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Baby Talk

I've come to the age where babies talk are the norm in my life now. My gang's whatsapp chat had been filled with babies talk since we have three mummies and one mummy-to-be. My church gang also the same. Those that I'm close to are either pregnant or are already a mummy. Here's the few things that I've learnt from these mummies recently... Please correct me if I'm wrong coz I'm typing this down as future reference.

This is a car seat

Car seats are of course seats in the car for yr baby. My friend Umie says its important to buy a car seat that could accommodate your baby till he/she is 3-4yo. It's best to have a newborn insert for d car seat. But not all comes with one so have to take note la. Apparently Sparco (pictured) is one of the best brands. Other brands Umie recommends are Maxi Cost and Halford. We bought this one pictured for Liz's Logan. Super sturdy. If I was to buy, I think I would buy this.

I deleted my previous post coz I got facts wrong. This is also a car seat la. Just that it has a handle and easier to bring around if compared with the Sparco one. Umie recommended this type coz it can be used in the car and also bring around with your baby in it. Where else the Sparco one can only be used in the car. But this type can only be used till baby is 1-2 yo only. So both has it's pros and cons la. Carrier is totally another thing hehehe.

Umie (she's the pro mummy among us hehe) actually do not recommend mummies to use strollers. Coz: 1) it's not convenient to use strollers in Malaysia 2) babies tend to prefer to be carried than being in the stroller unless asleep 3) it's not good for babies to go out to the public till maybe 6 months. So no point having strollers. She said her Zahraa who is 1 plus now only started to like sitting in her stroller recently.

Umie recommends mummy to use a carrier when outside. She said she wore Zahraa on the entire of her Melbourne trip. Super convenient. It's like carrying a bag pack nie. When Zahraa wants to come down to walk, she just chucks the carrier into her bag. When Zahraa wants to sleep she just straps her in and let her sleep in the carrier while wearing her. This carrier can be used since newborn (with insert) till any age the mummy can carry. Super good la. I think I will definitely get this next time.

If mummies mati-mati still wanna buy strollers, Umie recommends Babyzen Yoyo. It's lightweight & easy to handle so its travel friendly.

For baby beds or cribs, Umie said its also not a necessity especially when you are breast feeding. It's more convenient to have d baby next to you (on your bed). Easier to reach especially during those wee hours feeds. Imagine walking to the crib while u are half awake. Of course if your bed is too small to accommodate you, baby & hubby, then can get a crib lo. Or somebody has to sleep on the floor la. Usually the hubby la hehehe... SR and I had talked about it and he is okay with sleeping on the floor for our future baby. Hehe awesome la my big baby ❤️

This Stokke crib was recommended by my friend Li Yee (Isabelle's mummy). She said dis can be used from newborn till baby is 6. Super good la. She said she regret not getting it. But it's damn expensive la. I asked Umie about this and she agreed if you ever wanna get cribs, get something like this. Can use for a long time. But she said not only Stokke has bed like this. She bought another brand which also could be used till Zahraa is 6. But I really like this Stokke one la. Hopefully I can afford it next time.

This pic shows how the Stokke crib can be used from newborn till 10 years old. Yes I've checked official website and they said it can be used till 10. Wah! I think super worth la. Gonna get this for sure.