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Self-pampering Routine

Reflective forehead has once again surfaced coz I'll be doing some self-pampering session right now. Lemme share with you guys what do I usually do a self-pampering night. My self-pampering session are usually once a week...sometimes if I'm hardworking enough, twice a week. First thing i do is cleansing my face.

Oops before I cleanse my face I'll put on some awesome 90s jam first. Bye bye bye ftw!!!

I use the pobling sonic cleanser to clean my face every day...morning and night. What I do is squeeze a pea size amount of facial cleanser on it. Switch it on and move around in circles all over my face for 1 minute. Then wash off.

The one on the right is my cleanser from Artistry. Had been using for few years now. After I cleanse my face, I will scrub my face with the product on the left which is Cure Aqua Gel. It is a peeling gel which is kinder for your skin if compared with those scrubs with beads. I do both cleansing and scrubbing coz cleansing will help the pores to open up and then the peeling will further clean what is under the closed pores.

I usually pump out three pumps of Cure (it looks like something else in the pic to the dirty minded right hehehe) and apply all over my face. Wait for 30 seconds then start to massage my face in circular motions.

Gross white gunk will start to appear. These are dead skin cells and also gross things hidden under the closed pores. After about a minute or two of massaging I will wash it off and pat my skin dry with a towel.

Today's mask is √Čtude House Collagen Moistfull Sleeping Pack. Most of the time i put on a sheet mask. But sometimes I put on a sleeping pack. Seldom put on sleeping pack coz i don't feel comfortable sleeping with the mask on. Scared will dirty my sheets, pillow case and blanket.

Decided to put on Vaseline on my lips to moisturize it while masking. Vaseline is my life saver la. Whenever I get cracks on my lips, I just need to apply a thick layer on the crack and next day it healed like magic. Love it!!! This is my self-pampering routine la. When it is not too hot, I will light my scented candle and read a book or watch YouTube or apply nail polish in my room. But now it's too hot. I just come down to the living room and talk to my mum.

I've been doing this facial routine for about six months now. I don't know if you read about my terrible skin condition in February? It has improved so much since i started this routine. So happy!!! I hope it'll continue to improve and lighten my pimple scars. Then even without makeup also I'll look fabulous. I'll do my morning and night facial routine if I'm free enough.