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Nana Tay's 母鸡之夜

LOL So lame my title. It is literally Hen's Night direct translation to Chinese.

Another of my backdated post. This happened last year before Nana got married (like duh!). I decided to just post it up to clear photos in my storage.

For her Hen's, we did like a whole day thingy. Since not everyone is free for the whole day, we took turns to turn up for the various events we planned for her. I personally attended all lah coz I'm cool like that wtf. Actually too free lah hahahahahaa.

In the afternoon, we went to this very famous cafe in Jonkers called Daily Fix. Puff and I always wanted to come here but not convenient coz we all know Jonkers' parking is shitty. But yay we finally came.

SR joined the Hen's coz Nana is kind wtf. No lah. This was after my checkup at the obgyn so he accompanied me for a bit. I was just two months pregnant during the hen's.

Their famous wall which can be found all over IG

I can't remember what all we ordered (coz it's last year la kan 😅) but I remembered the salted egg pancakes was damn good. It's the dish above this spaghetti one. I also remembered that there was one dish with bread where we didn't like the bread. It was too oily. We gave our feedback coz one of the waitresses asked. Hopefully the next time if we order that dish again, it will be less oily.

I need to go back to Daily Fix one of these days lah. Missed the salted egg pancake. But really hate the parking situation at Jonkers lah 😞

After lunch, I went to work and then I came back to join them for a mani pedi session which Puff booked.

Ann looked like she's ready to pop anytime hahaha...which she did lah. She gave birth to Aiden the next month.

I was unconsciously hiding my tummy in the photos coz my friends didn't know that I was pregnant at that time lol. Actually in this group, only Deepa didn't know about my pregnancy lah. The rest already knew coz we hung out together too often.


I usually would do gel nails when I go for medi but since I was pregnant I could not. So I did a very simple red nail polish which I thought could last till Nana's wedding day. But it didn't la coz Nana's wedding is like one month after. Which nail polish can last that long dey?

After the mani pedi session, Puff and I went over to Nana's house for a quick shower and dolled up. I didn't bring my makeup stuff so I borrowed Nana's. Make do with whatever she had la. Only did eyebrows and lips.

We booked this Japanese restaurant called Fugo Ryori for the night event coz Nana loves Japanese food. Puff decorated the place a bit and got some props to dress Nana up lol. Oh in case you guys didn't realize, the theme for dinner was pure white wtf. That's why everyone is wearing white.

Highlight of the night has got to be these cupcakes that Umie made for the party. Super yummy!!! You guys could check out her IG *here* for all the bakes that she sells.

Maybe I should consider to ask her to bake something for Zyon's first birthday. It's so aesthetically pleasing and taste so good as well.

We had super adult topics to talk about that day. So proud of us coz we are usually pretty dumb hahaha.

The bride obviously was bored and started taking lame pics like this lolol. There were actually a lot of lame pics that she took. But I decided not to post it up's lame af hahahahha.

Halfway through the dinner, the bride went around to take pics with everyone...including myself.

I got to take two pics with Nana coz she said the first one where I wore specs didn't look that nice hahaha.

My perempuan kesayangan 💕


We had a stalker who takes scary pics like this of us lol

So many pics of us that it looks like the event is celebrating us hahaha

At every event we must take pics with balloons lol

I really cannot work with glasses lah. Compare this pic with the one above. This one I look more decent kan? Like two different person.

Last few photos at the "backdrop" before we leave for the night

Everyone who attended and the bride...who is now just as aunty as any of us who are married hahahahaha

Aiyo my face really cannot work with specs la hahahaha

More pics with 'em bishes

We ended the night with hugging and saying goodbye like a thousand times outside the restaurant. Then continued in the middle of the road for another million time lolol. We don't meet that often now coz our gang is separated at the two different places: Melaka and KL. When we do meet, we will be literally stuck at the hip bone. Then we will tak habis-habis say goodbye when it's time to leave lol.

This is the first part of Nana's wedding series. Not sure how many parts will go on lah. But for now Nana will be the star of the blog lolol. I hope I can post up all before her first wedding anniversary lah hahaha.

Alright that's all for today. Next post I think I'll be doing something beauty related. I've been thinking to bring some of my beauty related topics to talk about here...since I don't have any other things to talk about here apart from Zyon's milestones and backdated stuff. Lemme go plan what to post and get it done lah.

I'll see you guys in the next post. Let's hope I won't take too long hehe.

Bubbye for now~


Parveen Jeram said…
dawww everything looks so nice... gotta do one this again soonnnn
trinatay said…
Awwww so nice to be a star hahah! I hope coming soon, the next star post will be about par *coughs* veen *coughs*... damn that throat.

But yaaa, I miss you girls soooo much! <3
prinsezz said…
Hahaha... Nana is damn lame ah