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Photo Dump 2018 #1

I've done photo dump almost every week at Dayre but over here I've never done it. Since I'm consistently blogging here now, I'm going start doing photo dump here now.

I've recently gotten back into working out. I now go to the gym twice a week for fitness classes. Other days I try to workout at home. I try to at least plank or squat at home lah.

This pic was taken after Fitbounce... which happens every Wednesdays. The turnout was massive that day. Usually we have about half of the amount lah tbh.

I'll talk more about what I do for workout next time in a full post lah. I've been wanting to record my progress to see if I've lost weight/inches or became fitter. Let me compile everything and post it up lah.

I started on this recently. I'll have to say the hardest for me is no. 2 and back part of no. 5.

I usually drink like 4 to 5 cups of water per day. So I have no idea how to fit 8 cups into my daily routine. But I'm trying lah.

As for planking, the most I can do is 45 seconds. To stay up to one minute, I'm a bit worried. I'll try to hold as long as I can lah.

My boy 💖

Extra sticky when I get back from work...even though we spent the whole morning together. But it's fine coz I love all the love from him anytime.

Went for Arabian food by accident (we wanted to eat something else but stumbled upon this restaurant) after movie night. Fell helpless in love with hummus (first pic in case someone lived in a cave) after having it for the first time 😍 Definitely gonna return just for that hummus...and try other things lah coz there aren't many nice and affordable Arabian food around Melaka.

Selfie coz I feel pretty wtf

Tho I wish my hair wasn't in the mess it is now 😓 Can't wait to hit the saloon and give some lovin' to my hair.

On the same day and place as the pic above, we were heading to the in laws' place before I leave for work to drop baby there. Zyon is about to usual lah. Doesn't wanna sleep at home, mati-mati wanna play and run around. But sleeps almost instantly when he's in the car 😑

Found a very close dupe to the Anastasia Beverly Hill's Modern Renaissance using some palettes from a Japanese drugstore brand (Guess what brand???). Will try it out on my eyes and see if it can really work as a dupe. Then I'll share it with you guys over here.

Looks very similar here swatched on my hand but the pigmentation definitely pales in comparison to the ABH Modern Renaissance (swatched on the right) lah. Also the dupes are made up of two small palettes. Not the most convenient dupe I'll say.

What more do I need to say? It's durian season hahaha

Usually I get sick at durian season but thank god we aren't getting as much durians as last time. I didn't get to eat much so no sick for me yay lol.

Every Thursdays I have Zumba and after that I go for dinner/supper with these people. Li Yee is my gym buddy and motivator (we try to motivate each other as much as we can lol) while Jacy is our Zumba instructor. Other than that we are besties at church in case you guys didn't know that yet.

Celebrated Chris' (our latest addition to the gang) birthday coz one of us is her secret admirer lol. Let's see how things work out hahaha.

Tried out Oyatsu at Mahkota Parade recently. Their black sesame soft serve (on the left) is really good. The soft serve matcha drink (on the right) was so so and had less toppings than the soft serve. Both were kinda expensive lah but pretty worth it in my opinion.

That's all for the first photo dump over here. I bet there will be more coming up lah coz I'm constantly filling up my phone with random pics lol. I'm not sure if I wanna do this weekly or what. Maybe just whenever I felt like lah. No schedule then I won't feel bad when I don't how I feel when I miss out the throwback posts hehe.

Alright. That's all for today's post. See you guys in the next one.