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Surprise Baby Shower

I always thought about how I wanted to have a baby shower before I got pregnant. Even when I got pregnant, I had briefly planned my baby shower as well. But then when I hit my third trimester, I decided not to have one. Reason was coz I was tired most of the time. I didn't wanna spend my energy on planning anything except preparing for Baby Z's arrival. So I decided to cancel my plan for the baby shower and just do some sort of celebration after my little one is born nie. (That didn't happen as well lol) But my friends, Puff and Nana weren't having it. They decided to throw me a simple surprise baby shower hidden as a normal dinner night.

OMG this is how I look like before I gave birth wtf

Anyways, Puff and Nana told me that we were going to have a triple date together. We had a triple date before this so I didn't think too much about it and went with the plan. After work, I went back home to get ready for the dinner. Then they sneakily told SR about the surprise and told him to stall some time coz they wanted to decorate the dinner place for the baby shower. So my poor husband who knew that I hate being late for any events, had to risk being scolded by me and tried his best to delay going out too early.

We finally got to the dinner place before I exploded and pulled all his hair out lolol.

When we got to the dinner place, I got the shock of my life. Can't believe they decorated our little corner at the restaurant to look so damn fancy. Nana and Puff spent their lunch breaks preparing all the decorations and then did the place up just a couple of minutes before the dinner. So damn touched 😍

In case you guys can't guess the theme yet, it's Ravenclaw/Harry Potter theme coz I'm a Ravenclaw *proud*

When I was initially planning for the baby shower, I told Puff and Nana that I wanted to do a Harry Potter theme baby shower. Can't believe they remembered what I said and decorated according to the initial plan. Seriously super touched la.

Look at these cakes from Handmade Bakery 💓 They (Puff and Nana, not the bakery) even put on some Harry Potter themed cake toppers on top so that the cake fit the theme as well 💓💓

My personal favorites are the Snape and Voldie ones

OMG I look like a hippo just a few months back


Our second triple date was yet another success 💪💪💪

Not sure if there will be other triple dates d coz now they'll probably ditch me and SR since we are different from them now 😭

So grateful for these two 💓 They were there for me in every part of my pregnancy...even up until my induction and after giving birth. So much love for them. I hope I'll be able to be there for them during their pregnancies and labors as well. But please don't let me wait too long ok? 😛

So fat 😞

If you guys are wondering what these two nuts are doing...they are standing in front of the fan and trying to take "hair flying" shots =.= Sometimes wonder why am I friends with them lolol.

Don't worry. I didn't take any wine if you guys are wondering. I've not taken any alcoholic drink for about a year now. When nie can I drink? 😭 #alcoholicdookie

Okay end of endless amount of lame photos of the three of us lol

Found out that my friend's friend's bf owned the restaurant that we went to. The kind girl gave us discount and also gave us a padlock to engrave our names on it. Then put it on their "wall of fame" for remembrance. Here I am trying to engrave something onto the padlock in this pic above.

Sorry for the terrible work. I hope they give me a free padlock the next time I come as that I can do better next time wtf

I think these two are probably the last photos of us before becoming parents. Now we can hardly take selfies like this coz one of us need to tend to Baby Z... unless we leave him with one of our parents la. But hardly la coz for now the only person who can handle/calm him down 100% is me...thanks to me boobies wtf.

Now that I'm a mother, I think I'll blog even less. But I still hold on to a hope that I will try to post at least twice a month? My blog's topic might even change a little. I will be talking more about my baby I think and more aunty stories. But of course I will try to post other things like travels (if I ever go on one ever again 😕) and continue to post up backdated stuff as usual lol.

Right now I have three topics that I have in mind to post up. One of it is my birth story. I'll try to draft it out ASAP and hopefully it'll be up before my baby turns 1 wtf.

Alright la. That's all for today. I'll hopefully see you guys again soon. In the mean time, remember to check out my Dayre *here* to see what I'm up to on a daily basis.

See you guys soon.



trinatay said…
Awww so terharu reading this T__T
Love you longgg timee
prinsezz said…
Love you long time too Na :*
no one said…
so sweet dorcas pang. but i dont feel terharu like cikopek la. hahahahaha