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Zyon: The First Month

 As promised here's my monthly update on Zyon. This one is a bit late (when was I ever early right? 😅) but I'll try to keep the rest of the month right on the month he is in la ok?

BTW I love this photo coz it's a very good summary to what Zyon was like in the first month. He likes to scream, he likes air boxing and he's fussy af lolol.

So what was he like during the first month?

He's super clingy even from the time he was at the hospital (Please excuse my "mother" look lolol. I basically looked like that for the whole month of April). When we brought him out of the nursery, if I carried him and laid him on my chest, he'll never wanna leave anymore. I felt so lovedddddd 😍😍😍 

But then when it's time for me to do other things like eating or go to the toilet, he'll still wanna hang on to me. We couldn't put him down on the baby cot. So I either carry him while SR feeds me or we'll send him back to the nursery.

He also learned how to latch on to my boobies for breastfeeding

I might be boasting but I think my boy is damn smart la. Got it the first time I introduced him to the boob. I heard some babies weren't able to do it even though it is their instinct to love the boobs. So proud of my boy. #notevenahumblebrag #sorrynotsorry lol

When he got back home from the hospital, he sleeps a lot. Didn't even wake up to feed sometimes. I wasn't worried at first but when I found out that babies that has jaundice (he has low level jaundice before he was discharged from the hospital) likes to sleep a lot and skip meals, I started to wake him up just for feeds...even if he wails the house down.

There are times where he wouldn't sleep as well...especially at night. Coz I think he was not familiar with his surrounding and the whole out of the womb situation. SR and I had a difficult time trying to put him to sleep. He'll finally fall asleep at around 2-3am nie.

His jaundice level went up very high when he was two weeks old. He was admitted to the General Hospital (GH) because of that and stayed in the Nursery Ward for one night. Sigh~ only a newborn but already admitted for the first time 😪

He did phototherapy treatment during his stay in the GH. The doctors also observed him for poo coz he had not been pooing since he was discharged from the hospital (the one he was born at) which is like about a week. The doctor said he didn't poo coz he wasn't getting enough milk. I was asked to supplement with formula from then on.

His jaundice slowly faded away after he returned from the hospital. He poo-ed normally after that as well after supplementing with formula.

Zyon spent a lot of time with his daddy during the first month coz SR took two weeks leave to help out. Zyon loves to lie tummy down on his daddy's chest and can sleep for a very long time as compared to being laid down on the bed. I think because Zyon spends so much time with his daddy, everyone said that Zyon started to look a lot like his daddy.

But to be fair, he already looked like his father when he was born. This pic right here looks like a mini SR lying down next to me, don't you think?

No need to go for any DNA test, definitely father and son hahaha

Zyon got a lot of visitors during his stay at the hospital as well as when he got back home. Some of the few who visited him were...

His Grand aunt Theresa, Grand uncle Michael (two pics above), Uncle Mark and his fiance 💕 

Even though he slept most of the time but he enjoyed their company coz everyone take turns to hold him.

My Aunt Theresa (from my mother's side) hardly comes Malaysia (they reside in SG) coz she's always busy with her business. So coincidence that she was in KL visiting my popo when I gave birth. So her whole family dropped by to see Zyon and me.

Auntie Theresa gave me a lot of tips on how to take care of Zyon. In this pic, she's teaching me how to burp him.

Look at how cute my son is 💓 How is it possible that something so cute came out of me #againwiththebragging.

We also brought him out for the first time. We've previously brought him out for checkups at the hospital or clinic. But this time we brought him out, it's solely for leisure.

The reason we brought him out was to meet up with more relatives

This time it's my second aunty and her family from my daddy's side. Zyon got to not only meet his grandaunt, granduncle, aunties and uncles, he also got to meet some cousins.

He slept through the whole night (well, babies generally sleep a lot) but he enjoyed it (may not seem like it but trust me he is) coz again many people held him.

We also brought him to church where he got bullied by his godsister, Isabelle lol

Isabelle doesn't know how to handle him yet but she's trying so hard. The way she tries to soften her touch when handling him is damn funny. Good try ah mei. I'll let you hold him in your arms when you are doing better.

Also met up with Aunty Joy who came to Melaka just to past us her wedding dinner's invitation

That's about all the things I could say about Zyon's first month.

As for me, how did I do for the first month as a new mother?

TBH I did terribly

I got sick the second week (which explains the mask in the pic) and passed it down to Zyon. Poor thing coughed and had phlegm in his throat. Also because I was sick, my breast milk level dropped and since then haven't improved till now 😭 Thank god at that time we've supplemented him with formula d.

I cried almost every day during the first month. I hated confinement. I hated the rules that I have to follow because of confinement. I hated the food. I hated it so much I won't stop crying every time I need to do something that has got to do with confinement. I cried when I couldn't put Zyon to sleep. I cried when he didn't poo for a few days. I cried when he got admitted to GH. I cried when I couldn't stay over at the GH with Zyon. I cried when I got sick. I basically cried at anything and everything. My parents and SR got so worried and thought that I was going into postpartum depression. They wanted to bring me to hospital. My mum had a little talk with me about it and I got better. I started to look at things on the brighter side. I slowly started to accept that maybe I'm not a bad mother, I just don't know how to handle it yet. Crying started to lessen that way.

I got the first taste of mother's guilt during the first month. The one of reasons to my crying (other than hating confinement) was I felt so guilty for having low supply of breast milk. Because of my low supply, it caused so much problems for Zyon. Zyon wasn't able to poo for a week coz he wasn't getting enough of breast milk and I didn't know I need to supplement with formula. Zyon's jaundice got too high and needed to be admitted. If only he had enough breast milk, the breast milk will help out with his jaundice level. Sigh~ my dear breasts, Y U No produce more milk 😩 Up until now, I still feel sad that my breast milk is so little. I really wanted to fully breastfeed Zyon.

Like I mentioned earlier, I looked like shit most of the first month. No time to look great la. Summore kept crying. What's the point of putting on makeup la right?

But the moment confinement ends, I pulled myself up and got back into the dolling up game hehehe.

Well that is all the update for Zyon and also myself as a mother. I think I have more things to report about Zyon than myself. Kinda obvious la coz there's nothing much to talk about being a mother lol.

OK lah. I'll post up second month's update asap coz he's hitting the third month very soon. As for the next post, I'll probably post something else up first. Don't wanna bore you guys with continuous posts about Zyon la. It'll bore you guys also right? But I'll see what I have in my gallery to post up next.

I'll see you guys in the next post real soon.

See ya~ 😊