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Colourpop Haul no. 1627482919 lol

Good morning from my sweet little boy 😘 

He woke up earlier than me today lol. So he tapped on my head while shouting “woi woi woi” to wake me up. I was being kind when I said he tapped on my head. More like crazy whacking hahaha.

Remember I said that I’ll be sharing my latest Colourpop haul after the BuJo post? Took pics of everything last night so that I can post up everything today.

I got everything during their 20% or is it 40% sale. Ordered at the end of December and received them on Monday...which I think was not bad lah. I was expecting it to be late with all the promo and sales they had been doing.

First up I got their creme gel colour liner to try out. I have one other gel liner in my collection and it sucked big time. Wanna see if the Colourpop one is better.

Got it in the shade Swerve which is the safest color of all, black.

I can’t get the thing to open 😐 So I’ll have to wait till the hubby is home to help me open it before I can swatch it.

Anyways I’ll talk about all the product first and then swatch everything at the end of the post.

2) got a creme gel liner coz I really like the other one I got. Plus one of my lousy pencil liner just finished.

Got it in Swerve as well. I usually use pencil liners to tight line. The Mr Bing (brown shade) one that I got worked really well. So I got a black one now.

Next I got the Brow Boss Gel coz both jkissa and Kathleenlights recommend it.

Omg I love jkissa’s channel!!! How come now nie I found her πŸ˜‘

This one cannot swatch so I’ll review once I started using it lah.

Also got a Brow Boss eyebrow pencil.

Very similar to my favorite NYX eyebrow pencil liner which I love so so much. Let’s hope I’ll like this one as well.

The shade that I got is light brown btw.

Spoolie on the other end.

I feel like the eyeliner pencil is better quality than my NYX’s one. The caps on the NYX pencil is like loose and falling off anytime. Colourpop’s one is like 10 times better. If the quality of the pencil is good, I’m set for life lol.

Super Shock Shadow that I haven’t gotten for a very long time.

 Lightning Bug is a super popular shade so I had to get it.

Forgotten to take a pic of the eyeshadow in the pan. I’ll add a pic of it in before I swatch it later on.

Been wanting to get Tiny Tangerines since it’s launch but not sure if I needed a teal colored eyeshadow. Turns out I do need it lol.

So pretty.

This area of my Colourpop Pressed shadows on my DIY magnetic palette is finally filled up. Woohooooo~

Omg Dream Team is so damn beautiful. I mean the packaging lah. Contemplating if I should keep the box. I don’t usually keep any sort of boxes (all has been thrown after taking a pic of it) but I’ve kept this one still.


From top to bottom: Moonchild, Dreamy and Rever

Super excited to try these out. That Rever is just πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

I think I’m going to get the palette after this coz I just can’t stand the temptation and I really love Kathleen.

Exciting palette time...

After much contemplation, I decided to get the Double Entendre. I was torn between You Had Me At Hello, I Think I Love You and this.  

Reflective likey.

The colors are very neutral. I always thought that I have a neutral palette in my collection. But turns out I’ve actually decluttered it. Glad that I finally welcomed one new warm neutral to the collection.

Now this palette is a free gift when I hit USD50.

I must say Colourpop has been killing it with their packaging lately. I wished Yes Please was this pretty. But then the quality of Yes Please is so fabulous, I really don’t mind the plain packaging. 

Honestly I’ve never thought of getting Golden State of Mind coz it’s all shimmery shades. Plus reviews weren’t all that good lah. But since it’s free, I don’t mind haha. Now looking at it I think it’s damn pretty lah. Hopefully it look good on the eyes too.

I’ll swatch everything when I get home from work.

While I wait for work to end here’s a #fotd lol

Love my lippie this week which is MAC Liptensity in Claretcast. People thinks that MAC is overpriced and waste of money. But I think MAC has really good quality. I don’t regret getting this lippie and would love to try anything from MAC. It used to be difficult to access to MAC in Melaka. It is now opened in Melaka so πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ 

Swatch time

For those who have not seen the creme gel liner before, this is it. They come with a very sharp tip but I don’t think that’s very smart. I’ll talk about why later on.

It is a retractable pencil. I don’t have any problems with the tip going blunt coz I don’t think that it needs to be sharpened lah. Super convenient imo.

The tip of the pencil broke the moment I try to swatch it. Same thing happened the first time I tried to use my Mr Bing (the brown creme gel liner). So I think no point to have a sharp tip lah. It’ll break super fast.

I like that it’s super black. I think I’ll be able to use it not only to tight line but to also line my eyelids. For now based on this swatch I think I’m going to love the liner.

Next we have the Brow Boss eyebrow pencil. It feels very hard when I swatch it. My NYX one is extremely soft and easy to swatch. But this one comes out in soft colors which is great. I find that the NYX one is too pigmented. There’s like no room for mistakes. One stroke wrong and it’s the end. Have to redraw. With this I think it’ll be fine to make some mistakes without being noticed.

Here’s what Lightning Bug looks like in the pan as promised. Such a beautiful shade honestly. Me love it 😍

Just look at that 😍 I think I’ll be wearing this ultra a lot during CNY.  

Another super lovely color. I always like to keep a teal color eyeshadow in my collection. Now and then I like to put on a little teal as a pop of color on my eyes. After dumping out my super old teal eyeshadow last year, this is going to be great.

Since I have another teal (from Juvia’s Place’s Zulu palette) so I decided to compare them. Thank god they don’t look the same at all. Now I have a variety of teals to choose from hehe.

I can also use both teals together for a look but I’m not that bold with colors. Maybe one day I can try.

Swatches of all the shades in Double Entendre.

All the eyeshadows are in the warm neutral tone. Definitely shades that I can wear everyday which is great. The names tho hahahaha so damn hilarious lah. My favorite is Send Noodles hahahaha.

With Colourpop palettes, their mattes are always a bunch of hits and misses. Some are buttery smooth while some are patchy. But that’s just for the swatches lah. On the eyes for now I don’t have any complains. The rest of the finishes are great as usual.  

Beauaddiction (on IG) said that Double Entendre is a dupe for Tarte Toasted Palette. Here are the swatches that she had done to compare. I’m glad that it’s similar coz I’ve thought of getting the Tarte palette but I heard it has terrible quality.

I’ve never swatched so much shadows on one arm ever lol.

I was actually not expecting to like the palette. After swatching it, I’m pleasantly surprised that I kinda like it.

There are quite a few of duochromes in the palette. So pretty to look at 🌈✨I think it’ll be great to use during special occasions like wedding dinners...which I have lots of this year πŸ˜’

The Eyeshadows feel gritty on the fingers just like the Zulu palette (from Juvia’s Place) but of course that’s not a problem since I’ll be using a brush for this.

I can understand why this is a holiday palette coz this literally can only be used during the holiday season or special occasions only. If it’s not a free gift, I still wouldn’t have got it even though I kinda like it. 

Finally swatches of the lippies in Dream Team.

All the colors are 😍 I don’t know if I’ll be wearing Moonchild a lot since it’s a gloss. But color is so pretty. I think it’ll make me wanna wear it often. Dreamy is my typical every day shade while Rever will be my every day shade during cny hahahah. I still don’t know if it’ll suit my skin tone tho. Let’s hope it will lah.