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Busy...till 28th February

01:05| So we've officially received news about the closing of Dayre today. The last day it will be available for us to use will be the 28th of February.

I've always toyed with the idea of moving my important posts here. I know how unsustainable Dayre is going to be since they've (the owner(s) of Dayre) talked about how Dayre is not very profitable and costing a lot to maintained. Even though I've thought about it, I've not really made an effort to transporting any of the posts. But today I guess I must.

I am going to go through all the posts (dating from 2013 I suppose?) and see which ones I'm going to move here. I'll also backup (the Dayre team said that they will let us know a way to backup our posts before the app is gone forever) whatever needed coz I know I don't have enough time to transport everything before 28th February. 4-5 years of entries, I don't think I can move everything in just 19 days.


It is 01:10am right now and I've successfully moved two posts. I've started doing it from an hour I think. Not going very fast coz my posts can get a little too detailed lol. How I regret it now. But it's okay lah. For memories sake and all the effort that I've poured in, I am going to try my best to transport as many as I can.


For these few days, I think you guys won't be able to see a new post coz I'll be busy with all these backing up and transporting. But I'll be sure to get back to normal routine after 28th February. There are already a few posts pending/drafting right now. I'll get back to them as soon as I'm done with transporting.

Then I remembered that I also have posts that I have to recover from the past 😱😱😱 Why is all these things happening to me at the same time? Sighhhh... I'll just try my best to do everything lah. 💪💪💪

So I'll see you guys after 28th February ya. I think I'm going to turn in now. I don't think I'll be able to finish another post anymore.

See you guys then...


p/s: I did this post in the format that I would usually do on Dayre. Contemplating if I should post some wordy posts like this once in awhile to reminisce how Dayre's format used to be. Let's see how it goes 😊