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Bangkok + Hua Hin Day 2 Part 2: lunch, The Venezia, checked in, Cicada Night Market

If you've missed my previous posts about my Bangkok + Hua Hin trip, here are all the links:

After leaving Swiss Sheep Farm, our guide brought us for lunch. We were worried he was going to bring us to some overpriced high class restaurant coz you know kan how some guides would rip you off and then earn commission from the restaurant? But he didn't. He brought us to some side road restaurant that was so hidden that you'll drive past it without knowing easily. That's just awesome lah. This means that the restaurant is only known by locals and not flocked by tourists.

I realized that I've totally forgotten to take a pic of the place or searched for the location of the place. I won't be able to share that place with you guys. So sorry~ Well, at least I took pics of the awesome food lah 😋

This was the star of the whole meal

This was the first Thai green curry that we had. Super spicy but so damn good. It was flavorful and filled with some many things in it. No other Thai green curry could compare to this...not anywhere in Bangkok (at the places we've been to lah) or anywhere in Malaysia now. So sad I couldn't have it again coz I don't know where this restaurant is.

Can't remember what this is. Not memorable so probably nothing special lol

This is a pork dish but can't remember the exact name or how it's cooked. But I remembered that this is very refreshing.

Another pork dish.

Can't remember what squid is this but it's also good in my memory

Tom yam goong which pales in comparison to the Thai green curry

It's not terrible but we just couldn't accept another thing that is not as good as the Thai green curry.

Yes, we had like three pork dishes hahaha. This one tasted like 客家炸肉(Hakka pork dish) which is like my favorite Hakka dish ever.

It was my first time to see such a humongous glass bottle of Coke. We wanted to bring the bottle home but they didn't allow. BTW we finished two bottles of that coz it was freaking hot that day.

Sighhhh now that I'm on a no soda diet, I crave for some iced cold Coke right now. 21 days to go till my next soda 😕

We took pics with the servers (first pic) and also the cook (bottom pic). All of them are damn nice. If I could find the place again, I'll definitely return.

We headed straight to our next destination after lunch.

We went to The Venezia which is a Venetian themed shopping village and theme park. That's what this place was described as lah. But honestly it's just a place with faux Venetian buildings. It's super dead but as usual we had fun taking pics at every corner. Not a place I'll recommend unless you have a lot of time to kill or want to take instagram worthy pics.

Wah for the first time my husband takes such nice pic of me hahahah. One step closer to be an Instagram husband 😂


We girls did some pretty lame and dumb poses as well lolol

Besties 💖

Don't ask what the girls are doing 😂

It's a super lame inside joke that I'm too ashamed to share right now hahaha.

Don't know why this is so blur. Sorry 😐

Took this pic above here and realized the loving couple, John and Li Yee was trying to take pics behind the backdrop behind us. So naturally we did what we would usually do...
We photobombed them hahahahah

This was my profile pic on FB for quite some time 💃💃💃💕

As you can see the more reserved one among us is obviously Li Yee. But that's just for actions lah. Her jokes are beyond our lame level...even more lame than her husband at times lolol.

Such a bad angle. One of the worst decisions we made lol

One of my favorite pic at The Venezia

Love this Christmas tree decorated with the Venetian masks. One of the masks look like a Deadpool mask lolol.

Of course we had to take some stupid pose in front of the Christmas tree....all thanks to Mr. John Ng😝

LOL Don't I look gorgeous?

SR and I took pics at this spot but none of the pics were nice so they were cut 😶

We left The Venezia and were finally checked into our accommodation for the tour.

I don't have a pic of us in front of the hotel in the morning so here's one from night time lol

The room is fucking spacious...even bigger than the one that we had in Bangkok. I think all six of us could have slept in the room together coz it's that huge.

The accommodation had been booked by our tour guide/tour company lah. Damn satisfied lah with the accommodation. Room is big and it's closed to 7-11 and Family Mart. There are also some food stalls nearby. Super convenient to grab a bit of snacks/food in the middle of the night. More info on the hotel can be found *here* on their website.

Here are some videos I've taken of the room from my IG stories:

We chilled for a bit in our room. Some slept, some showered, some watched tv and some caught up with social media lol.

By 6pm our tour guide came to the hotel to pick us up. We headed to Cicada Night Market.

Cicada Night Market was a street food heaven lah. Just look at all the food stalls...

There are many other food lah. My friend, John, is seafood and meat crazy...which explains why all the food pics he had taken from Cicada Night Market is in that theme lol.

Ready to dig into the food 😋

The guys went to survey all the food and returned with all the food on the table for us. The girls just sat and gossiped as usual wahahaha.


This pork ribs was better than Morganfield's. I never had like really good ribs in my life those that you can't forget about even when you are 100 years old wtf. But I think this one was really good.

OMG I love scallops

Toast using the scallops

Unfortunately the scallops were very mediocre. Tasted better ones back home.

I don't think I ate this coz I have no memory of this

OMG this is damn good. Anything pork is damn good in Thailand.

I remembered whacking this nonstop. Must be damn good lah.

Somtam is always love 💕

Okay now I'm confused as to which squid I can't stop whacking lol. Well, this was like 5 months ago so you can't blame me 😁

Thai sausage which IMO wasn't as nice as I expected it to be. I still prefer Taiwanese sausage.

Pork and pig innards...nuff' said

Salt coated grilled fish which is a very famous dish in Bangkok. I'm not the biggest fish lover so this was kinda meh for me. memory of it. Don't know who bought this coz why would you buy Takoyaki in Thailand lol.

Everything was overall good lah. Nothing was bad except maybe things that I didn't like so I didn't enjoy it. Plus the environment and ambience around the eating area was damn nice. There were people singing and weather was perfect.

Random doggy which was damn cute

Ready to check out the other parts of Cicada Night Market

The night market is separated into the hawker/food area and the shopping area. It is side by side but separated by a small road.

Things are not cheap here at Cicada Night Market. Maybe coz it's a touristy place. We just walked about and bought nothing coz Bangkok has way cheaper night markets.

The ambience at the shopping area is just as cool. Very artsy and hipstery (is that even a real word lol). We felt very comfortable walking around and enjoying every bit of the sounds and sights.

This area had a band playing. There were chairs available for you to sit or you can just sit on the grass. Super chill lah. We didn't stay long coz the music wasn't for my friends lol.

Recorded a short performance of the band for the blog hehe

We went back to the hotel and continued our makan session. We went to Family Mart and 7-11 to get food and snacks. Then we went to SR and my bro in law's room to chat till 3am. We totally ignored the fact that we need to wake up at 6:30am for breakfast and then back to the rest of our tour hahaha. But it was a great chat lah. It has really been a long time since the six of us had a chance to talk like that. So many things learned from the chat session.

Alright that's all for today's post. Not sure when the next part/day will come up but one can hope that all the posts will be up before our next trip. This year we won't be traveling together. John and family will be going to Japan at the end of the year so they cut off other trips to save up for that trip. Jacy is going to China so she's doing the same. Bro in law is going to Vietnam next week. Not sure if he'll be traveling again since he just switched to another job. As for us, we are still planning where to go lol.

But we are definitely traveling this year. This time with mum (hopefully dad as well) and baby. Not sure where would be a baby friendly place and suits our budget. We will be traveling at the end of November or mid-December. Still not decided lah. Will update when we have some sort of plan d.

I'll see you guys in the next post lah....which I hope will be up real soon. Stupid line is acting like shit too frequently. For this post I've used up so many weeks. Sighhhh... I should really invest in Unifi lah.

Ok lah. See you guys.