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What's In My Work Bag?

Today I'm bored coz I'm stuck outside without my lappie. So I've decided to talk about what's in my work bag!!!

This is my bag. I don't know what's the name of this bag coz I can't find any details about it online. But I think it is from Weekenders collection. Please let me know if I'm wrong. It is from Victoria's Secret btw.

I know it looks like a black rubbish bag wtf but it is actually a very nice sling bag. Problem lies in me. Please forgive my insufficiency in photography skills lol.

Ok let's see what in the front pocket...

Top (left to right): two packets of tissues, notepad. 

Bottom: Thor's movie ticket, which I probably should throw lol; Nivea Fruity Shine lipgloss in Pink Guava, which I've not used for a long time >.> ; bag hook.

These are the stuff inside the bag.

Top: Student's attendance book, Schedule Book, Pencil case 

Bottom: Wallet, iPhone charger, Makeup/Miscellaneous pouch 

Not pictured: iPhone 4