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trop noskcid pirt...???

if u guys were wondering what the heck the title meant, u guys aren't stupid. i purposely did it to attract attention. haha! anyways, its supposed to be port dickson trip. got the idea from couz isa. sorry couzie for stealing your idea. haha! have u figure it out? don't hurt ya brain...slowly,slowly.
i have been cracking my poor brains on how to blog about the port dickson trip. thus, the lack of posts. i don't know what to talk about it. basicly it was not a pleasing trip. both enoch and i regretted that we went. huh! if it wasn't for...hehe! nothing lah! don't wanna complain since its all over.

i couldn't edit the photos form port dickson coz my lappie (erm~ thts wat i call my laptop. i called it that since i bought it k? not stealing anyone's idea of naming their belongings.) only my lappie has photoshop. i don't know what happened to my photo editing pogramme in my computer. i was very good at using it but the programme just disappeared. *boo* -_-lll

but i guess i could still post the photos-untouched with a couple of caption to sort of tell u guys a little about the damn boring trip to port dickson.

erm~ that's david kor kor. we sat in his car through out the whole trip: from melaka to pd, to jun hao's house, to PD presbyterian church, to PD beach, to lunch, and from PD all the way back to melaka. he's a real nice guy. help out whenever he could. never said a single 'no' when asked for a favor. and he's not bad looking oh~ haha! too bad he's already taken. eat ya hearts out girls!!with all this good things i said bout u david kor kor...i demand for a special lunch or something...haha!!!

Sheene and I sitting at the back passenger seat. mama made us sit together. not that i don't like to sit with sheene. i love sitting with my sistah. we even slept together at night during the trip. we were like hugging and all...haha joking lah. but we did sleep together lah. haha! its just that i have not talked intimately with SR for quite awhile. i just wanna spend time talking with him. why can't mama understand??? aiyah~ these adults all no life one lah!!! :(

the food delicious food served at jun hao's house:

 jun hao was the one who invited us- the youth fellowship ppl of GPMelaka, over to pd presbyterian church. he's the leader of his church's youth fellowship. i knew him since last year when we went for a YW Camp at terengganu. he LOVED calling me by my christian name in chinese. i know my name's real nice but in chinese it sounded a kolot!!!

the pretty prinsezz drinking 7-up. haha! i wanted to drink jolly shandy mia. but none was left. there was a can of carlsberg. the temptation was so damn strong. but ney wouldn't allow me to drink :X

jun hao's doggie, max. kinda dumb. call until my throat kering also won't come. maybe its because i don't have the kinda voice that attracts dogs. unlike some people who totally brags about it... *very great lah now???*

the beautiful view of the port dickson beach and shore line. not as beautiful as redang's but boleh tahan lah. at least it looked better than melaka's beaches. haha!

have u seen people who ran around on the beach and playing with sea with an umbrella in their hand? haha! here we see ah khan kor kor and fay doing the big act. but fay's face not seen properly lah. daring betul orh~ and ah khan who is wearing all white with that striking all-yellow umbrella really attract lotsa attention.hahahaha!

look at the beautiful ground who acts as backdrop and the two hunky beach boys.haha! ok, cut off that hunky part. i don't mean to insult lah. but my impression of hunky beach boys are guys that are damn muscular, wearing nothing but a tiny swimming trunk and awesome tan. but no. these guys are not muscular, wearing a purple tee with jeans and a blue shirt with slacks and fair like snow white. what the heck?!?

a tiny shell thingy...i'm not sure if its a crab or something else...gud this wonderful piece of art. its amazing ain't it? i tried digging the sand but i can't get the same way tht the 'thing' had did. animals never fail to amaze me and this lifts my heart to give praise to my Lord as i see all the amazing things his creation were able to do.

d loves e forever and ever...muaks! muaks! i wanted to decorate it with coloured shells but couldn't find more than five shells at the beach. can u spell LAME? haha!

haha! yeap...i'm DORCASS

SR eating fried bee hoon...and the beginning of a silly arguement.

love tecko coz he spent the whole night bbq-ing for us while we eat an chat *guilts* here's a tiny-weeny little peck for u, tecko. muakiez!!!

spot my chicken wing? its the extra long one. hah! i added a sausage to my chicken wing causing tecko to scream at the top of his lungs at me. lolz~

i don't know why i always lookd like i am hiding behind enoch's head. haha! in this pic, one of my eyes totally gone. i made him smile so widely in this pic. *don't u look adorable, little neney...angugu* haha!

sleeping at church again!!! >_<