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Zyon: The Second Month

I had to post up something while I try to recover the rest of my blogposts' photos. I'm already extremely delayed in posting up his monthly update. Better buck up or else he might turn one and I'm still on the third month wtf.

In case you guys missed out the first month's update, the pics had been recovered. You can read the post right *here*

So what was he like in the second month?

We started him on full bath (full bath = soaking him into the bath tub) after his umbilical cord stump has fall off from his belly button. But he didn't really enjoy it. As you can see from this pic above, he got extremely nervous when placed in the bath tub. He would either hold on damn tight onto the sides of the bath tub or my mother's tee when we put him in the bath tub. Thankfully tho he didn't scream murder. He just showed a very uncomfortable expression...which was tbh super funny. Mum and I always laughed for a good 15 minutes during his bath time πŸ˜‚.

For the whole second month, Zyon had been a terrible sleeper. In the morning he's fine but when night falls, 😩 Almost every day at around 11pm, he will wake up from his slumber and screamed. Yes, he screamed!!! Not cry, but scream. This would go on and on...all the way to his milk time at 12am. But wait, he won't stop even after getting his fill of milk. He would still be screaming all the way till around 1am. I think he had lost all his energy by then and decided to sleep 😩😩😩 Both mum and I really had a hard time almost every single night. We dreaded every time when night falls.

But when he slept, he looks so damn cute and so serene. It made me forget all the hard work that I've done trying to make him fall asleep πŸ’•

He also learned to sleep through the night without any milk after his 12am milk milk time...which is rare for babies at two months I heard. The next time he woke up for milk was around 6am every day. Damn good boy lah. But we wished that he would sleep earlier tho and wouldn't fuss so much before he sleeps.

Zyon has been making a myriad amount of facial expressions. Some of them was so damn cute. My phone's memory was almost always full because of this hehe.

So cute I wanna explode 😘😍😘

The cutest expression is definitely his smile 😍😍😍

He learned how to smile genuinely at those who are close to him during his second month. Before this he smiled but it was known as "fake smile" or "reflex smile". It was just his muscle moving his mouth into a smile with no purpose.

Oh oh! This has got nothing to do with facial expression but I need to add this in! He loved to cross his legs while given the boob lol. Like damn relaxed and comfortable nie this fella.

Zyon nearly got admitted into the hospital again coz of viral infection. This was taken at the hospital's emergency ward

The story is this... I brought Zyon to the government clinic to get some nasal spray for his phlegm. He had been having terrible phlegm coz my dad passed down his flu to him (Poor boy πŸ˜• First month mama passed down cough to him and second month he got the flu πŸ˜‘) Manatau when I was at the clinic, the doctor said his fever is too high and needed to be admitted. I didn't wanna go to the general hospital anymore coz of my bad experience when he had jaundice. So I asked for a referral letter to go to a private hospital.

When I got to the emergency at MMC (the hospital Zyon was born at), the paed told me that his fever is fine and didn't need to be admitted. His fever was caused by a viral infection at his throat due to the phlegm. So she gave me some meds and asked me to monitor his fever. Anything above 38 degrees, come back to the hospital. Thank God he didn't lah. He got better after a few days.

We brought him to a wedding dinner for the first time. It was also his first time traveling out of Melaka.

We went to Yong Peng to attend Joy's wedding. We decided to bring Zyon along with us to see if he will be fine traveling out of Melaka. He did pretty well on the way there. He slept the whole way there. During the wedding dinner, he did fussed a little coz he wanted milk (He was screaming for milk during this photo above was taken lol). Then he couldn't fall asleep coz the whole place was overstimulating. We took turns to bring him to a darker place to help him fall asleep. Unfortunately it wasn't successful lah but he didn't cry or scream during this time. Super good boy. He basically got too tired and slept all the way back too. Got back, didn't fussed and slept well till the next day. That night was the one of the rare nights that all of us didn't have to stay up with him till 1am lol.

Zyon also attended his first fellowship lolol. Coincidentally that day they were celebrating birthdays of those born in April, May and June. So he kaypoh-ed to be a part of the party even though he's fast asleep haha.

Zyon had an unofficial play date with Cheryl jie jie and Bernice jie jie. Shouldn't have started play date too soon coz all he knows is looking at them but gave no responses lolol. I think its better to start play date when he's fourth months onward.

Sorry, you can't be seen in the photo son. My focus here is both the jie jies. Let me post just one more that has your face ok son?
Hahahahahah~ Sorry this is not better than the one before

OK I'm just gonna conclude that Zyon is awkward around girls coz in all the photos taken, he looks ugly af haahahahahha. Wonder who got the awkwardness from 😢

We started him on tummy time a little late coz can actually start on the first month

He did quite well but can't last till one minute lah. It's okay we can always build his stamina towards longer timing.

Here are some videos that I've taken of him doing tummy time...

Mum and I brought him out shopping for the first time πŸ˜€

I've been wanting to bring him out shopping since he was born but confinement period happened πŸ˜“ So on the second month I was determined to bring him out no matter what. So with mum's accompaniment, we brought him to the nearest mall.

I was worried that he would not like the stroller but he was fine with it. Didn't make too much noise when he's in it. We just had to make sure that the stroller doesn't stop lah. When it stops, he'll make a lot of noise lol.

We managed to shop around the department store, bought groceries and also ate lunch with him being super good. He did fuss at the end of the trip. But it was coz he wanted to take a nap d. Too much stimulation so he didn't sleep a wink during the whole trip. Must be very tired lah.

But overall it was a good attempt lah. I think he enjoyed it as well. We will definitely be bringing him out more often from now on.

Now it's time for me. How was my second month as a mother fair?

Well, I can't say that I did better than the first month coz I feel that in the first month I did more "motherly" things than in the second. I started working so my mother took care of him when I'm busy. So I've spent less time with him than I did in the first month. I was still sick after the confinement period so I still couldn't sleep with him. So mum slept with him every night. She asked me to sleep well to recover faster. She took care of him while she let me sleep in...whether it was in the middle of the night or wee hours in the morning (back when he still had not started sleeping through the night). The only thing I felt most motherly was when I was breastfeeding him. No matter how tired or sick I felt, I made sure I breastfeed him..even though we were supplementing him with formula still lah.

 I celebrated my first mother's day πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

We ordered Domino's pizza and gathered round the coffee table to enjoy it. Zyon also joined us in the celebration. He only had his milk milk coz dude can't have any of the pizza lol. Never mind bae, next year you can 😁

Well that's all the updates about me as a mum. Again, not much updates lol. Let's hope next time I have more to share.

Alright so it's the end of this updates post. I think for the next post I won't be posting up on his updates coz I've been two updates consecutively. I bet it's getting boring for some of you guys out there. Let me just draft something else and post it up real soon.

As always, please check out my Dayre *here* for day-to-day live updates if you guys wanna see more of me. More photos of Zyon posted there as well.

I'll see you guys in the next post.