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Sisterhood Potrait Photoshoot

My church friends and I had been talking about taking 姐妹照 (sisterhood portrait) for quite some time. Actually I wanted to do this during my wedding but I didn't allocate the budget earlier for this. So the plan was canceled. Then later on we saw this promotion done by an acquaintance (who owns a photo studio) for sisterhood portrait. We immediately went over to the studio to check out details of the sisterhood portrait package.

Even though we took the package with them, I do not recommend to take up the package (they still have the package without promotion right now) coz I had some bad experience with them. I won't be talking about my bad experience in specific details or the name of the studio coz the owner is an acquaintance. Let's just keep this as a wonderful memory of me taking photos with a bunch of my best friends 💓

So when we went over to check out the package, we also tried the gowns available. We want to make sure that there are gowns that could fit us and our style before signing up with the package.

We each got to choose one gown for the shoot. This was the gown I was "forced" into. I was very mad at first. But after giving some thoughts, the gown did look good on me lah. Plus it was not something that I've worn during my pre-wedding photoshoot. Wearing something different was good lah right?

During the gown trying and also during the photoshoot, I actually just found out that I was pregnant. I was so worried that I won't be able to fit into any dresses (even though I was still thin back then) and pull through the whole photoshoot (coz I was having migraine on and off very frequently). But we still went ahead and signed up with the studio.

On the day of the photoshoot, we went over to the studio to get our hair and makeup done. The owner hired two makeup artists for us just for the shoot.

This was my makeup look for the photoshoot

My skin condition was not at its best during my pregnancy. But I wasn't worried coz we got our good ol friend, photoshop hehehe.

The makeup look was not something that I'll wear on a regular day if you know me. I don't put on fake eyelashes (even if I don't put on falsies, I feel like they did a bad job at putting it on nicely, don't you think?) or glossy lip. There was no glowy highlight that I love. But I do like the makeup look la. You'll see later on in the outcome, it fits the whole theme perfectly. Oh oh! I do wanna highlight that I love the eyebrows done by the makeup artist. I wish I can do such perfect eyebrows every day.

The hairstyle they did for love 💙💚💛💜

Except for the fringe lah. I don't curly bangs like the way they did for me. It feels very dated 😑

I think when I have the time I'm going to learn how to curl my own hair and learn some simple braids.

Now let's look at the outcome while talking about our photoshoot experience lah. The photos are all taken by the photographer assigned to us. He also did all the editing and I've not retouched anything. I've not revealed the pics on any of my social media yet. So you guys got the first look into these right now.

Let's go on to the pics now...
First part of the photoshoot was done indoor in the studio. We requested for something soft, sweet, girly and Korean style. Everything was decorated and edited to be soft, sweet and girly just the way we want it. I can't say that it's Korean style but since 3 out of 4 of our criteria was met, okay lor.

Errrr... I just realized a flaw from this pic 😐. Look at the left side of the pic. You can actually some of the photographer's equipment in the pic 😓

In case you don't know who these people are, from left to right: Jacy, moi, Fay and Siew Ling

This is my favorite photo from the indoor shoot 💟

Hahahahaha~ This is also another of my favorite (okay the one above is not the only favorite lah tbh). The photographer managed to capture how cheeky I am irl. I love that hehe.

Another of my favorite. Just coz it looks so natural

Aish this solo pic of mine pales in comparison to the photos that I like above. Why didn't the photographer take a better solo pic of me leh?

Next we headed out to take photos outdoor. We didn't know where to go even though we've discussed for like a million times. In the end, we went to my friend's place coz her place itself is a work of art lol.

This was taken at my friend's rooftop area

We went at around evening so it was not hot on the rooftop.

My favorite pic from the rooftop. This reminds me of this behind the scene video of The Heirs (korean drama) photoshoot. When we took this photo, it was exactly like how they took the poster pics. Damn tiring ok? But the photo came out fine so okay lah. If I have to nitpick I feel the photographer could take a closer take on us instead of so much of the background. Not like the background got anything to see pun.

This was taken in one of her living rooms. Don't know why a family of three need so many living rooms lolol.

This photo took damn a lot of effort to take okay? The photographer made us lay down on this position on a bed in my friend's guest room. Then he went to look for a suitable high chair to stand high enough to take a shot.

Everything was ready and the photographer was like "3...2...1...". All of us started laughing hysterically. Don't know what's so funny but we just couldn't stop laughing. The photographer had to wait for a good 15 minutes for us to settle down and finally take this photo hahaha.

This last area here is my friend's main living room. I personally like this photo a lot coz again with The Heirs' vibes

After the photoshoot, I nearly died. So damn tiring. Technically even we did most of the shoot indoors...except for that ones taken at the rooftop. But I'm just so tired. Right after the photoshoot, I remembered that I got a terrible migraine and konked immediately in the car. I think coz I was pregnant so it was even more tiring than my pre-wedding photoshoot.

I was not very happy with the experience dealing with the photostudio (the photographer was nice and the photoshoot session went well tho), overall I feel like the outcome of the photoshoot was good enough for me not to entirely hate the whole thing lah. But I'll definitely not go back to the studio for any other photoshoots lah.

Well that's all for today's post 😊 I'm glad recently I've been consistently posting up posts up here once a week. Hopefully this will go on for a long time lah. I hope to keep this place here livelier like it used to be. I've also restored quite a lot of old posts especially the ones from the beginning of the blog circa 2007. Hopefully I'll be able to get all the posts back up soon lah. But it's going to be impossible lah coz some posts really can't find the pics d. Sighhh...

Alright I gotta go. Not sure if I'll be able to churn out another post this week but I'll try. If not, I'll see you guys again next week.

Till then....bubbye for now 😘