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Zyon's First Birthday Part One: Photoshoot

Birthday post is finally here!!!!


Well part of it lah. I'll have to cut it into possibly two or three parts coz this part here already has too many photos in one. I'll try to post one part per week lah. Busy week is about to be over anyways so I'll have the time.

For those who didn't know that I had a baby, *here* is where we find out we're having a baby and *here* is the story of how I gave birth to him.

We didn't have a massive birthday celebration for him coz SR and I think that nobody really remembers their first birthday anyways. So what's the point of having a big party? Might as well save the money to go traveling as a family.

So we had a small family dinner, cut cake and then did a lil "photo shoot" for him on the eve of his birthday.

We had a pizza party but we were too hungry to take any pics lol. So no photos of our little pizza mam mam. Zyon had his first taste of pizza that night. Now I regret not taking pics lah coz he didn't have any pics of his first pizza 😕

We didn't wanna get a whole cake coz we will definitely not finish it (coz we are a small family of five with very small appetite). Instead we got small slices of cakes that we really like. Damn proud of myself coz everyone happily finished their favorite cake without any wastage.

I picked carrot slice for Zyon coz it feels like it's more baby appropriate me feels.

Ooooo... what's this bright thingy?

He looks so different two months ago. He still has that baby-ish look here but now he's more like a kid...a very noisy kid 😒

I think I've recorded the birthday song that we sang for him somewhere but I just couldn't find it. I'll post it up in the next part if I ever found it 😅

He had no idea how to blow the candle at that time...not sure if he knows how to do it now tho. Gotta teach him one day.

Cake cutting

He loves food so naturally he gobbled everything up 😂

After the whole makan session was over, we asked him to go to this little corner I've decorated so that we can take some photos for memories sake of his first birthday.

He won't stay on spot on his own so got my parents to help

At first he wasn't very cooperative. Won't stay on spot was one thing. Then he got scared and angry at the most random things 😒

Over he got scared of the rocking horse he was on and wanted to climb down from it 😅

Now he's not satisfied with his picture being placed in front of his rocking horse

There are many failed pics but it's just too cute not to post up lah.

This is cute but he looks like he's not happy with something...or is it afraid of something lol

Still has a problem with his own photo lol

This is so freaking cute

I think he started to warm up to the idea of the "photo shoot" so he looked better in the pics d.


These are all too precious 😍

I thought of developing all these pics out and put it in dad's room for decor.

He was able to sit alone after some time. More cute ass photos were taken

Would you just look at his expression? So damn cute!!!! Once again I STILL can't believe I gave birth to somebody so cute lolol

Damn proud that I took this pic

We asked him how old is he and he answered "One!" while doing this 👆 So lucky I was able to capture it on the camera 😍 I think I'm going to print this out as well 💕

These failed "One!" ones are damn cute too

I really tried to go through and filter some pics out but failed terribly. All photos are 100% cute and needed to be posted up 😬

He's like: "Wait for itttttt" 😂

These clapping ones aren't very successful but still needed to post

We told him to clap for himself coz he turned one lolol.

This pic is damn funny lah hahahaha. He's all like: "This party is lit or whutttttt?" hahahahahahaha

We only took one pic of him on the stool coz he fell off the stool like humpty dumpty after this pic was taken 😂😂😂

He's so over the whole "photo shoot" hahaha

That's all for the first part of Zyon's birthday celebration. On the second part, we went on our first family trip. We actually went on a trip as a family but Jacy was there. So that was not exactly JUST our family lah. But this time it was solely the three of us. I'll blog about that next week. So do come back to read about it.

Alright. This post is already super long so I'll go off right now. I'll see you guys in the next post.