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Photo Dump 2018 #3

Brand new week, brand new photo dump 😊

On June 20th, I think I ate something bad and got sick

I was out watching movie with Jacy. On the way back (I drove to the cinema alone), I got super dizzy and nauseous that I couldn't drive. Rested by the roadside for awhile then drove super slowly back home. I had never prayed so much driving home. I was literally crying while praying that God will take the wheel for me.

This pic was taken to tell SR that I got home safely. He wanted to call his brother to come save me but I refused. He was super worried and wanted to be on the phone with me while I drove. I told him I couldn't concentrate if I did that. So he made me take a pic the moment I reached home.

I slept for almost 24 hours and got better after that. Didn't see the doctor but I did take like four paracetamols coz I had a crazy pounding headache.

Bought some cupcakes to help out some charity drive

These are super good I tell you...especially the chocolate ones. I plan to order cupcakes/cakes/any bakes from this sista for my next family event. I'll talk about this sista in depth the next time ya.

Used purple eyeshadow all over my eyelids (even the under eyes) for the first time and I quite liked it. So had to take a selfie to remind myself of this lewk. But if not careful the purple your under eyes can be mistaken for dark eye circles. So approach with care hahaha.

Had to include this in coz baby is so cute

Saw this really cute red bowler hat that looks very similar to mine. I wanted to buy it for Zyon coz don't you guys think that he looks damn cute in it. But hubby said 1) it's a girls hat 2) Zyon doesn't let any head wear last more than 15 minutes on his head. So back to the display it went.

Went for Indian food with Puff and Resh recently. All I can say is Indian food is the best wei...especially my favorite Palak Paneer (not pictured). I think that it's my ultimate comfort food lah. Damnnnn I'm craving for Indian again.

Ordered from Pei Li again coz the other mum was not around and I had to take care of Zyon by myself. I couldn't cook coz Zyon is into climbing high places nowadays *facepalm*. Thank god I have a friend who does food delivery #blessed.

I ordered Aglio Olio for myself and chicken soup (with rice of course) for Zyon. Both were extremely yummy. Zyon finished like half of the soup by himself.

I've linked Pei Li's food delivery's FB page in the last post *here* but this time I got her menu for you guys. So if you see anything you like and you're from Melaka, don't hesitate to text/call her up for delivery.

Please click on the pic to enlarge

It's the durian season y'all. Time to get fat and sick at the same time hahahahahahaha.

Zyon had his first taste of durians. He enjoys it but doesn't really show signs that he loves it. Never mind lah... at least he doesn't hate it. Or else he'll suffer every year during durian season coz his family loves durians to death.

Guess who got hurt by the durians on the night of his first durian? *smh*

These aren't the only scratches he got 😑

Celebrated dad's birthday last month

Being a "China man", dad always requested for Chinese food on his birthday. But this time he surprisingly asked to be brought to a Korean restaurant. My dad is a changed person 😱😱😱😱 maybe next time he'll ask to be brought to an Indian restaurant too.

Everything was spicy so poor Zyon could only have oats and milk. He didn't seem to mind and enjoyed it very well as you can see haha.

Zyon saw this Hulk toy the other day at Parkson and wouldn't let it go when I passed it to him. It was not cheap #cheapomum so we were afraid that he won't let us put it back. Thank god he fell asleep after awhile. We gently took it away from him and put it back on to the display.

Alrighttttt that's all for this photo dump. I'll see you guys in the next post which I think is going to be a Bangkok trip post. Be up in a few days hopefully *fingers crossed*

Bubbye for now 😘