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Photo Dump 2018 #2

As promised a new photo dump post 😬

For now I'm planning to do one at least once a month. If I'm hardworking and consistent enough in the future, I'll do it once a week.

This was quite long May. Couldn't put it in a throwback post coz I only have a couple of photos. So here it is.

I love Big Bad Wolf coz I get to buy lots of books with very affordable price. I always ended up with a whole basket of books each year I go. But I haven't got time to read them all. So I have so many unread books on my book cupboard right now.

This time I practiced self control and only got one book for myself.

Everyone who saw the book that I bought was like 😅 but yeah, I'm a big Avengers fan so I had to get this book to learn about them. By the time I finish this book I'll be a pro when the fourth movie is out.

Bought all these books for Zyon instead. Glad that I bought it coz he enjoys all these books a lot and "read" them (or asked me to read them to him) almost daily.

Bought a new set of clothing from The Tinsel Rack (their website *here*)...which I love to bits. Just gonna look for an occasion to wear this to.

I'm super sad that TTR is closing down their pop up and website in Malaysia. Their clothes are so my style. Now I'll have to surf their Singapore website and pay for international shipping when I wanna get something 😕

We cleaned up some old clothes and brought it to H&M coz they were collecting old clothing (from any brand, not just H&M) for a period of time. It filled the back of my car. Now my closet is 1% emptier lol.

The happiest thing was we got discount vouchers for each bag of clothes we sent in. We got a total of 10 discount vouchers. More shopping to do at H&M then hahahahahah.

Took these really cute pics of Zyon while window shopping around H&M after settling with the old clothes. I should really buy a straw hat for him lah. He looks so cute in it.

My friend Pei Li and her husband is doing food delivery service now. Both of them are very good cooks so it's not surprise that their food is damn good. Whenever mum has no time to cook we will order from her. But not as often as we hope to support her lah coz mum cooks most of the time.

*Here* is the FB page for their food delivery service. Pei Li doesn't update her FB page as often nowadays but you can always message on the page to ask about details or menu.

 Saw this on the day I went to watch Deadpool 2 lolol

I'm at the "Don't Worry, Pee Happy" region wtf.

BTW the movie was so-so. Jokes are lamer than the first one. Sometimes a lil too difficult to laugh at coz just too 😅

Met up with Puff for lunch and we got lame when we passed by the cinema

Made some gluten free, two-ingredient cookies

Recently I got back into a little cooking/baking but only recipes that are super simple. My aim is to make more food that is suitable for toddlers. My source is obviously Pinterest haha. I try to make something every week. But this month I couldn't make anything coz I'm busy with crazy replacements 😔 I'll research for more recipes this month and try to execute it next month lah.

As for this cookie here, I made a gluten free cookie coz I was on a no gluten diet last month. Also coz it's super simple. It was not bad in terms of taste but I wanna do some tweaking to it before I'm satisfied. Will share the recipe when I am lah.

I also made this super easy strawberry sorbet/ice cream thingy. It has only two ingredients as well. Super easy to make but oh so tasty. Definitely will be sharing the recipe real soon. Planning to try out other flavors as well. Mango is one of the flavors I'm planning to make. Just gotta learn how to choose good mangos lah haha.

Started collecting these cute lil My Little Pony characters from McD. So damn flipping cute don't you think?

Also got the Bumblebee from McD (on the right) coz it is just as cute

If you are wondering why I got all these small toys, I love these small figurines/toys since I was young. I have lots of these kinds of things lying around the house as decors. Some of which are now Zyon's toys unfortunately. But it's okay lah. They are toys and are meant to be played mah.

I've done a toys collection post before I think. Maybe I should do one about my small figurines/toys one too and how/where I decorate them around the house. Lemme know if anyone is interested 😬

Alright that's all for this time's photo dump. Everything is super random but that's just how photo dumps are supposed to be kan?

I'll see you guys in the next one which I think will be up next week d.

Till then...