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F**k you!!!

i am pissed. i had been cheated.

i think those who had read my blog and also very close to me might know that i worked at the rain's coming concert as a lame ticket checker. never in my life i ran so much in a night and i had not said so much thank u in a day in my life before. it was really a bad experience. but i lazy wanna talk about it all over again lah. coz i'm already damn pissed now. telling the whole story again will piss me even more.

ok,ok...i keep going on and on bout me being pissed but didn't tell the whole story bout why am i pissed. i am pissed because... after four months...yes, exactly 4 months after the damn concert,(erm~ i dun mean the concert was bad lah. i loved the concert lah. rain is still the best in korea!!!!) i haven't get my lame rm50 pay. can u believe it?

rm50 only ok? not rm500. if its rm500, i will forgive them coz its a whole lot of sum. rm50. my dad one week give me extra allowance also more than that k?(more than rm50 but i still wan a raise in my allowance!!! for me its still too little.) if it can organize such a huge concert such as this concert (rain's coming concert), rm 50 also cannot give meh?

ok, i know rm50 is not such a big deal for u guys. but to me...ok, i don't think its a lot lah. coz actually i feel like i had already gain back the money by watching the concert. but i still want that rm 50 lah. for all the work i running up and down, kena scold like giler and like i got no dignity, apologizing like giler..etc. hello!!! i am a prinsezz k? ok, maybe not a real one but u know how i beg my parents to let me go work or not? u know how far i have to take lrt to reach that damn stadium not? the lrt fare no need to pay me lah? and then the food they gave taste like shit... pepsi was one of the co-sponsor. and during dinner, they ask us to share a can of pepsi among the few people in our group. wtf?!? they got hear b4 sars or not? pepsi so 'kiam siap' meh? cannot give us more cans of pepsi arh?

see how lame is this damn company? i dunno why rain's rep let them organize the concert. i heard rumours that even the interpreter who helped out during the whole tour in malaysia, also employed by this damn company, had not been paid too. can u see now? how stupid??? no money then don't lebih go and organize people's concert lah. buat malu saja!!!

sinren says he wanna go complain bout this stupid company, want them to pay all of us. i don't mind bout the pay really...i just want this company kena malu. i hope the whole of malaysia will boo at this lame company. i hope it will bankrupt and have to close down. so i definitely agree sin ren to go do it. but i hope he will go and blog about it. haha!!! making him to blog again. neney, blog yar... don't say lazy~~~~

sigh~ actually i need money now lah. my dad who promised to buy me a digital camera just say that he won't buy it. he say i don't need it. wtf?!? i am damn pissed with him to. he alwiz fail to do what he promise. he promised a dinner for me and mum today but say he can't coz he's too busy. and wtf was he busy bout? playing the damn golf. very important lah now? i feel like throwing his damn golf sticks. then the store room will have so much extra room. he alwiz say no money. but he got so much money to spend it one the golf course. wtf?!? hate him arh!!!!

i don't usually use vulgar words but when i am damn pissed and need to convey all my hate, i will use lots of them. please forgive me. i am a christian...but~ sigh~ my vulgar words macam fountain flowing out of my mouth. ish ish~ teruk betul. but thanks to neney, i seriously stopped this bad habit. er~ for as long that i'm happy lah. or else...hehe! i still scold bad words like no tomoro...haha!!!

k lah. i feel so much better after telling u guys. help to spread the news bout the rain's coming concert shit. damn hope they will close down...i mean the company. they close down the first to be celebrating would be me. hahahahahaah!!!!

i wanna watch spiderman 3 lah!!! somebody bring me lah!!! or buy me the dvd ker...haha!! oh yeah! will tell u bout the funniest movie ticket buying experience ever next. damn damn funny. never seen any so stupid ticket seller in my life. but thanks to her i get to watch pirates of caribbean 3. haha!!

k u all.