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Project Pan 2018

I wanted to talk about my Project Pan and get it started since the beginning of the year but so many things had been going on. So in the end it has been delayed till now. Last year I started my Project Pan in June (read about the start *here*) so I'm actually pretty early this year haha.

I've consistently done update posts every month (I couldn't link all of it coz not all the posts are transported yet. Sorry) but I've not done any closing for my 2017 project. I'll just do a quick summary of it right now.

I started with six products at the beginning. Then I've removed and added on some products along the way. At the last update, I was at eight products. I've finished two products out of the eight. That's like 25% done...which I think was not bad lah.

For this year, I am going to roll over last year's products while adding a few others that I've hit pan recently. I was planning to put in 18 products but didn't manage to collect 18. For now I'm going to do 13 products and probably add more along the way. Then when I manage to finish any products, I'll replace new products into the list.

My goal this year is to use up a total of RM200 worth of makeup products in my collection...whether in my Project Pan or not. Project Pan is just a way to help hit that amount tbh. Yes, just makeup products alone coz I've accumulated so much of it in the past year as compared to other beauty products. I might bring up the value if I managed to hit RM200 before the year ends... I doubt I can lah. Another purpose of this Project Pan is to help me finish up my non-cruelty free makeup products. I'm trying to turn cruelty free for quite some time now. I've slowly stopped using and purchasing non-cruelty free products. Now I just need to finish up the non-cruelty free products in my collection. Also like last year, whatever product from a category is in the Project Pan, I won't be purchasing/trying out products from that category. Example: if I have a blush in the Project Pan, I won't be buying a blush till I finish the product.

Now that I've talked about my purpose of the project (super wordy. sorry), let's get into the products that I'm trying to finish up.

Revlon Photoready Airbrush Effect Makeup

This is one of the many non-cruelty free products I'm trying to finish in my collection. Plus it's super old. I better try to finish it before it turns bad.

The first line was marked when I decided to put this in the project pan. The second line is the most recent progress. There's little progress but at least it got lesser than before lah.

Goal: To finish this up.

Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer

I didn't like this concealer at first but now that I've used it pretty often nowadays, I'm actually loving this. Might repurchase it once I finish it. Maybe a shade darker coz I feel like it's too bright under my eyes right now.

Same as the foundation, the two lines are from the start and also the recent progress. This one I've made quite a lot of progress because I've used it pretty often.

Goal: To finish this up.

Essence Sun Club Shimmer Bronzing Powder

Rolled over from last year. I got it coz it was recommended by Tati but I'm not a fan of it lah. Will not repurchase it after it runs out.

It looks a bit weird/ugly in the pan coz I've repressed it. It shattered when I dropped it last year. It still works fine after repressing so I didn't throw it away.

Goal: To use up half. I've hit pan on it since last year but I think it's impossible to finish up the whole thing lah. The product is freaking humongous.

The Balm Don't You Want Me Blush

This is also from last year. I've depotted it out from the palette coz the palette is super old. I've since bin that palette from my collection.

Goal: To finish this up. Pan is pretty huge coz I've used it very consistently last year. Pretty sure finishing it would be easy.

Catrice Highlighting Powder

I added this into the project at the very end of last year. Didn't managed to use much so I'm gonna roll over this year lah.

Pan size has actually grew a lot since I first added it into the project. It was just teeny hole before this but now lots of pan can be seen.

Goal: To use up half. I don't think I can finish it up even though the product is very soft..aka easy to finish up.

Elianto Eyeshadow

Also from last year.

Goal: To finish this up coz it's fucking old. I'm not very confident tho coz this is quite big as well.

3CE Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner

I bought this like 3 or 4 years back but didn't use it. I'm going to use this up since 3CE isn't cruelty free. Damn sad coz I really like 3CE 😢

There is quite a lot of product left. But I think I'll be able to use up a lot since I use it almost everyday.

Goal: To finish this up.

NYX Mascara

I don't know how much of this is left tbh. I'm just gonna use it till no product comes out lah. I won't be repurchasing this tho. Not a fan of this mascara.

Goal: To finish this up.

Benefit Browzings

From last year as well.

Sorry it's so gross inside. I always have to say this coz every time I open this, I feel grossed out by it lol. Anyways, the wax is so much easier to finish up coz I think a lot of it. As for the powder, I'm using like the tiniest amount to fill up my brows.

Goal: To finish up at least the brow wax coz it's not cruelty free.

Dollywink Eyebrow Powder

Another one of those rolled over products. Also another non-cruelty free product that needs to be finished.

Pretty confident I can finish up this real soon.

Goal: To finish this up.

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Puppy Love

First Super Shock Shadow that hit pan without drying out first.

I've used this so often as my eyebrow highlight so I guess it explains why it hit pan so damn fast lah.

Goal: To finish this up coz these super shock shadows dry up damn fast.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer

One of my favorite concealer in 2017 but since it's non-cruelty free, I'm going to finish it up and remove it from my collection.

I think I have about half left so I'm expecting to finish this in six months' time. Let's see if I guess it correctly.

Goal: To finish this up.

The Balm Allegro eyeshadow

This is also from the same palette that the Don't You Want Me blush came from. I also depotted this (and another eyeshadow) coz I used it pretty often. It just hit pan recently so I decided to include it in the project.

It's a very tiny pan but I'm sure it'll grow bigger steadily along the year coz I use this almost daily as my transition shade.

Goal: To use up half.

That's all the products that I'm planning to finish up this year. Last year my Project Pan wasn't very successful (finishing up 25% of the products is not something to be proud of lah kan?) coz I don't have any idea how to use the products up quickly. But after watching a lot of videos on Project Pan, this year I think I'll be able to be more successful.

This year I'm dedicating the 3rd week of each month to only use my Project Pan products. So like for other days of the month I can use any products from my collection. But on the third week, I'll have to use everything mentioned here for all seven days. I've been doing this in January and I'll have to say that it really does help to quicken the process of using up the products. Other than that, I also try to use the products whenever I can even if it's not the third week.

I'll be checking in next month for the first update for this project. Let's see how much progress I've made in a month's time.

That's all for today lah. I'll see you guys in the next post then.