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Makeup Collection: Concealer

00:40| Just put Zyon down to sleep. Fuhhh~ still not an easy task. Need to pray for more patience and pray that Zyon continues to have a better sleeping pattern.

There are two things on my mind right now that are causing me to be awake at this time. Usually I'll konk once I put Zyon down to sleep. But now I just couldn't.

1) Mum said that she needs to head out tomorrow for about half a day. I'll need to juggle working and taking care of Zyon on my own. Stress!!! I've been taking care of him on my own for a couple of hours for few times d when mum went out for her medical checkups. Couple of hours I think I could manage quite well d. Half day? I don't know if I could. But sooner or later I have to learn to do it lah. So now is a good time to learn. Again I need to pray for strength, patience and guidance.

2) I've been bothered by a dream that I had last night. I wanted to talk about it but I'm not sure if I should be so open right here on this platform. That's the reason why I've been posting and deleting the post of this thing that is bothering me twice. Long story short, I've dreamt about a person that I've not thought about for a very long time. The dream was so real that I woke up with a heartache. It's not a sad dream but I was damn sad and mad when I woke up coz it was too good of a dream. I don't know why that person would appear in my dream even though we've not contacted for such a long time. I keep thinking about the dream and I really don't want myself to. Damn mad at myself la the whole day...even now also. Don't know why I can't stop thinking about it. Okay that wasn't long story short but... 💁

Sighhh... it's not often I post something so wordy here. But yeah, I really need to get it off my chest. I think 2) bothered me more coz after praying I feel better about 1). I don't know what to pray about to help me ease myself from all the madness I'm causing myself because of 2). Sighhh~ why is life so complicated.

Omg I feel like a teenager ranting in a diary after reading back what I wrote lol.

10:40| Successfully put him down for his first nap. Let's hope he'll be down for an hour so that I can get ready for the day and work.

I woke up at 9am. It was Zyon's milk time but he didn't wake up. So I went to do some other things while waiting for him. I managed to:
• do some housework
• buy something on Hermo wtf
• prepare his milk

I woke him up at 9:30am so that he doesn't miss his 9-ish milk time. Then I changed his top and bottom coz he spitted on himself (yes, on his top and bottom).

Checked his diaper and didn't change it. Mum probably changed it during his other milk time. Then I played with him for about an hour. He started fussing after that. So I gave him the boob and pat him to sleep.

12:00| Work begins.

My student's class is actually at 12:30pm but her mother dropped by earlier. She said she thought eating brunch will take some time but unexpectedly they finished earlier. She asked if it's okay to start 30 minutes earlier. I haven't eat breakfast but bo pian lah had to start.

The moment I let the student in, Zyon started bawling upstairs. Thank god mum came back before my student came. She told me to go on with my class while she rushed upstairs to tend to him. Thanks mum❤️

18:55| Back to back classes just nie ended 😪. A short rest before resuming the last class for the day.

While I have time now. Let me finally post up what I intended to yesterday.

Makeup Collection: Concealers

I only have drugstore concealers in my collection. I'm pretty satisfied with these concealers but of course I wanna try out some high end ones soon.

I only have drugstore concealers in my collection. I'm pretty satisfied with these concealers but of course I wanna try out some high end ones soon.

This Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer was my favorite Concealer for 2016. I used it for all the special events last year. This year I've actually cut down my use of this concealer but I still love this concealer a lot.

I think there are two shades only available and I'm using the darker out of the two. It is a brightening concealer so even if it's the darker one, it's still pretty light on me. But not to a weird extend lah.

I'll definitely be purchasing this again when mine runs out coz I think it's a very flattering concealer...even though there's not much coverage lah.

Next I have two LA Girls Pro Conceal HD concealer. We don't have LA Girls here in Malaysia but I think there's a online store selling it. I got mine off from MySale.

I got the green corrector to learn how to color correct. But I don't need a green corrector coz I don't have any redness on my face. I've used it once I think but doesn't really do anything. I'm thinking to sell it off. So if any of you have redness and want to try out color correcting please let me know. I'm letting go at RM15 including postage. Only for within Malaysia ya.

As for the Pure Beige one, I've been using pretty often as well. But I'm not a big fan of it coz it's pretty drying.

But it does not crease and has a pretty good coverage. So I'm okay with using it lah.

I'll probably not repurchase it coz it's not easy to get whenever I want to and also coz I don't like its texture as much as my other concealers.

Another concealer that I got to learn color correcting lol.

I've previously talked about this concealer. In case you've missed that post and also I'm lazy to look for that post, imma talk about it again. It has four different shades as you can see. Each for a different seen on the packaging. Actually only three are concealers lah. The white one is a cream highlighter.

I've used the brightening shade (the pinkish one) and covering shade (the Beige one) the most. I use the pink one for my dark circles while the Beige one for blemishes.

I've used the green one once. It's for correcting redness like the LA Girl one. But like I said I don't have redness on my face so I don't need it. I've never used the white one which is the highlighter. Don't know why tho. Maybe coz it's in my concealer stash that I've never thought of using it when I needed a concealer.

I don't think I'll be repurchasing this when it runs out (which I think is impossible coz just look at how big the pan is) coz its coverage is pretty shitty. Also it's pretty drying. I only like moisturizing/watery feel concealers.

Next we have everyone's favorite Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer.

This is a highly raved concealer by many youtubers. This is literally a #youtubemademebuyit product. I don't regret buying it at all coz I love it. Probably the best concealer that I've ever tried. Coverage tho is a lil lacking lah. I wish I can find a concealer in the drugstore which is moisturizing and has great coverage. Any recommendations?

I've never finished any concealers but I think this time I might finish this. Would I repurchase after this? DEFINITELY!!!

Oh btw I don't know what's my shade coz I can't find where the indication/label is. But it's the darker out of the two shades available.

The last concealer in my collection is this Canmake Cover & Stretch concealer. It used to be my favorite concealer as well. But when I tried out more, it's status dropped tremendously. Now I hardly use it anymore.

Apparently this concealer is a dupe for a MAC concealer. I've never used any MAC concealers so I'm not sure how true it is. It has pretty good coverage but again it's one of those pretty drying concealers.

This thing is so old (but not expired or gone funky la) that all the words on the concealer has rubbed off. Can't even see what shade I'm in 😅

I probably will try out other concealers by Canmake and see if there are better ones. If not, I don't think I'll be repurchasing any concealers from them anymore.

I'm now currently not home so I won't be able to swatch all the concealers for you all. So I'm splitting this into two parts. I'll swatch the concealers in the next part.


As promised I'm gonna finish up my part 2 of my concealer collection. Just gonna swatch up everything for you guys. For reviews on each concealer, please check out the previous post.

Top to bottom:
• Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer in 02 Beige

• LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer in GC992 Green Corrector

• LA Girl Pro.conceal HD Concealer in GC976 Pure Beige

• Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer in Medium

• Canmake Cover and Stretch Waterproof Concealer

These four are from Wet n Wild Cover All Concealer Palette.