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Project Pan Update #3

Nearly forgotten about updating Project Pan this month. Let me just talk about it while I watch Zyon down his milk.

1. The Balm Don't You Want Me Blush

Last month

This month

I've been using the blush fairly a lot recently. I think I've used it for the whole week. It's either I use it for the whole week or I don't use it at all. Sigh~ trouble with too many blushes #firstworldproblems 😅

Happy to see progress in it but not sure it'll be consistent. Just gonna try my best to use it whenever I can lah.

2. Elianto Eyeshadow in Resin Brown

Last month

This month

The pan is steadily getting larger and larger. Shiok!!! Even though I don't believe I can finish this in three months but I think I can at least finish half?

3. Benefit Browzings in Medium

Last month

This month

Previously there were not much progress for this. But nowwww look at that dip!!! The brow gel (left) is more than 1/4 gone. The powder (right) tho might take some time. But it's progressing nonetheless.

4. Kate Slim Create Powder

Last month

This month

I'm pretty sure this is gonna be empty soon. Actually it is very difficult to pick up the product d. I'm thinking to repressing it but I can't find isopropyl alcohol anywhere. Even if I repressed, I'm not sure if I'll be able to use the product. Never mind lah. I'll just use it as it is.

5. Dollywink Eyebrow Powder

Last month 😅

This month

I cannot do a comparison coz last month I didn't put the remaining product nicely to the side. Maybe next month it'll be clearer. Sorry 😐

This month I'm adding another item into my Project Pan. I know it's almost end of the year but I just wanna add it in coz I know if I don't, I'll never try to use the product up.

6. Victoria's Secret Secret Charm Fragrance Mist

I have no idea how long this had been with me. I do use it but I alternate it with my other perfumes and body mist. So that's why I can't seem to finish this even though only a little is left.

I'm gonna use it pretty exclusively from this month and see how long do I need to use this up. But I'm positive it will be emptied by this year coz really not that much is left lah.

That's all for this month's update. Pretty happy with my progress this week. Many things are having expanding pans. Can't wait to see how much I used up at the end of the year.