished the Artistry Hydra-V Fresh Foaming Cleanser. Well technically SR and I finished it together lah coz we used the same cleanser for many years d.

This cleanser is very mild. It leaves my skin feeling clean, fresh and no tightening on the skin after washing. I've gone through so many bottles so you know it's good.

I actually plan to venture into other facial cleanser but le hubby had already repurchase one 😒 I think I'll use this in conjunction with a new cleanser that I'm trying out.

Son & Park Beauty Water

I am liked using this as a toner but not like 100% in love with it. I feel like sometimes it works well to moisturize my face but other times I feel like it's too harsh. Don't know why such different feeling at different times.

I probably won't be repurchasing this coz I think I'm loving the toner that I'm using right now. Will post up an updated skincare routine one of these days.