Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tutorial Class

Today at 10am I had my tutorial.

I hated tutorial.

Coz I just don't like it.

This morning's tutorial was even worse.

My tutor made big comments about my fingers today. Yes, my poor over-skinny fingers.

Today as I was playing, she said that my fingers keep collapsing at the knuckles area. Coz in piano playing, your knuckles are supposed to be the highest point. And if you have your knuckles keep collapsing, your playing will be quite weak. I had not have this problem before...Well, that's what I thought lah. My previous piano teachers did tell me that my fingers do collapse (another bad thing for piano playing). And I corrected it. Manatau, now come a new prob d.

Its not that I cannot accept that I have this problem. I mean, I can accept anything that she says although I don't usually agree with her. But its the way she tells it.

She told me what to do and then I was trying to do it. But I couldn't do it really well. Well, of course lah. It takes time to change rite? She became so impatient and keeping 'tsk-ing' and said very irritatedly: "Look at my hand please and do it". I already damn stressed trying to get it done but she keep 'tsk-ing' at there. My face terus turn black.

Then arh... she keep commenting that I cannot read my notes properly. What the heck? Ok lah, if I didn't get ready and did not practise then I don't mind that she scold me lah. This week I work damn hard on my practise lor... I think during tutorial I played ok lor. And then she suddenly she add the metroneum then I can't play d. She said that I didn't practise. What the heck? She just first time add that damn thing then complaint that I can't do it. I'm no genius lor...

Sigh~ after today's tutorial arh... I decided one thing>>>> I shall not take Pengajian Utama V!!!! Kalau boleh, now also I don't want take d. So at least I can focus on my ATCL.

Sigh~ I need to work harder and stop my laziness and stop sleeping so much.

Sigh~ sedih arh!!!!

Nothing d lah...

Dunno why these few days so 'bei'....

Bubbye lah...

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