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Throwback Thursday: Dad's Birthday 2017

It's been awhile since I last posted a Throwback Thursday. Phone's memory is filled so I had to quickly clear these out.

This was dad's 2017 birthday celebration. Zyon was just 3 months... a tiny newborn. Miss those times where he would just sleep and eat. As compared to what he is now, those times were so much easier. But back then I wished he would interact with us more. Now he that even possible hahaha.

 OMG he looks so different compared to now 😱 I also have shorter hair compared to now. Never going back to short hair even though it's so easy to maintain. I still love long ass hair coz I feel more feminine wtf.

Brought dad to Tony Roma's coz he had never been there. He loves meat (any sort of meat) so he loves Tony Roma's 💕🍖

He's so baby-ish still back then. So damn cuteeeeeeee

I cannot handle how cute he looks back at 3 months. I mean he is still cute now but back then he is just so tiny and cute.

Alright that's all for this short one. I think recently I'll be posting up quite a lot of short posts and throwback posts. Really need to empty up my memory. So look out for lots of posts coming up these few weeks.

See you guys in the next post. Since I'll be posting up very often, it won't be too long *fingers crossed* 😁