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Wednesday Blues

Dolling up to go out to get some stuff. Best way to fight Wednesday Blues is to put on a pretty face.

On my face: 
•CandyDoll loose powder #1 
•the Balm time Balm concealer in medium/dark 
•Artistry Sheer Cheek Color in Soft Peach

On the brows: 
•DollyWink eyebrow powder in #03 
•L'Oreal Brow Designer Pro in #01

On eyes: 
•Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original 
•K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 1 Day Tattoo 
•Maybelline Smoker Kohl Eye Liner in Nude 
•Miss Hana gel eyeliner in black 
•Elianto eyeshadow in Resin Brown 
•DollyWink Eyelash Glue 

Not pictured: Princess eyelashes in HQ1

Lips: Étude House Color Pop Tint in Swing Pop

Done 😊

Bangs too oily so had to pin up. Lazy to wash hair la wtf So say hello to forehead again 👅

I've not talked about this here. So earlier this year I've lost SR's wedding band. Don't ask me how coz I'm an idiot. I told SR I will buy it back since it's my fault. Today I went to jewelry store to ask if they still have it. SR bought it in 2012 so it's possible that they've discontinued the design. Fortunately they still have it but they didn't have it in SR's size. They told me they could order SR's size for me or SR could try the size that they have. So I told them SR will have to come and make the decision. 

The most important thing that I need to know is the price. Did the price go down since it's an old design? Unfortunately no. It actually went up. 1) white gold price went up 2) it's a very popular design Sigh... I guess there's a price (a very high one too) to pay for being clumsy la... Bubbye money. I'm sorry I had to send you off because of my clumsiness. 💸💸💸💸