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Bangkok Day 1: KL to BKK

Gonna start posting about my Bangkok (+Hua Hin) trip ASAP coz I think there are going to be a few parts coming up...including posts on what's in my bag and stuff like that. I've actually begin some posts already so here's some links for you guys if interested:

To kick off the Bangkok posts, I'm gonna start with a short one of our first day traveling from Malaysia to Bangkok.

 So excited to get into the boarding area lolol

Is it obvious we were dressed to be comfortable for the flight? Hahaha

The last time we've traveled overseas was three years back. That time we just got married and didn't have a baby. Pretty much YOLO when we left. But now we...or at least I couldn't stop thinking about my baby while traveling. Had to resort to watch videos and pics of him in my phone to stop missing him 😒 Not sure if I'll be able to travel without him again.

Three years ago we also traveled with her. This time we had more gang. Hopefully the next trip we will have more hehe.

We were so rebellious that we were the last few to board the plane

From left to right: Jacy, moi, Li Yee, Wen Feng, SR and John

Jacy, John and I grew up together in church. We used to travel together (with our families) when we were younger but as age and life caught up with us, we hardly had time to even hang out. Don't say wanna travel together. I'm glad that we managed to plan this trip and relived our sampat days together. We seriously acted like kids all through the eight days in Bangkok I tell you. You'll see how sampat we were in the next few posts.

So we boarded the plane and got cozy to start our 2 hours plus flight to Don Mueang Airport, Bangkok.

Our airplane meal which was uninteresting to the max. I was expecting some Thai food but this was what came πŸ˜‘

The taste was not bad lah. I finished up everything even though we had Texas Chicken before boarding 🐷

Touched down

πŸ“Don Mueang International Airport, Bangkok

Immigration went by at a breeze. I was kinda sueh (unlucky) lah coz the immigrant officer at the counter I went to asked me a lot of questions while my friends all didn't have to. Maybe I looked too suspicious with the hoodie kut 😝

Our airport transfer was late so we stranded by the roadside for some time. SR and John was pretty pissed at the driver but on our way to the hotel, when we encountered the first taste of the famous Bangkok jam, they forgave him. Jam in Bangkok is shit crazy. Plus the way they drive is just 😱😱😱 I thought I've seen worst in Penang. I have to give the champion of crazy driving to the people of Bangkok lol.

BTW our airport transfer had the sickest lighting ever. John said we should start dancing in it wtf

We checked into our hotel which we were staying for just one night (more like few hours). We will be leaving for Hua Hin the next day. We thought of going to Hua Hin straight from the airport but decided against it coz two hours of flight plus three hours of car ride is a lil too tiring. Might as well rest well in Bangkok for a night before leaving for Hua Hin.

Our hotel is Bangkok City Hotel which I'll talk about it on another day coz we came back and stayed in the same hotel after returning from Hua Hin. We stayed for six nights in total in this hotel btw. Spoiler: I love the hotel and will probably return to it the next time hehe.

We put our luggage and other shits down and then left to have supper.

Our hotel is smacked right in the middle of many shops. Eateries are like on left and right. Best of all if the eateries all failed us, 7-11 is right beside our hotel.

We decided to check out the stalls on the left of our hotel first coz 7-11 is opened all the time kan haha.

Li Yee ordered a tom yam goong with noodles and then the rest of us followed suit. It was so damn goooooood.

During my honeymoon in Krabi, I had the most spiciest tom yam ever. So in my mind, tom yam is always spicy. I was hesitant to order this tom yam goong at first. But turns out Thai tom yam is never spicy. Tom yam that are spicy have influence from Malaysia apparently. This tom yam goong is super flavorful but not spicy at all. I chose glass noodles to go with my tom yam goong and it was the perfect match lah.

SR, who has super sensitive tummy, decided not to order the tom yam goong just in case it is spicy. He ordered this omurice sorta thingy which plains compared to our awesome tom yam goong.

Bro in law also ordered some steamed bread drenched in condensed milk. I forgot to take a pic of it coz I didn't like it 😜 Not a fan of condensed milk that's why.

First of my countless Thai milk tea. OMG its so damn smooth. It's like Hong Kong's xi mut nai cha (丝蒜ε₯ΆθŒΆ)but much much much sweeter. I think if I stayed in Bangkok any longer, I might just get diabetes from all the milk tea I've consumed πŸ˜…

We went back to the hotel to chill after supper...actually to sleep lah coz have to wake up at 6am the next day. We packed the bags for tomorrow, washed up and lied down to prepare to sleep.

My roommate for the whole trip, Jacy Cheah haha

As usual, she slept earlier than me. I was worried that I was not able to sleep coz usually I have problems sleeping on the first night of traveling. Turns out I shut down after taking this pic of Jacy hahaha.

That was the short first day of our trip. Nothing much done lah since we reached at around 12am next day. For the next two days... I'll have to take some time to go through the pics and pic which to post coz the amount is crazy a lot πŸ˜…

Next week I think I won't be able to post anything coz I'll be busy with Christmas celebrations. Zyon is going to be baptized and it's his first Christmas so I plan to make the festivity as memorable as possible. By the time I post next, it'll probably be 2018 d.

So I would like to wish all reading...


I'll see you guys next year then...


p/s: Dayre *here* will be updated as usual. Feel free to check it out whenever you guys miss me 😘