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October last year, SR brought me out for a short babymoon. I was still in my first trimester so we couldn't go far. Our babymoon was at none other than our frequent visited place, Port Dickson lol.

[Just to verify...the dude is not naked lol]

We usually would go budget when we go to Port Dickson but this time we decided to go fancy and stayed at the hottest hotel in Port Dickson of recent years, Lexis Hibiscus. The hotel room was le It was so awesome we didn't even need to leave the room. As you can see there is a pool and a steam room (which I couldn't use due to pregnancy) in the balcony itself. The two king size bed was comfy. SR and I each took one bed to nap lol. Then at night slept in only one coz #stickycouple. There was also an awesome entertainment system with so many movies to watch. Don't even get me started on the bathtub. I literally wanted to live in it lah. Just tell me why would we need to leave the room right?

But we did leave the room lah hehe. We went out to their Hibiscus Walk to check out the food stalls there. We were given some food vouchers so instead of driving out for dinner, we decided to dine in. Food was...very mediocre but okay lah. If we had to pay for it, we wouldn't have opt for it coz we know places which sell better food (like our favorite lamb satay 😋) The view at the food stalls tho was to die for.

Overall we had a good time lah...even though I was having migraine for 90% of the time 😔 SR also had a migraine at the end of the day as well. We even had "couple sickness" on our vacation wtf.

My suggestion for anyone who is planning on a babymoon is that the best time to have it is on the second trimester. I had it on the first which was a bad idea coz I was sick/having migraine & fever most of the time. Should have planned it after my migraine and fever is all gone. Then I would have enjoyed the vacation better. Never mind lah. Can always plan it again kan? Now that Baby Z is here (birth story will follow real soon :)) we can have our own family vacations there. SR and I are already planning for it hehe.

That's all for a short update today. I think recently I'll be doing updates like this pretty often. More photos and less words. Easier for me to manage for my new schedule as a new mummy. I've recently cut down on my update on my Dayre but I'll get back to there soon enough. You guys can always find me there for daily random updates and also anything about beauty. Link to my Dayre *here*

I'll see you guys in a post real soon. Till next time...

Bubbye for now =)