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Of Baboon House and stupid arguments

I've not been posting much since last week. Shall talk about it more later on...if I had the time. But for now lemme tell u guys what I did today. After church and choir practice, since SR didn't have to go back to KL early, we went to have tea at Baboon House...recommended and highly raved by Jacy Cheah. I had always hear her talking about how nice the place is and how good the food is but never been there myself.

The place was awesome. It is a cafe in a peranakan house. I find peranakan houses super fascinating so anything inside a peranakan house is awesome for me. Couldn't take pic of the place coz it's restricted coz it doubles as an art gallery as well. You guys gotta go there to see it for yourselves. But I tell you it's really awesome. But here's a glimpse of the food...
I think they specialize in burgers? There's like mostly burgers in their menu. I was there for their burgers also la... In this pic above it's my Aloha Lamb Cheeseburger. Their Aloha Cheeseburger comes in three different types of meat patty to choose from: lamb, beef and pork. I craved for lamb. So lamb it is. It was absolutely awesome la. I mean I haven't try many burgers in my life. So this was just awesome for me. The lamb has a strong "lamb" taste but I'm ok with it. It goes well with the rest of the ingredients. I'll tell you what are the ingredients and it'll blow you away. There's lamb patty, two pieces of bacon, lettuce (3 pieces), cucumber, tomato, pineapple, feta cheese and two super yummy buns. All these for just RM19.90. Crazy or what? Worth the money like hell doesn't it? And it taste like heaven summore. Awesome max la. I've typed so much "awesome s" that I feel I need to learn more vocabulary to express better lol

This was Jacy's

It was the in-house special for the month. But it's the last day for this in-house special coz the chef is leaving Baboon House after today. I can't remember the exact name but it's some pork chop with spicy chocolate sauce. Sides are baguette, mash potato and ratatouille. Kinda regret I didn't order this coz it looks so good and taste damn good. But slightly more expensive la. Still worth the money tho.

The mash and baguette

The little pot with brown thingy is the spicy chocolate sauce. It was not spicy and didn't taste like chocolate. But paired with the pork it was really good. The pork on its own was good enough. It had this like sourish taste. I like sour taste so it was good for me. With the spicy chocolate sauce, it tasted different. Don't know how to explain the taste. All I can say it's damn good la. Again lack of vocab. Need to read more books -.-

Please ignore the iPhone 4s in the corner lol I wanted show you guys the ratatouille la. I was so excited to try ratatouille when Jacy decided to order this. Who watched Ratatouille? Angkat tangan!!! Turns out nothing special. Was quite disappointed... Y U No special like said in the cartoon???

As for the others... Teck had the same burger as I but the beef version. SR had the Baboon Beef Burger. I didn't have much opportunity try others' burgers. But the beef patty (tried SR's) was so damn juicy. Definitely will try it next time.

All of us had iced water except for SR who can't live without mango smoothies lol Unfortunately it wasn't all that special la. I guess drinks are not their forte?

Our shared dessert, pumpkin pie with ice cream The guys liked it. But we girls thought it was great. I think that it taste like moon cake. Don't know why but I just do.

Overall I think everything was good at Baboon House. So will definitely be back. I only would complain about the operating hours. Its only open from morning till evening around 6. I need places to chill at night la. Morning where got time? We plan to go out for good food every once a month coz we are all gluttons hehehe. Now let's think of where to go to next month.

Now let's talk about the past week. SR and I had a terrible fight/argument which lasted for a week. We hardly have arguments so when we do, it's often very terrible ones. For the past nine years of us together, I think we had like a total four (including this time) big arguments. Reason to this argument was as silly as the previous ones. I was mad that he kept sleeping when he's back and he was rude to me when he was sleepy.

So last last week he was lying on bed after he showered as usual. I went to him and he hugged me tight while I was browsing through Instagram. Then I told him about this meitu phone that I saw on Instagram. I don't know what was his problem and he said in a very rude and loud tone:"Can you not tell me something I'm not interested in ah?" I rolled away from him and told him off. No need to be annoyed la right if you don't wanna hear something "uninteresting". Instead of apologizing he slept off.

Wah! Terus blood boil la. Decided not to speak to him the next day. Then last Friday he did it again. I was talking to him about some thing I saw on FB. He suddenly snapped:"I don't care la please." This time I saved my breathe from telling him off, I just decided not to talk to him. Guys sometimes damn funny and insensitive lor. Your wife doesn't wanna talk to you and didn't reply your message for one week plus it means something la right? Didn't even care.

I was so mad for the whole week didn't have mood for anything. Lost appetite, lost tears wtf and lost sleep. Fucker on the other hand had the time of his life the whole week. Even went to a new cafe and bragged about it over dinner. Finally asked me what happened to me last night. But when I told him I was mad at him coz he slept too much and was insensitive. All he said was:"I can't help it if you are so sensitive" like so nonchalantly. Lagi mad la I.

Continued my strike until this evening when he finally came to his senses and asked me to say careful what exactly made me angry. So I told him everything that had happened from last last week till last night. It wasn't a good sight. His chest was filled with tears, mucus and punch marks wtf. He finally apologize and he said he won't be rude next time. I also made sure I will try not to be sensitive over small things and stop talking to him if he looks sleepy. All was well before he went back.

Thinking back I think it wasn't really an argument la. More like 冷战 (Cold War) among the 2 of us. He tried speaking to me but I ignored him. He tried a few times then gave up coz I don't even wanna look at him. But I'm glad we talked it out. Don't wanna stay mad at him for too long coz this fucker is just too cute to ignore hehe. I knew he was insensitive for a long time...since we dated for 9 years. I also know that it's not easy to change him but I know he had made lots of efforts to be a better half for me over the years as I am also trying to make myself a better person for him too. I'm glad we always talk about what we like and dun like about each other so that each of us could change for each other and also help the other to change. Oh btw it turns out he is interested in the meitu phone & had done some research on it on his own after I told him about it again today. =.= bloody fool likes tech stuff so much so I don't know why it was uninteresting the first time I told him.